Re: Why Do People Like SUVs anyways?

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  1. Why Do People Like SUVs anyways?

    As all of you know, SUVs are everywhere these days in North America. These big, ugly, slow, pieces of s#!+s are here to used up our gasoline and pollute the air we breath. Who the hell really NEEDS a SUV. In the early days, SUVs are designed for people who goes offroad. Nowadays, my best guess is that less than 1% of all SUV owners actually goes offroad with it. What the hell are those 99% of the ppl thinking? And what the hell is this X5 LeMans piece of S#!+, a 700hp crap that goes so [email protected] slow? Why not shuff a jet engine into the ugliest BMW and call it a X5 UFO?
  2. Why? there is something appealing about them, People buy them for the image. Suv's are slowly fading though, and wagons are becoming the next fad. . Every car maker has to resort to SUV's to stay on top of the game. The BMW X5 is probably the best execution of any SUV, not just because its a BMW, but because of its handling characteristics and its safety. What does ford need to make a 8000lb Excusion that gets 10 mpg, and costs 70$'s to fill up? people are dumb, they dont realize or care what their car is doing, what a waste of money suvs are, and how dangerous they are.
  3. I agree with you, and just thinks that ppl who follow this so-called "trend" is totally stupid.
  4. There are people still using SUVs for offroading. You have to remember that. I do believe the SUV craze is stupid though. The only people that have a right to make SUVs are the people that are making them for their original purpose. Keep the Jeeps, Landrovers, that Lambo SUV, the G-wagon, Hummer, and let the rest die(If I didnt include any good offroaders please dont take offense).
  6. I dont know how to call you guys, perhaps you are too ignorant to realize how the real world works-...

    sure SUVs are the trend of todays automaker industry, but you should realize that the markets always work on trends... in terms of design and product line, fortunately, because if t ddnt happen this way we would still be driving for model t's or smething...

    you guys thing that the high performance coupes are the shit and dont realize that these cars were dead for a while, they are resurfacing now but changed, and some of you dont like them because they have 4 doors, or cleaner less-powerful engines but then you should know how consumers out there are aware of what they are buying right now... thats why there is such a market differentiation ou6t there, that's whythere are big SUVs and cute SUVs, that0's why they mak it for light and serious off road use...

    And yes smetimes people buy cars because they like the way they look, and they know that if you are seen driving a certain car, truck or whatever, you are projecting a certain attitude...
    but then its the same with muscle cars... if you dont care about the image thing... then buy ... a chevy metro! or even better, an old peugeot or citroen-.

    SUVs are here to stay
    and I'm glad...
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  7. The only good thing of a SUV is that you can put lots of chicks in one, while you can only drive one chick in your Ferrari 360, but that is about it.

    SUV's are in fashion, but soon will fade, I guess and hope.
  8. If your a true automotive anthusiast, you see the greatness between a performance car and luxury. I would love to own a Vette because of Performance but I would also like a BMW 74o series as well. If you can see the good in the 2 much different car examples there you should see the good in an SUV. The SUV is the best platform for making the ultimate performance luxury machine in all aspects of performance. Example the Escalade. As fast as a GTS Celica from 0-60, faster top end and hadles better than a GTS (or equivalent) in anything but perect conditions as well. All in a machine that is more luxuriouse than a Mercedes. Plus it can go off road! How can that not be cool? <!-- Signature -->
  9. Hey! I live in stupid ass Utah, Theres some big ass mountains 37 seconds away from where I live. I love BMWs and this bad ass BMW V12 is fast as hell for an SUV 0-60 in 4.6? Thats faster than stupid ass Mustang Cobra! Also its always nice to have a comfortable, roomy, powerful machine to go offroadin in every now and then. Its also good to pile about 17 ppl in and go around jackin ppl and then take off with 700 hp bookin it from cops. This is Bad ass and slick lookin<!-- Signature -->
  10. I don't know whether its the same where ever you are in the world but I live in Australia and most of these new SUV's arn't even used off road. They're all bloody driven on the road and wouldn't even see a spec of dirt. Anyone who buys this car wouldn't be stupid enough to take it off road....That and you could only be a RICH PRICK to be able to buy one. Just look at the tyres on it and going of road which I do some times through tracks your pushing to get over 45miles(60klms ish). ANYONE ELSE AGREE or should I post a new topic.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Hey, NOJAPCRAP I am an aussie aswell, you clearly are just a looser and like to cause conflict. SUV's or 4WD as we call them are useful for towing, or carrying large loads aswell as going off road.
    Think before your write!

    4WD POWER!
  12. The problem with this SUV.

    It obvious what the problem is... It's got 700BHP and doesn't utilize it. I won't drive a SUV, I'm happy with my Porsche. My ride is safer on and offroad, not to mention more fun to drive.
  13. Oi bmwm3 read my pot again,it says MOST not all. I know what they can do #$%# I ride moto's so I need them but the fact of the matter is that most people these days buy them because they think that because they are so big that they are going to be very safe. One of the biggest things that backs me up in a way is that they are now going from being a mojority of manuals to a majority of Auto's. Now when I go riding I speak to most 4by drivers and they agree that in some cases the auto is good, but when your doing hill climbs and you hit a rock or something manuals find revs and speed more specificly.
    P.S. I like causing shit to and which state r u from? <!-- Signature -->
  14. suv's are a rich luxiourous thing that are like very not econimical
  15. The only chicks that ride around with a guy in his SUV, are Fag Hags.
    That guy is not straight.
  16. you guys are missing a very important part of the SUV craze, alot of the people who are buying these are men around 30-40 years old with families, who need the room and the cargo space but don't want to ridiculed by there friends for driving a mini-van. given the chocie i'm sure all of u would take a SUV over a mini-van<!-- Signature -->
  17. some people don't need to go 0-60 in under 5 seconds, people like me need to go 0-60 in 3 seconds <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  18. Some ppl are kind of off topic here. Yes, I know that SUV could be used for offroad, it could be luxury, it COULD have good performance (if this concept really goes into production, which it will not), and it could carry many ppl. But if I want to offroad, I'd buy a Hummer or a Land Rover or a Mercedes G class. If I want luxury I'd buy a Mercedes S class or a BMW 7 series. If I want performance, well, the second last thing I want is an SUV other than MiniVans and Pickup trucks.

    The fact is that many ppl who buy these stupid ugly slow gas guzzling SUVs don't go offroad. Also, many of them don't need all the room to carry ppl. I live in Toronto, and these stupid ppl who own SUVs are just carrying themselves and their stupid brains 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, okay, maybe carry one other person.
  19. ...... ppl r seriously stupid theses days. First everyone start soup up Civics w/ wings bigger than the car itself, now..... PERFORMANCE SUVs????? Seriously Ugly Vehicles are ruining the world of car lovers.
    My lovely Volvo almost got hit by a dumb lady in a Navigator. I suggest we should have a law to ban SUVs.
  20. stupid nigger. ban SUVs cuz someone almost hit your 20yr old volvo?
    you guys are stupid. and this thing would snap into peices if you took it offroad.<!-- Signature -->
  21. Heyhey, I drive a Volvo too, a 10-year-old 940 with 230 000 km on it.
    I have a mod intake system and a set of sports springs and I can beat many cars on the track. SO don't make fun of Volvo man. =)

    And I am sure my Volvo can beat all SUVs on the track too.

    To sum up the discussion on this topic: SUV sux and ppl who likes SUV also sux like the car itself.
  22. the only people who buy suvs are soccer moms who like to drive while talking on their cell phones to their friend about the latest sale at walmart while drinking their starbucks mocca latte decaf, and men with really small penises (actually, the bigger the truck, the smaller the penis).

    and for those of you who say people buy these cars because they have lots of room, they are wrong. the 5-series wagon has more room than the x5 just like the e-class wagon has more room than the m-class.

    they also dont have more pulling power than the cars because they have the same engines (not that i have ever seen a 5, x5, e or m ever pulling anything before). a higher ride height and awd dont give you better pulling power either.

    anybody who says an suv like the x5 gives you the opportunity to drive fast and go off-roading is wrong. bmw actually calls this vehicle a sports activity vehicle and does not recommend it for anything more than light off-roading.

    i will however defend this pointless truck on one point. for those of you who think this particular car is slow, it lapped the nurburgring racetrack faster than the 911 turbo. and dont think it hurts me to say that. than again, it better, its got a leman winning engine under the hood.
  23. your 10 year old volvo couldn't beat my #$%#ing 10speed on the track<!-- Signature -->
  24. Pros for an SUV:
    -Great for sound systems
    -Safe for the occupants in case of accident

    -Expensive to buy, operate, insure, etc.
    -Unsafe for all others on the road
    -Horrible for city driving because of the wide turning radius

    -Be like me, get a Suzuki <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  25. Most people apparently don't know how to read these days...IT'S A PHREAKIN CONCEPT CAR PEOPLE!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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