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Discussion in '1995 Renault Espace F1 Concept' started by Shaitan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. A Woman in F1, that's like a grandpa in a Lamborghini. A shame of the cost they made
  2. pardon me, but its not the fattest engine it's an F1 engine.
    and it can fit into other cars to:
    the ferrari F 50 has got an F 1 engine
    and the Enzo also has got one .
    and they aren't a van.
  3. I saw this car in a French car show this year and please belive that this car sit low as a mutha and it has a top speed of around 210 MPH this site has tha wrong info. But it was sooooooooooooo cool inside the interior had 4 sparco racing seats and it had a digital readout and f-1 shitfiting(figures basically an f-1 car)but ne way it was tight to the fullest extente. I have a video of the car not in motion but of the exterior if any one wants to veiw it just e-mail me at
  4. Only problem, this car LOOKS fast, it's not fooling anyone. I have a video (try finding it on kazaa) of an old (id say late 80s) dodge caravan with wood paneling on the side running like an 11 sec quarter mile (i think its rear drive with a V8 in it)and beating a camaro. Freakin halarious. There's also a guy where i live (indianapolis, indiana) who has a dodge omni that can run like 10s and actually won a multi thousand dollar bet by beating some rich guy in a viper GTS at the strip. His new project car also happens to be a 80s caravan. hehe thats sneaky.
  5. Never underestimate the power of your mothers minivan
  6. The point is obvious! Renault wanted more attention at car shows, so they got a really fast minivan that scares the crap out of nice sports cars. All of a sudden you've got all the attention at the show, and people buy your cars.
  7. that could be one of the reasons, and if you look at the new models like the Vel Satis ,Avantime, megane etc. they 're looking great to me, those cars are stealing the show already, just wonder how the new clio will look like and the replacement for the twingo.
  8. point is Renault is one of the few independant car manufacturors that are still doing rahter well. and if they make a publivcity stunt. why not.
    actually al French car manufacturors are still independant could it be the French chauvinisme.
  9. i'll tell u one thing,

    it would be one fast trip home from a soccer practice or somethng like that!!!

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