Re: What the hell is this?!

Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by m3tt, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. 256.0 bhp per litre
    wow. this is quite a machine. I take it its not american?
  2. Nope it isnt american. do you think american car manufacturer's such morons as they are would make anything like this? LMAO No way the US would rather stick to engines and cars that are designed to fall apart so you have to go back to the dealer and get raped with their prices seeing as how they can charge whatever they want for anything as they are the usually the only people certified to work on it. And if you decide to let them fix it after you were foolish enough to buy an american hunk of metal you might as well pull your pants down and bend over because you are only going to get screwed over and over again. The day a US car manufacturer doesnt sale a piece of crap will never happen even if hell were to freeze over reason being they generate more money if it is designed to fall apart. Here is their way of thinking - "Why make it right when we can design it to fall apart using cheaper parts which break easier only to make more money for ourselves because we are the only ones certified to fix the problem."

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