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Discussion in '1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion' started by alexchu, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Where are the cars?!

    hi everyone

    i've heard that 25 of these cars were built and sold. Is there anyone out in the world that can tell me where all 25 cars are?!

    All i know is that there is one in Hong Kong. It's owned by a spoilt playboy.

    Thanks for everyone's help
  2. I can't tell you where they all are, but I'd guess most of them are in private collections, somewhere in Europe.<!-- Signature -->
  3. the porsche dealer here(Auckland) got one for show.
    It has been put there since two month ago.
    absolutely amazing car,much much bigger than any other sports car I ever seen before,and quite beautiful in fact. they also got a new GT2, amazing too,but campare with this one,it's just a toy.
    moreover,this car was built in 2000,not 1997,so i think porsche might built more than 25 of this ultimate 911.
    here are some pics,i took them weeks ago.
  4. that was the 97 evo, but they made 30 of all the GT1's<!-- Signature -->
  5. I actually own one here is a pic.
  6. sweet, red though? make it blue<!-- Signature -->
  7. Why blue? (Mike)
  8. most of them are scattered over europe, and i heard some shit that sienfeld and leno have in thier collections.
  9. blue is a better color, and you don't get the crazy ass insurance addition
  10. heres pics of the car
  11. opp forgot to put them on but here they are

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