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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 360 GT' started by BigWillman, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The Porsche would smoke these cars.
  2. On Fast tracks (ie Le Mans)you would need more top end speed the Viper be best because of its high top speed. But the porsche wold be better suited to tracks with alot of switch backs and tight corners.
  3. INCORRECT. If Porsche is more than a match for the Ferrari then why did the Ferrari win the Manufacturer's Championship for the GT class? Those little Porsche's are NO MATCH against the onslaught of Cort Wagner in his 360 GT. Nuff said.
  4. McDonalds isn't that bad... if you smoke alot. (drum roll)

    but seriously, the Viper really is overrated. there are other cars out there that are simply better. just cause the viper has the biggest engine and the most horsepower stock... wait, that's BULLSHIT!
    stock, the new viper comes with 500 horsepower. stock, the Lambo Diablo comes with the same amount, and goes faster. stock, th lambo Murcielago comes with about 550 HP, and goes yet faster. stock, the Bugatti Veyron stomps on them all with a whopping 990 HP! you can't say that "stock, right off the assembly line/shop" the viper has the most horses. it simply isn't fact. oh yes, and did I mention that the Ferrari Enzo, STOCK, comes with 660 HP, thus AGAIN beating out the viper in HP, Top speed, and everything else (especially handling, as it's mid-engined.)

    thank you for your time.
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    Wow, you came up with 3-4 cars IN THE WORLD that are more poweful than a Viper. And all of them cost what, 200k$ more? jeez...for 200k you could take your viper to HMS, or hell, spend a little bit more and have Team Orecea build you a Le Mans quality viper. Hmmm..damn...theres a whopping 4 cars that have more horsepower than the 83,000$ viper. jeez...Viper really is overated....


    BTW: Viper IS the only 500/500/500 car in the world. And thats what people were saying.

    Hell, for 200k, You could go get a Linginfelter Corvette Twin Turbo, and have what Car And Driver calls, "The fastest in all the land"
    btw...heres the link for that:

    the only thing wrong with that article:
    No super exotics...oh well..

    1 more thing...heres a truck..that in acceleration OWNS any of the extoics u just mentioned.

    read it and weep.
  6. i'd also say the M3 strass, but i'm still waiting for bmw to make a car that meets regulation.
  7. That car also costs about 4 times more than any of the others
  8. well actually the vyper is a 10 cyl... I dont know much about the 360 GT performance, as a matter of fact there isnt a lot of info i could dig up on it...But ill still take it over the viper and gt2 JUST LOOK AT THIS CAR, its by far the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
  9. true the vipers got the worst power to engine size ratio but around the track i still think itd win
  10. yep yep
    though when the viper first came out, it was impressive
    perhaps because it was the first real production V10 that sold.
    500hp isn't much
    as a 1987 Jaguar XJS TWR had almost 500hp. and that's stock.
    tbe viper does have one of the biggest enginges, at 8.3L that i've seen, the 7.0 Vette C5R and the Mustang 6.3L at 700HP, makes the viper look, as some put, over rated.
    however the credit to them is, it's in a pretty good looking car.
  11. If the viper is so over rated then find me a car thats faster for under 100,000 US dollars... Oh wait, you cant. And whats funny is that this "overrated" viper can destroy cars that are way over 100k. I dont think people here realize that the viper was originally designed to be a roadster, like the Cobra, without all of these electronic gadgets that all these European "supercars" come with...
  12. Is this Buggagggagggittii even in production? If it is, plz tell me what it sells for. My guess is that its not a 80,000$ car.
  13. ummm didn't the new Lingenfelter Vette whoop it's ass?

    oops, quoted the wrong post. that was meant for the guy raving about the HMS Vipers and how amazing they are. Until they try to turn the corner.
  14. You don't need a giant V8 in order to have a great sound, look at Mustangs (GT & Cobra) no where near as big of an engine and yet they have great sounding engines.
  15. The point he was making was that he liked the sound of a V8 over anything else. He didn't say that it had to be a massive V8, but he indicated he prefered the sound of a hemi. I personally love the sound of both bassy, gurgling V8's and the whining, Hi-Revving Ferrari V12's. Its like there at the opposite ends of the spectrum, they both sound awesome, but in ways that are opposite of eachother.
  16. yes its produced, i think it was 300k
  17. under 100,000. hmmm gt40?
    Jaguar XKR EVO
    BMW M5
    are all cars under $100k
    granted they dont have 500hp, but you get around 450hp in smaller displacement v8s (4.2/4,4)
    the Viper is 8.3,
    thats where i'm saying the viper is over rated.
    yes it looks awesome, and its stats look good
    and of course, with a 8.3L enginge, almost any car will look good.
    imagine yourself in a 8.3L engine from BMW, Jaguar or MB.
    a special group of Jaguar tried to make a 7.0L v8 engine for racing. They stopped making it, because the jolt of acceleration killed the driver. i'm sure MB, Audi, and BMW had similar results from using big displacement engignes.
    even the next generation M5, with a 5.5L v10 enginge will destroy the viper.
    sorry if i sound like i'm bashing the viper, but i'm presenting facts. it's a great car, and it looks cool, but its performance is over rating, largely because it has such a huge engine.
  18. Don't worry, you are not bashing the Viper, you're speaking the truth. The Viper is not the best car out there and the fact that it has an 8.3L engine proves it, it's overrated.
  19. The viper isn't all that overrated in my opinion. It's an economy semi-exotic, and it should be treated as one. Sure it's getting horrible hp/liter measurements but the simple reason for that is money. When you're designing an engine with a targetted prospective horsepower rating you can get there by more than one aproach: boost, balance, frictionless coatings, displacement, etc. It just so happens that they chose to up the displacement to an 8 liter (and 8.3 in the SRT/10) because it's the cheapest and more reliable way of building power. There are all sorts of technical complications that come with making an engine more efficient which in both the long and short run adds up to a lot of money and not as much guarantied relyability. That's why Porsches that make the same power as a viper cost more (among other reasons, but you get the idea). There's a reason why dodge can get vipers down to 80 grand.
  20. if you actually drove them

    If all the fanboys out there actually got a chance to drive all three of these cars you would be less inclined to get the viper. Yes talented drivers can control beasts like the viper through fast corners, but that doesn't mean it's a balanced car. I garauntee anyone without previous Viper experience would lap faster in the GT2 and 360 on any track. The Viper fulfills it purpose of horsepower for your dollar in the typical american sense, however there are otherways. A hayabusa powered Westfield is just as fast and cost around $20,000. No its not a practical car, but neither is the viper.
  21. if it came down to it i would take the gt2. the 911 turbo is already faster than the 360 gt. even tho after doing some research the gt2 would pull slowly a head and take the 360 gt in a race.
    0-60 3.6
    1/4 mile 11.9
    hp 456 out of a F-6
    360 gt
    0-60 3.5
    1/4 mile 12
    hp 430 out of a V8
    as u can see the porsche is faster with a smaller more powerful engine and ther efor would be able to take the ferrari
  22. Are you #$%#ing nuts? Who the hell told you that a "normal" turbo, not to say the GT2, would beat this ferrari in a racetrack. First of all it maybe weights less that your mother, also it haves "low" torque, that achieves it to make fast accelerations with practically zero wheelspin, the ferrari engineers have maybe created some the best suspension trains ever, and also it haves all those aeroparts, and everything was derived directly from a RACECAR, and then you come and say a falacy like that, come on, don't fall in madness.
  23. Cars under 100K that'll beat a viper, ok here we go :

    Caterham superlight version R300, R400 and R500
    Porsche 911 Turbo
    Westfield XTR2
    Maserati 4200GT
    Mitsubishi Evo VII RS Extreme
    Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG
    TVR Tuscan Speed 6
    Audi RS6
    Lotus Elise Sport S2 190
    Noble M12 GTO / GTO-3
    Holden GTS 5.7 - R

    Anyone want to add anything ?
  24. i saw all this debate going on and i figured i had to use my first post on this.

    1.a vette is a grat car. it has 5.7 L very comparable in size to another great car 550 or575m ferrari. this are not grotesquely huge engines like an 8l engine is so using a vette to back up the "ABSOLUT HEMI" argument is ridiculous.

    2 top fuelers have hemi based 500c.i. engines that are highly modified hemis but have very little in common with the hemis used 40 years ago.

    3.the porsche gt2 does not race in sanctioned races. it is a street legal car. the only difference between it and the 911 carrera is a turbo and less wieght. 14psi for the gt2 and 12 psi for the turbo.any car that comes from the factory isnt "modified" its "stock". modified is hennesey or tech art.

    4.porsche 917/30 1972 made 1500hp on 18psi boost with a 2 valve ohv flat 12 5.5 liter engine.

    many of you pick sides like political parties and don't mention all the facts.

    a viper isnt modified because it has an unsophisticated 500/500/505 engine. that was its intent from the beginning. on the track, on the strip or on the saltflats, whatever you want to compare, the gt2 beats a viper and a 360.
    the 360gt is a race car and is not street legal. compare it to a gt3rs, not a gt2. a gt2 still has sound deadending, stereo, a/c, and an exhaust system with a real catylitic converter and mufflers.

    the 500/500/500 viper has 500 hp and because of the big engine it also has power all over the rpm band. and its 6th gear is also good for 310 mph theoretically. in other words its gears are too tall to make use of its power, that is why a z06 or a 911 turbo will beat it in most all categories despite more weight and less power. power at the wheels is what counts.also hp:weight

    many of you have good information but not all the information. in their element htey are all good cars some are just better than others.

  25. cars under 100k that wont beat a viper.
    maserati 4.2.........0-60 4.5 of 5.0 sec
    porsche turbo cost 114k base idiot, but at least it is comparable and stock like the viper.

    viper and 911turbo is a good comparison. when you leave out you biased imagination you actualy get two very competetive cars in all aspects.

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