Re: why are bentley's so heavy?

Discussion in '1991 Bentley Continental R' started by 51coronet, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. why are bentley's so heavy?

    I have a very large 1951 dodge 4 door that is built like a tank and still weighs under 4,000 lbs. What is it with bentley and all the extra weight? Don't the engineers realize that weight ruins performance and tires?
  2. i don't think Bentley engineers aim for perforance when building their automobiles. And if you can afford a new Bentley, i'm sure you can afford new tires every few thousand miles. Bentleys are heavy because they are packed full with all sorts of electronics, gadgets, and luxury trim pieces. Plus, 0-60 in 6.1 seconds isn't all that bad for a car that weighs close to 3 tons.(5296 lbs)<!-- Signature -->
  3. if i had the loot to get one of thease i would have sprung for the begutti eb110 a year earlier
  4. yeah exactly i agree with import_lover_69. these things are so heavy for a reason. it's also why the cost so much. the gadgets and little features on these vehicles are insanely awsome. as many as 16 cowhides are used in one car for the leather in them also a lot of high quality high grade wood is used for the trim and accents in the interior. it's shear quality and prestiege along with power wrapped in an beautiful design. well worth the cost. [ if you can afford it]<!-- Signature -->
  5. Haha, my 1991 VW Corrado G60 has nearly the same specs as this Ugly, oVerwieght piece of crap!

    0-60 in 6.7 Seconds
    Top Speed is 140

    I think Bentley needs to make some more sporty cars, not like the Veryon... I mean this thing but Fast, then they would be Cool.

    And, yes... I do know how dumb it is to Compare a Corrado to a Bentley, but I just noticed the Specs were so close, so don't tell me I'm stupid or anything!<!-- Signature -->
  6. Ugly, ovr whieght?? your an idiot. it maybe a little hevy but it sure isnt ugly. <!-- Signature -->
  7. All the luxo equipment and electronics
    <!-- Signature -->
  8. I really think they should trim the weight and add a manual transmission option. This car is very nice though, add looks very elegant.<!-- Signature -->
  9. It's so heavy because it's got to much Luxurious stuff in it. I personaly wouldn't pay 350,000 dollors AMERICAN (im from canada) I would just get 7 z06's then. Red, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, dark green, orange <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  10. It has tons of luxery equipment not to mention a huge body, big wheels, big tires, chrome all over the place and a huge engine with turbo.<!-- Signature -->
  11. I don't think bentley's goal is too go fast, it has no weight restrictions, they add in what they want to add in, thats what you get when you have electrical chairs and shit, things get heavier.
  12. You know, I think it is hilarious that Grizz is comparing his 1991 carrado to a bently. Don't get me wrong, VW got the stuff, but your insulting a over 100k car there, buddy, you best watch yourself.
  13. Because there luxury crusiers
  14. this car isn't made for speed. It's made for the extremely rich to drive buy, and have every1 steering at the car
  15. coz there fu$%in huge
  16. do you know how big a bentley is? One of the elements of luxury is space,and without size, you can't have space.
  17. bentley's target audience isn't exactly the pure sports car enthusiest. more the decrepid old rich guy thats looking for a beautiful car with all the gizmos and latest luxuries. the power is just kinda added in to allow the rich guy's 27 year old gold-digger wife to get to her hair appointment faster than she could in a maybach or rolls.
  19. comparing a VW to a Bent? forget acceleration, there are other reasons.

    I had a 1990 Turbo R until recently. Used, it cost about as much as a loaded 3 series. Things your volkswagon can't do. The turbo R was the predecessor to the Conti

    How many chicks can you fit in a corrado? For 50 grand you can't buy another car with that presence. That's what it's about. You own the road. The car has presence. If I parked beside a Merc S class I was still 'THE MAN' in a car 15 years old.

    There is a difference between showing up, and 'arriving'

    New it's even more presence. Which I had the money for one of the GT's (a friend has one, and we schooled a C5 vette). in 10 years I have one, and it will be as good as new.

    The cars at that level aren't about drag strips. It's about a vehicle with class and history, being carried in style. I love torque. the 6.8 was all about torque, diesel-like torque in a gas engine. You have to drive one, or at least experience it. A highly-tuned 2.0 motor may have 500 lbs of torque but it doesn't have it low down. It's that off-idle mountain of torque that's addictive.

    A volkswagon may be faster on a race course, but the Bentley wasn't built for racing


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