Re: what is the best car and brand of all time(best goalie if u

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  1. Best car: Acura TL Type S?
    Bset make: Honda?

    You never said it have to be supercars, haven't you.<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  2. what is the best car and brand of all time(best goalie if u want

    its up to u guys, but id say Lamborghini as the best maker/brand,the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron as the best car, and Hasek has the best goalie spot trapped. <!-- Signature -->
  3. McLaren F1 best car of all time.
    Best brand/car maker............don't know......Jaguar/BMW/Merc/Lotus/Porsche?
    And how is the new Bugatti the best?'s not even been released yet!<!-- Signature -->
  4. anything with over 1000 horse power diserves it.<!-- Signature -->
  5. i hate it when my topics get no replies...sob..

    im so alone<!-- Signature -->
  6. the best goalie is without a doubt Curtis Joseph, Hasek is good but look at his team , he plays for the Phlyers, they have a pretty good defense, look at the Maple leafs, they have no defense

    as for the more important things, the best car company, for supercars is Lamborghini
    as for the best supercar, well that is easy, the Murcielago GT, come on, <!-- Signature -->
  7. lololol, damn, hasek played for buffalo, which never had a good team, now he layes for detriot, the best team in the league....but its his first year....and hes had a 75% success rae with winning the Vezina with buffalo.haseks #'s wether on buffalo or detriot have always been higher than josephs, and joseph has nevr won a vezina.(hasek has it 6 times in 8 years.)<!-- Signature -->
  8. best car : McLaren F1

    best brand : either Ferrari or Benz, mebbe BMW

    best goalies: Cujo and Patrick ROY
    hasek suxxx<!-- Signature -->
  9. Best maker: It;s between Bugatti and Lamborghini. They both decided to do tings their own way. Bugatti made cars instead of paintings, Lamborghini hated Ferrari.

    Best car: The Bugatti 16/4 Veyron, its a concept, but there is are a few built, so it counts. The Geo metro is damn close though, the roar of three whole cylinders...damn

    best goalie: yeah, I dont know, but the best bass player was Jaco Pastorius<!-- Signature -->
  10. Since he asked for best car brand not supercar brand
    BMW/Bentley S8 LMP/Martin Biron he kicked the shit out of everyone a couple years back in his rookie year WOW!!!

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  11. best car is McLaren F1
    brand of all time is Ferrari<!-- Signature -->
  12. best road car - McLaren F1
    best race car - Porsche 962
    best company - Ferrari, Porsche and BMW
    best goalie - is shit<!-- Signature -->
  13. 1.Veyron
    2.900hp Gemballa diablo
    3.TVR speed 12
    4.Koenig F50
    5.Porsche gemballa EXTREMO
    6.Strosek's Diablo
    7.Porsche 962
    8.Bugatti EB218/118 sport quattro 750hp S1
    10.Mine VW golf3 VR6<!-- Signature -->
  14. McClaren F1
    Godzilla<!-- Signature -->
  15. Best Car Company is Porsche, best car being the GT2
    As for best goalie, currently it is Patrick Roy, but watch out for José Théodore in the very near future, Montreal's not much of a team, but they're 8th, and he's 3rd in saves percentage.<!-- Signature -->
    1988 Chevrolet Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette!!!!

    Excuse me but while you all are slobbing overyourselves about this car your forgetting the 1988 Chevrolet Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, it accelerates only .1 seconds slower but does the 1/4 in 10.06, and actually it can do it <!-- Signature -->
  17. Best Car: Plymouth Hemi Cuda
    Best Company: Porshce, but they lose points for the Boxter and Cayenne.
    Best Engine: 426 Hemi
    Best Value: Subaru Impreza WRX

    I have none of these. I ride a honda scooter. Any donations to buying me any of these would be appreciated.<!-- Signature -->
  18. I love these! Everyone always has a comment about my opinions... oh well. Here goes...

    Best Supercar: Mercedes-Benz F400 Carving... whoa... *wipes drool from chin*

    Best Company: Without a doubt, Daimler-Chrysler.

    Best Goalie: Y'know... that one... on that one team... ah hell with it

    Best Turnaround: Nissan. Declaring bankruptcy was the best think they could have done, and partnering with Renault is the second best.

    Car that has stood the test of time: A tie... I could say the 911, but I've never been big on Porsches. I could say the Countach, but it's evolved into two very different cars, the Diablo and the Murcielago. So I'll go with the Dodge Viper.

    Car that will never grow old: Another tie... I'm too quick to say the '65 Mustang, but that would make me sound "cool," and I'm trying to avoid that... I'll say the Shelby Cobra. No matter how many times I see the thing, I'm still taken aback.

    Best supercar site:, no competition. (Shhh... I'm trying to brown-nose my way to a free premium membership!)
  19. supercar: McLaren F1
    make: Ferrari
    goalie: Hasek, but i'm partial to Dafoe, being a Bruins fan, and Tommy Salo has always been underrated.
  20. Best car: theres been so many great ones, if I was just looking for a nice sports car to drive everyday I would go with the Maserati Spyder GT, if you want to know the best car overall, I couldn't say, theres been too many great ones.

    Best car maker: Ferrari, Lambo running a close second, Porsche, Lotus, and Jaguar. Those are my top five, believe me, it was hard to leave out Benz and BMW.

    Best Goalie: Roy has won more cups than anybody, he is God.

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