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  1. Yes they're racing at the same venue, but I bet that they race different courses.
  2. well duh...
  3. What's fatser Indy 500 or Formula 1

    I'm not really sure so i really want to know cuase i know a lot of F1 car figures adn speed and horespower but i no nothing about indy 500! so do you guys know??
  4. Indy cars have a higher top speed and similar horsepower to F1, even more if I'm not mistaken. Indy cars do weigh a lot more, and are subject to different regulations. In terms of if you were to race the two types, the F1 car would one a circut with short dashes and many turns. If the two cars were to race on say the Indy 500, the Indy car would out pace the F1 car.
  5. No, the Formula One car would most probably win the Indy 500 as well. F1 cars have top speeds of 350+ kph but never have long enough straights and minimal drag. In Indianapolis they go a quarter lap of the Indy 500 course. The problem is that the new infield created because F1 doesn't go in circles only is very windy and slow. It has the slowest turn outside Monaco. So they have to apply a lot of downforce to the cars. The first time they came to Indiana the Top Speeds dropped from 350 to 315 kph. But if they would only have to go on the Oval they would outrace the Indycars because of the better aerodynamics.
  6. I would have to agree that an F1 car with the correct gearing/wing settings would be faster around the oval, but would an F1 car last 500 miles (800 kms)? going at 200+ mph the whole time?
  7. Champcars (not IRL cars) travel at over 400 km/h at California Speedway in qualifying (I don't know about in the race). Mauricio Gugelmin set the world record for average speed in a closed circuit there one year. These cars have wings that are very skinny on the superspeedways. If F1 cars were set up with these wings and with those gear ratios, they may be able to go this fast but I don't think there is a way to prove it so I guess we will just have to speculate. I don't know about how F1 cars compare to IRL cars but I do know that IRL cars aren't as fast as Champcars (because they can race at Texas Motor Speedway and the Champcars can't).
  8. Yea...i always wonder which one is faster?...seems like F1 has got all the best drivers.
  9. Yeah indy cars work oval tracks. If you put one in a F1 race at say Monte Carlo, it would lose certainly. If you reconfigured the F1 i believe it would beat an Indy car on an oval track.
  10. I agree with Phorix. The two cars are built for different tracks.At Silverstone you could tune an Indy car as much as you like, it won`t beat the F1 car. But at the Indy track it would the other way round.
    F1 cars are designed for tight multi cornered tracks for which they have the high downforce. Indy cars are designed more for the oval tracks.
  11. You pose a formidible question there! In the Land Down-Under, we call it "horses for courses". I'll try to elaborate?
    Hmmm, 2.65 litre turbocharged V8 producing around 750hp on race day verses 3.0 litre naturally aspirated V10 producing around 700hp on race day! Now the Indy Car is a lot lighter and mainly built to go around in circles using banked speedways. The F1 car is bigger and heavier and has to turn every corner all year round.
    We have here 2 totally different scenarios, albeit similar in presence right? I always thought that if you got the 2 together and had a drag with them from a standing start, the F1 would blitz the Indy? On the other hand, if you got the 2 together and dragged them from a rolling start, well....that's what turbos are made for!
    Interstingly enough, one of our top magazines down here did a little showdown last year between an Indy car, an F1 car and an F/A18 Hornet!
    Guess who won from a standing start at Brisbane airport?
    This may be upsetting for some, so don't look if you can't take it!!!

    The F1 blew off the Hornet and the Indy car to 300kph, at which time the Hornet was airborne and flying above both of them.
    Still a moot point though.........
  12. GTRnut is absolutely right.

    F1 cars and IRL cars shouldn't even be compared. They are built for two completely different kinds of racing. On the other hand, one could compare F1 cars to CART cars. These are two cars that run similar types of Grand Prix and road courses. The CART, however, would run circles around the F1 in full race gear. Why? Lets start out with horsepower. Now I don't know about this 2002 F1 but in years past, F1 cars had around 770 hp. CART cars have at least 800. Probably more, since Honda won't tell anyone the car's actual horsepower. Second, tires. In race setup, F1 cars are required to have (I believe) at least 3 treads on each tire. CART cars, in race setup are allowed to wear slicks which improve grip on track surfaces immensely. Now, CART cars do weigh a bit more, but I think that the difference is negligible since the weight/HP ratio of the F1 is around 1.7:1 and 2.0:1 for the CART. What really impresses me about the CART car is its 1/4 mile ET: 9.30 @ 165 mph! Not to mention the skidpad results of 1.42 Gs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a great race car.

    By the way, here is a wallpaper of Alex Zanardi's Target/Chip Ganassi Honda-powered Renard, CART champion: 1997<!-- Signature -->
  14. I reckon around a high speed circuit, that the fastest CART car would beat the slowest F1 car. Since there is a massive gap between the quality and speed of a top F1 car, and a non competitive one. The CART series is alot more competitive, and you dont know who is going to win beforehand. Unlike F1, where if you dont have your money on one of the 2 top teams, you wont get any back. So, my question is, "Whats more entertaining, CART or F1?"
    I reckon Cart, as watching one team and driver dominate against non-competitive cars is extremely boring.
  15. my understanding is:

    an F1 car has approx 800bhp and weighs 600kg

    Champcars have approx 900bhp and weigh 700kg,

    (horsepower figures are no doubt open to debate)

    this gives an F1 car better power to weight ratio, which should theoretically yield better acceleration.

    as to which is better, I only started watching Cart in 2001 because Dixon was in it, I agree that the results are much more unpredictable, but is it really necessary to continually stop-start the race?
  16. I stand corrected<!-- Signature -->
  17. What I think is really interesting about CART cars is their 0-30 time: 2.19 sec. Slower than a Viper GTS and Porsche 911 Turbo. But that's just because of their low gearing. 0-60 time is 3.69 which is better than both, but the CART was still in first gear at 60. Another amazing statistic is it's passing acceleration (40-70 mph): 1.41 sec. A new Viper takes 2.46 sec.

    Sorry to get off of the subject, I just love CART racing.

    What was the question, oh yeah, what's faster IRL or F1? F1, no question.<!-- Signature -->
  18. Do CART cars have massive turbo lag? F1 cars in the '80s used turbos and had lag problems for a few years.
  19. F1 topspeed can go well over 430km/h wit the right gear ratio, there is just no places long enough for that speed<!-- Signature -->
  20. At those high of speeds, the draft would be the determining factor of which has a higher top speed. Engineers can mess with drag and gearing all day long. As to which would get it right first, I would put my money on CART solely because they have much more experience with it. However, assuming they both got the drag and gearing maximized for their givin cars, it would come down to which has more power, a point still debated and most likely never proven for either side.<!-- Signature -->
  21. On a F1 curcuit the f1 car. ON an oval the indy car. Even if the F1 car was tuned properly the engine isnt designed to go flat out for 300 laps. By the way the f1 car is lighter, not heavier.
  22. Well the two,lets face it, should not be compared. But since the question is posted, here goes...

    First, Indy cars... They're wide, low-slung and have minimal downforce. High-geared and maximised for top-end performance - they are built to race at top speed on long oval courses, lap after lap. They do have about a 50 bhp or thereabouts advantage over F1 cars, but are also about 300 kilos heavier.
    Indy 500 is rather an enthusiast's sport with relatively 'less' money involved and thus, closer and more unpredictable racing.

    F1 cars are narrrower, slightly taller and have more downforce dialled in to enable them to negotiate corners. Having close-set gear ratios for max acceleration, they are designed for short bursts of speed and hard cornering. Yet they manage very high speeds (350+ ks) due to a very high power-to-weight ratio (1200-1400 bhp/ton).
    Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport in terms of engineering, design, driver skill etc. is concerned. The cars are way more advanced than others, and hence puhsed to the max.

    On an F1 track, F1 cars will blow the Indy's away - even if the IRLs are kitted out with high downforce aids. On ovals, a stock F1 car will make a very very close match to the IRL car, but with minimal downforce and similar gearing - you can kiss the IRL cars goodbye.

    Therefore, with all bases accounted for - F1 cars are faster than Indy cars.
  23. I stand corrected - in my previous reply, please substitute 'CART cars' for all the times I have used - 'Indy 500 cars' or 'IRLs' or 'IRL cars'. Error regretted.

    - madmax666
  24. Well I have to agree with alot of people saying that F1 cars arent designed for ovals and indy arne't really great on lets say Monte Carlo. But I have being to the Indy in Australia and there really fast and loud, not as loud as F1.

    But guys we will be able to compare champcars to F1, because this year isn't CART in Montreal Canada, thats where F1 races if anyone didn't know , duh!!!

    F1 is gona kick champcars sore <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    Not really

    Go to and then the track section its got the same track as the F1 goes to this year. But it does say that it may be subject to change and that but I think its exactlly the same track.

    But then again you can compare them as CART is racing at a different time than F1 so that may make the times differ due to different track temperatures, and air temperatures.

    That's the world of Formula 1<!-- Signature -->

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