Re: Which would you rather a 575 m or a Murcielago?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello' started by ThugLife187, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. porbably the ferrari, because i have a blind allegiance to ferrari. the lambo is hella nice though
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  3. i wouuld take the murcielago personally, i have noth cars but the lamb is slightly better. theyre both gr8 cars.
  4. little in the automotive world is sexier than a 575m especially with those body colour head lamps. the murcielago is like a raging bull, and bulls aint sexy. i think the ladies would definitely loves the 575m sexy lines and so do i

  5. I'd take the Murcielago personally. I am kind of partial though. There is a serious allure of being the guy in the gated community with the only mid-engine car. I perfer the Lambo's interior and I respect the skill it requires to drive a regular shifting manual with a clutch well. I feel that punching that clutch in, throwing the shift lever back and blasting the 200 mph mark beats out the F1 inspired tranny in the 575M just for the sheer fun factor. Besides the lambo just looks better to me. Don't get me wrong though the 575M is a pretty impressive ride.
  6. I have 2001 Diable 6.0 VT, Ferrari 575 F1, Porsche 911 C2/2002. I have a friend who owns Lotus Esprit V8 [2001 / still old style], Benz CL600 2002.

    My story is here, My friend alway asks me drag-racing. so one day I raced his CL600 with my 911. we sped almost 150mph on the freeway[55mph zone] very early in the morning. Result, guess what? 911 easily smoke out CL600 at around 140Mph. It was very easy to beat him.

    After few days later, He asked me racing again with his lotus. I thought I would be winner with my 911, however, result, he beats ME. Lotus was surely faster than my 911 [tiptronic]

    BTW, today I just raced his Lotus with my 575. guess what?, I beat him again at 4th gear. it was easy too. I didn't activate Auto option, but F1 handle shift.

    Actually, I didn't realize that F1 also automatically changes higher gear when the RPM reaches red-line[about 7800 or so] like the Porsche Tiptronic, but F1 changes gear extreamely faster than 911 tiptronic at the high speed.

    After racing with him, he said that when I beat him at starting 4th gear, his lotus RPM was almost 8000 at 3th.

    Finally he said that "Ferrari is Ferrari, you are winner"

    huhu, ferrari, especially this 575, most powerfull car in the world.
  7. I would definetely take the 575M over the Murcielago.
  8. 575M anyday
    but id get it in a Manual, not tiptronic, its not the done thing to have a ferrari in manual or tiptronic! - its the easy way out! - besides, u can rev it harder and it performs better neway
  9. Murcielago,you need to see this car in real life to realize how beautiful is this car.
  10. i think i'd take the 575.
    much more luxurious.and i don't see myself drag racing with a car that costs as much as these cars do,so why the murc?
  11. I kinda believe u. 1. I think ur telling the truth cause, how would u know that its not loud at idle. 2. I dont believe you cause I just dont
  12. Lamborghini Murcilago
  13. 575M. its the best new Ferrari for sure.
  14. the lambo,but i'm porably biased for lambo <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. is probably my favorite ferrari,but i'd have to go with the lambo
  16. the ferrari is nice, but i'd get the murcielago, cause it looks better, the headlights of the ferrari are a little froggish

    my friend would get the lambo, sell it and get a 575, and have 50k left over, where as i'd get the lambo, sell it, get a gt2, and have 90k left over, and smoke his 575
  17. I would take the 575M instead of the Murcielago.
    Mainly because i'm not a big fan of the Murcielago,I like the DIABLO way better and would pick DIABLO 2wd version over this Ferrari
    or Murcielago.
    This new Lambo looks a lil' too futuristic for my tastes and it got milder too ..sigh...
  18. Wooooooooo two HOT Italian beasts...

    Murci in black...
  19. i would take the lambo cuz it looks more exotic than the 575m...but thas just me....
  20. i'm a little bias because i'm a big ferrari fan. but a friend of my dad's just bought a the lambo and it is a very impressive car. lamborghini really has that super car look. ferrari has the subtle, you need to look again, look to it. which i like very much. if i were to choose one to buy for myself i would have to pick the 575M. it is a lot more tame at startup compared to the Ferrari 360. which means you can sneak out of the house late at night without waking the family, but find an open road and you can hear that engine scream like it should.
  21. SUVs suck ass, and Ferraris rule. Oh, and I would take the Murcielago roadster over the 575M, if the roadster is not a option, then the Lambo and the 575 is a tie. I like the Bat better, but I am a Ferrari fan.
  22. I would take the 575M Maranello. It looks quite a bit better and gets more preformance out of its engine displacement. I really like the shape of it and the hood scoop is a nice touch.
  23. I dunno. I think the Ferrari would be a better choice. For speed I would take the Lambo but for transmission and everyday driving I would take the Ferrari
  24. 575M

    How bout a Barchetta Pininfarina for this thing, eh? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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