Re: Whats gonna beat this huh?? This car is the Shit!!!!!

Discussion in '2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept' started by FoVeUrBeN, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Last time I checked Nobody races while turning at the same time. If you see a Car at a red light and he wants to show to you his car is better you go in a straight line right? Your not cutting corners with him or you going across a secound lane. When will the imports stop dissin American Cars that could go really fast in a straight line? Just because importrs cant
  2. ok lets strap rocket engines on bricks .. its the american way!!!
  3. Quote from F Enzo
    Well any Ferrari , Porsche or Lamborghini can beat this american car.

    ______________________________________________________________________American cars suck, get it through your block head red neck. This car only goes 200mph or thats whut it says at least, and thats not something to say "whats gonna be this" i could beat this running, IDIOT
  4. I personally think a GT40 or GT90 would put this away...
  5. Well obviosuly half the ppl that reply to any of these threads are on drugs or sumthing. How can u call this car shit??? it does 200mph and it looks shit hot. so why dis it? why do ppl have this big thing against american cars. Its a car! Stick a Turbo in one of these and then try and tell me this car is slow.

    And another thing is why do people bother replying with unconstructive comments that mean nothing and just cause arguments. This car is a great car. Of course there are better cars out there, and u may not particularly like the look of it, but that doesn't make it a shit car. Correct me if i'm wrong PLEASE!
  6. OK this cars is great im not gonna lie, but there is something it is modded you cant say its not, because its a race car. It is lightened and has special suspension. its meant to race Le Mans against Saleen SR wide bodies. But a 2002 Z06 w/ vortech supercharger has 538 h/p
    and 483lb/ft. Now that is some power. More than you will ever need on the road. that is w/o any other mods. it will prob be faster than any civic with the stock block/pistons.
  7. How can anyone say this car is shit! Im sure that anyone in the world wouldnt knock back one of these babies if offered.
  8. well 1 thing this isnt shit. but its not the best car by any chance. if yur gonna spend the money try a ferrari instead. i would get a pimped out honda or nissian 300zx all suped up if u no wat i sayin.
  9. The Blitz Skyline is modified, dumbass. Stock vs. modified is a very, ignorant comparison.
  10. Dumbass. This car is a race car, so of course it's gonna have good handling, you #$%#ing retard.
  11. Re: 944Turbo

    I think he's gay.
  12. I hear a lot of people saying this car doesn't win races because of refinement. I think it's true. Dodge has no experience around tracks. Maybe drag strips, but not tracks. What they tried to do was make a fast, cool-looking car. Nothing more. They succeeded, but they did not succeed too well in racing, when some Vipers did.
  13. I want to put a stop to all this bullsh!t, every car was built to serve a specific purpose, case in point, the Viper GTS/R, this car was built for high speed endurance racing, were as a Ferrari or Porshe was built for there cornering and quick revving abilities. Arguing like this makes no sense, it's like saying a Honda Element will never win against a Boxster S, that's because an Element wasn't made to do that. Different cars, different purposes

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