Re: Which would you rather a 575 m or a Murcielago?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello' started by ThugLife187, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Stupid little ass-monger. How 'bout you try to get some integrity instead of attention? Hmmmm???
  2. id take the lambo. not only is it quite a bit faster, id looks so much more radical that id draw tons more attention. also, you get more color choices, to make the lambo even louder lookin. id take either a black or lime green murc. not to mention ferrari rims suck ass compared to the lambo ones.
  3. I'll simply take both. If I'm rich enough to afford one, chances are I can afford both. But if I can only take one, it's the Ferrari by a very small margin.
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  5. 575 m all the way
  6. murc please
  7. No, your dad is lucky. You'd be REALLY Llucky if u even get to touch the wheel, more less drive it
  8. It is sad how this site's forum is populated by so many stupid children and fools with delusions of grandeaur.

    At least the moderators / admins seem to be doing a good job of banning as many bullsh*t aritists as they can - the less crap flying on these forums, the more we can actually have mature adult conversations about cars.

    Oh, and I'd take the Ferrari 575M. ;-)
  9. Well, I have to say that I would take the 575 over the Lambo, but only because I have been a prancing horse faithful for pretty much all my life. The Merc as a succsessor (spelling??) was somewhat of a dissapointment to me, but is still a great car. Not to mention the Maranello Barchetta is my all-time favorite. I got to see both these cars one night, when the Gumball 3000 passed through my hometown of Tucson, and the drivers stayed at the Lowes Resort, which is less than a mile from my house. I went to check it out, both of the two were there, amongst others like GT2s and the almighty F50. I have to say that the Maranello is a much better looking car than the Lambo, but looks is nothing but a matter of opinion. I like the power of the Lambo, and I envy its manual transmission. (Paddleshift is genious, but whats to happen to heel-to-toe downshifting?) But then again, I think the Maranello is more of the driver's car. That's why they call them grand tourers. I'd love to hit the open road in an FR V12.

    I love both cars, id take either or both, but I'd take the Maranello if I could only have one. Like I said, its simply a matter of opinion. Both cars are fantastic.
  10. I'd of course take the lamborghini murcielago over the 575M , cuase i saw the 575M and murcielago, and the murcielago is much nicer, people even take pictures when your on the street ! i've seen this on streets. murcielago is the best looking car ever !! see it in real life !! never buy a 575M over a murcielago, NEVER !!! Believe me, and take a red one <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  11. Shit! (runs as fast as I can trying to catch my hat) It's too windy in here!
  12. 575M , if only 'cause it's a Ferrari :)

    But, seriously, the 575M is a lot more stylish.
  13. I'm all for the 575M. It improves upon the 550 with a bigger engine.

    Its Ferrari! Come on, the name alone implys its a great car

    The 550 and 575 were great replacements for the Testarossa. I am not disappointed in any way of this Ferrari
  14. I cant believe anyone would take 575M over the Murc. I have sat in both in real life. The interior is the only thing that is comparable though, the Murc blows it away in every other department. Also you cant really comment on the looks unless you have seen one in real life. Go the Murc.
  15. 575M is my favorite, but Murcielago is also very awesome
  16. I've been a Ferrari fan since I can remember, the 575M has incredible classy styling, and if I were 20 years older I'd probably take the Ferrari, but being 20 years old I'd take the Murcielago just because it's a more exciting and aggressive car...and also because the 575M is only available with the F1 transmition (correct me if I'm wrong) which I happen to think suck ass big time...
  17. The lambo is faster, and definately better looking...if your gonna spend that much money on a supercar, u might aswell go all the way instead of being "modest" with the looks of the 575M (i know most ppl might not agree with me there)..but yes, the 575M is a FERRARI, and that on its own sounds like appeal enough..

    But im a Lambo man, so it Murcielago ALL THE WAY :D!!
  18. the ferraris is way more badass then any lambo
  19. I love the 575M, there is no way i'd take the murcielago over it.
  20. hands down i would take the 575m in a heartbeat. not because of ferrari's racing heritage, but because, ferrari made the 575m simple, and yet still with so much performance added. where as the murcielago is also nice, i would rather have ferrari. ferrari spent thousands of hour in the windtunnel, before coming up with the style of the 575m, and it shows. plus it's a FR oppose to a AWD.
  21. man somthin about this car just makes me want it even more every second. it has somethin that most cars dont jsut look at it.
    ohh now i know.... its a Ferrari

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