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  1. Doesnt matter which way you put it, Canada is still an American country, just as Germany, Britain, and France are European countries and China, Japan, and Korea are Asian countries.

    If Canada isnt considered an American country, then what is it?

    United States may act like a ruler over all countries but it doesnt ever change the fact that we help any country in need whether they are enemies are not. We provided weapons to Afghanistan to help protect themselves from the Russians and the way they repay us is running airplanes into our twin towers. Now you say we are the terrorists? Dont even think about saying something like "Why dont they help Canada" cause we are not Santa Claus, providing you with whatever you want. Canada isnt in serious need of anything they cant handle.

    If you ask me it all sounds kind of childish the way you put it. I dont hate Canada or any country for that matter. Its the people that start something like you and your sig.
  2. You're right, it doesn't matter how you put it. Canada is a NORTH American company, which has absolutely nothing to do with America aside from the fact that America is a part of NORTH America.

    Canada isn't considered an American country, it's considered a NORTH American country. And when Canadians travel overseas, people in foreign countries easily distinguish Canadians as respectful, respectable folk, while they distinguish Americans as "Arrogant pricks". I've travelled overseas, my father has, and numerous other people I know have, and invariably, someone comes up and asks if we're Canadian, and makes a point of saying that they like Canadians. I also have some family members who are Americans, albeit very Canadian Americans. And when they've travelled overseas, they've been asked if they were Canadian as well, and when the locals asked if they were Canadian, they were shocked to find out they were American, as they "do not act like Americans, though they dress like American Tourists".

    America provided weapons to Afghanistan to support their own greedy interests (i.e. making things difficult for Russia, eventually contributing to Russia's fall), while stealing fossil fuels from Afghanistan, corrupting their market, and harming their women and children. Sounds like America provoked those terrorist attacks if you ask me. Oh, and btw, it was a TERRORIST organization, NOT Afghanistan that attacked the U.S.. The problem is not that they don't help Canada, it's the fact that they steal from Canada, attempt to bully Canada, and are trying to get something from nothing, and are attempting to bankrupt Canada's market.

    America has NOT ONCE helped anybody out, they've never done anything more than operate under that guise, while taking advantage of the situation for their own financial purposes.

    No, you don't hate Canada, you like us because you can take advantage of our lower population. I don't hate America, I only hate their actions. Now get a life, and open your eyes, you're not helping anyone, you're parasititic life forms, screwing up the world for everyone else.
  3. You know, I have not much to say about any of what you said except to stop blaming the PEOPLE and blame the ones who order us to do this stuff. You cant go blaming EVERYONE in America because of what we are ordered to do.

    Most everyone in America does not agree with everything we have to do or the fact that we do take oil (blame our stupid president for that) If you look deep in America and ask the public about all the stuff we are doing, you might find that most everyone is going to talk about how they hate it.

    No I dont like Canada because of their low population, thats what is about to piss me off at you. I say something nice and you bash me back. Like you said, you hate our actions which is something we cant help.
  4. The American Government did it, I did not say you, nor your family, nor anybody you know personally had anything to do with it, however, to me, the American government qualifies as America itself.

    You can help it, vote for the right guy next time, and stop preaching about the "glory of America".
  5. Kind of hard to vote for the right person when the guy has so much he keeps from us.
  6. BTW we can preach about the "Glory of America" all we want. Its you who needs to quit being so jealous about it. We can like our country if we want and you can just shut up about it if you dont like it!
  7. It's fine to be gung-ho for your country, but if you try to cram your opinion down other people's throats, chances are it won't be well taken.
  8. If a civic was the last car on the face of the earth I wouldn't buy it!
  9. I feel I had to because of him telling me what to do that he doesnt like such as "And quit preaching about the glory of america"

    No im not a freak about my country, its when people take an action out on the whole country, calling America the terrorist or something because they made some wrong choice. Its not like every country in the world has made the right choices and never a wrong choice. Its just when our country makes a wrong choice, the world goes off saying stuff like "Why did they do that!? America is suppose to be blah blah blah" or "America is evil, they did not help that country after fighting them!"
  10. Being in the US Navy, I traveled to over 15 different countries, most of them in Europe, and not once did the citizens over there think that us Americans are all a bunch of Arrogant pricks. Even when my Ship pulled into Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada, we were all treated pretty darn good by the locals. You must be the only asshole and only asshole on this website from Canada. I've never met any other Canadians that are assholes. There's a couple of other Canadians on this web site that I have communicated with before and they do not think that America are terroists. "ImportGuy" for example is a Canadian and I've never had any arguments with him. He doesnt believe that America are terrorists. And, he doesnt go around looking to start arguments either. Even though he does hate American Cars, he doesn't act like an asshole like you do.
  11. "Password Please" is a f#cking idiot. I have the same exact arguments with him in the Honda HSC forums. Go over there and check it out. Everytime I've proven his ass wrong, he comes up with some other stupid sh#t to say like how we're a bunch of terrrists cuz we drop two atomic bombs on Japan to end WW2.
  12. "Password Please", your definition or meaning of a terrorist is very f#ckin stupid. Like I told you before, a terroist for example; is someone who strapps them selves up full of dynomite, walks to a crowded area like a supermarket, and blows up a bunch of innocent people. Or plant road side car bombs to disrupt a peace process. I dont see Americans doing sh#t like that.
  13. That is a good joke! Like Canada's measly national resources could support the US. Yes lumber is the backbone of the US economy!

    GNI per capita 2003 purchasing power: United States 37500, Canada 29740
    Sorry the US is still wealthier than Canada, even with the US stale "failing" economy right now.

    Before you start to rattle off stereotypes. First I am not from the US but I live there. Yes I hate Bush and the fact that most other nations' people know more about US policies than most Americans. Capitalism is a ***** isn't it? At least the US doesn't have a place where you are forced to speak one language like that french Canadian area Quebec is it?

    The great thing about the US is that anyone can prosper there. Any type of people, any race, anybody. Everyone has an opportunity. The problem is that the US has the best and probably the worst of people.
  14. If you think the US is a good place to live you haven't seen the world. Ive been on a holiday in the US and just by looking at the number of people killed their each year by handguns suggests that it's one of the most danerous places to live. Australia is the only country that you will find female politicians, Lebanese and Asian mayors and other ethnics in high positions. I myself have an Italian background and my grandparents always tell me about the endless amount of oppurtunities that were in the country 50 or so years ago.

    Anyway my point is that America is not a safe or equal place to live. There is too much racism and violence.

    By the way I think Bush is one of the best Presidents America has had. He has the balls to make a decision and without him half the World would probably be destroyed.
  15. HAHAHAH!!! Your are just some poor loser that wants to find something to put us Americans down for. You took a trip to America and witnessed all the killings by handguns??? Or you just went to America and THEN found out about the killings of handguns? Or are you just some guy who watched Bowling for Columbine after you took your nice trip to America? Im guessing the third choice on this one.

    Here is the problem, anywhere anybody lives is ALWAYS going to be the "BEST" place to live and any other country is just terrible. Well buddy I live in America and its safe over here. I dont know what kinds of "danger" you went through on your little trip to America.

    Bush is the best president we have ever had!? The guy cant even bring our economy back, much less stick to a mission. Bill Clinton kept us out of war and the rest of the world liked us Americans better durring his Presidency. Now that George Bush is here, he is drilling for oil, leaving us Americans in Iraq to die, and pointing his finger at countries and calling them an "Axis of Evil", just to bring us more enemies to our nation.

    If he doesnt have a speech written out for him, he just shruggs. He doesnt even know what he is doing. I never voted for the guy, and im not planning on voting for him this election.

    Forget John Kerry's stupid purple heart incident or whatever you should call it. This guy has military experience and im sure he can get us out of this war and straighten things up.
  16. Actually the second choice is correct. I went to America and just the looks you get from some people worry you. I then found out about the handgun killings. When i say 'not a safe place' i dont mean the whole of America, i mean certain places.

    Answer this question for me. Has Australia ever faced a terrorist attack, Has Australia ever had a murdered Prime Minister(President), has ASIO(Australian FBI) ever been bombed?? America has been assosiated with many problems and disasters.

    Melbourne(an australian city) was voted the best city to live in, in the World.

    I didn't say he's the best ever, i said what he's done has been controversial but in the end the right decisions were made. Sadamm had to be stopped. He killed people for no reason! Anyway enough about this coz it will go on forever.
  17. So, the Oxford definition I posted for you didn't suffice? Or is the reality of the situation that you just can't read and presumed that what I posted was a load of crap.

    LOL, you're funny.

    Your definition is not really a definition, but what most people picture when they think of the word "terrorist". I myself picture your definition, as it is the stereotypical terrorist, however one has to look at the actual definition and think about it before making false assumptions as you seem so hellbent on doing.

    The definition of a terrorist is someone who commits an act of terror against an individual or society, killing innocent women and children is without a doubt an act of Terror, which would then make Bush, and some American patriots terrorists, it's as simple as that, too bad you're too overzealous to see that.




    any of these could be used to describe you.
  18. You really are a fool.

    Bush has more secrets and lies than Clinton and John Kerry combined.

    He is an evil man, and American Civilization will fall thanks to him, and we will all be hurt in the process.

    Stop being such a greedy #$%#ing asshole and think of the health of your fellow Americans, think of the health of the rest of the world.

    Bush is a Tyrant, or "American Psycho" who needs to be stopped.
  19. Password who the hell do you think I was talking about? Yes, I know Bush tells more lies than Clinton and Kerry combined, thats who I was talking about....


    I told you this before dumb@$$, we dont make the decisions, HE DOES!

    Its just like when we were asked if we wanted to go fight in Iraq. The majority of Americans voted against it and guess what? We went because Bush wanted to.

    Thats what Republican presidents do. They do what they want, Democrats turn to us to see what we want.

    I voted against Bush but sadly not enough Americans understood Kerry.
  20. Hahah

    So let me go by your description of a terrorist.

    Hmm....well I must say if a terrorist is someone murders someone then well......EVERY COUNTRY HAS TERRORISTS ATTACKING EVERY SECOND!

    I bet you feel like a dumbass now, lol, I would if I were you.

    Stop hating on us Americans and get a life. Your hating has just made you ridiculous.
  21. Oh, sorry, I thought that you were referring to the man who lost the election, in that case I agree with you.
  22. Well, if that's what you want to believe then that's what you want to believe.

    I don't feel like a dumbass, because that is the direct definition of the word terrorist. I'm afraid you misunderstand the definition though, what you're thinking of is a murderer. A terrorist is someone who commits an act of terror, either by threatening to kill innocent people, or by killing many innocent people to set an example, using violence to instill fear. These are terrorist actions, and the Bush administration and his overpatriotic Americans are guilty of it.

    I don't hate Americans. Only the actions of some Americans.

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