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Discussion in '1952 Chrysler ‘Thomas Special’ Prototype' started by twicedarisk, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What are you talking about. Jeep would out last any ford or for that matter win in a off road race.Take a stock Jeep Rubicon and compare it to a Explorer with off road package or what any other peace of crap ford. Jeep would win in a hartbeat. As long as Jeep has no history thats the dumbest coment I ever herd. Jeep was the first 4x4
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  2. Ford doesn't produce an offroad only vehicle but the new Explorers can be quite the contender against a jeep. Independant suspension on all four corners is a major plus and it has increadible anti skid systems. btw, notice how he is "BANNED"
  3. With some better tires, Bronco's are pretty decent offroad.
  4. Re:

    this hummer sucks. this is a POS what a load of crap. and yo this is my opinion.
  5. ummm actually....hummer wouldnt be hummer if the United States Military (that includes the Army, Airforce, Navy, national guard, air national guard etc) did not think they would be ideal for thier purposes.

    You could say that if arnold schwarzennegar promoted sum crap car company like skoda they would do great. I dont think so. Hummer did it WITH the help of a celebrity, but most of it was on thier own.
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