Re: why did dodge not buld it?

Discussion in '1997 Dodge Copperhead' started by Z24_Cavalier, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. So i guess at this point i am beating a dead horse? Like it seems everyone who has came in here liked it but what in the hell can i do to to make this possible? There is a nother problem also like everyone was saying it is more likely going to get a face lift if it is going to be in the future motels and i honostly like this one. But how can you also improve on a 5 year old design?.......
  2. i think dodge built it with a V6 for the same reason the Z3 has a V6--Weight destribution. putting a big V8 in a roadster kills the handling, cause it will end up being front heavy with (guessing) 70/30 weight. but i would like to see it in production. maybe with the HEMI engine V6 (possible?) or a supercharged V6....hmmm te possibilities.....

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    why did dodge not buld it?

    I looks nice, but the mid-nose protrusion kills the car looks wise, for performance a V-8 is a given.
  4. I expected more HP for a performance car. 220 seems anemic to me. I like the design.
  5. This concept came out in 1997 correct? Guess what other car came out in 1997, and is probably the biggest reason this was NOT produced...The Plymouth Prowler. Compare the specifications, and overall idea of the car, and you will see how similar these cars are. They probably didnt make it because it would take a bite out of the Prowler's sales. Don't forget that Dodge and Chrysler and then Plymouth are one in the same. I would love to see this now that the Prowler is gone, and this is pretty different than the Prowler-replacing the NAIAS over the next couple years, and maybe we'll see an updated version of something like this.

    Oh yeah, look at the rear view if this thing, It is almost exactly like the SRT-10 Viper (minus the spine)
  6. i'd take the copperhead. to me, its an unproduced classic car
  7. I think it's nice, thunderbird competitor?
  8. Copperhead, man! I think this car's off the heezie fo' sheezie! I have a model of it at home on my mantlepiece, there for all to see! I love it, and I hope Dodge reconsiders and makes this a reality!
  9. I agree with the last to posts. The grill, I think, adds a retro-classic appeal to the car without taking away from the overall performance appearance. Now that the Prowler is out of the picture, I would love to see this greenlighted with a few engine mods to keep it in line with simialr and upcoming cars in its class. Deffinitely has classic potential.
  10. Yeah I have also heard that it has excellent performance and would be the next Viper. It was designed by the same people that were responsible for the Viper. The little holes on the side look really cool too. I heard they made one limited edition model just for raing it had a downforce spoiler coming from the back at a 45 degree angle
    \ _ Looked similar to my little drawing her

  11. well out of all dodges this is one of the pretttiest it comes right after the viper and the '69 charger rt/10and the look combines the 2, plus if put into production BMW would have a lot to think about for their Z3
  12. Well mabye dodge for some reasion did not want to appeal to the z3-z4 crowd, and now with major thought you could offer 2 different engines, one smaller v-6 to compete with the 350z, z4, and others in that class, and also have a v-8 (hemi would sound right) to compete with the mustang and others also in that class, it could possibly be a total all around car, depending on what you want from it and well killing 2 birds with one stone and also makeing dodge more money along in the prosess it could possibly be what they need
  13. This stinks. Dodge only builds crap cars and lost the good cars. it rots and im not gonna take any more. Though it needs a v12 to stick up to cars like the mclaren.

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