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Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by Tickford5400, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Got you... Is it on now?<!-- Signature -->
  2. reckon an xu6 is ok for a first car?
  3. A well set up FWD car will beat a badly set up RWD car. But it's simple logic, putting both the driving and steering through one pair of wheels won't work out as well as splitting up the workload. FWD doesn't work as well in large sedans either. Understeer is more of a problem in heavier cars with FWD, because the larger engines in the nose are alot heavier than engines with half the cylinders and half the capacity. In the smaller car market, FWD is dominant because it is cheaper to make and the smaller, less powerful and lighter engines don't show up the inadequacies of FWD as much.
    Super Tourers were a good example. The FWD cars got to run the lowest minimum weight, then the rear drivers were a bit heavier, with the 4WD cars having the heaviest minimum weight to achieve parity. The 4WD Audis and the RWD BMWs were dominant in that series. The FWD cars were always suffering on takeoff too compared to the RWD cars.
    Alot of FWD cars will push the nose if you go hard into a corner, and the only way to bring it back is to slow down in the vast majority of cases. A RWD car may initially push the nose into a corner, but then you can steer the car a bit with the throttle, making the rear end come around, without having to lift the throttle.

    How many FWD cars do you see with more than 200KW? Very, very few - they are either AWD or RWD because on a standing start you would smoke the tyres trying to get a good takeoff. A turbo FWD Volvo C70 T5 (176Kw) would be one of the closest cars to having 200KW in a larger FWD car. If you have read any of the reviews on this car, they state that there is too much power for the front wheels to handle. The Saabs suffer the same problem.
  4. YEP. Torque steers a *****. Glad I dont drive a FWD <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  5. Im sure its a really nice car. But it aint exactly quick sorry. And i think the point he made above about FWD was that anything over 200kw would be usless, because of torque steer if you ever tried to launch it hard. Something i agree with totally... And as a result, im glad i don't drive a FWD <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. Isn't 6.5g's what drag cars do or something?
  7. So what then? It just fried the tyres? You couldn't have got any grip. With power, FWD isn't as efficient, its good for economic cars and 4 bangers like the Type R, but anything with some power behind it will torque steer and/or fry the tyres.
  8. Even my Pulsar GLi spins up when you dump the clutch at 5 grand. Even a RWD car with 200+kW would spin the wheels like crazy if you drove it like that. You are so full of shit, it just ain't funny.
  9. Well when I learned about cars the abreviation for revs was RPM's not G's.
  10. Well I've never seen g's used as in thousands.

    You said very little wheelspin, which is still ridiculous.
  11. AYC puts the power to the wheel with the most traction, but I think 200kW would be plenty enough to spin both wheels and make some nice amounts of smoke.
  12. Now let me clarify one thing first and foremost, i am not a Ford supporter, HOWEVER i am of the opinion that HSV's are the worst "performance" car that GM have ever produced. They are still using engines that have OLD technology in them. For an 8 cyl engine they are significantly underpowered and are too heavy. They have the worst suspension of any car in it's class and that creates shit steering. Those of you who pay upwards of $100k modifying a holden you are stupid. Take for example a Lancer EVO VII Extreme S. 0-100 in 3.8 sec, 360bhp top speed of 260 km/h, now no holden can't compete with that and that's only from a turbo charged 4 cyl engine. There are much better cars out there than Holden eg. Merc or BMW, these are real cars with a respectable name, not one of GM's shitty creations.
  13. for best car in the world, i couldn't go past the M5.

    Carries 5 people in absolute comfort at 250 km/h
  14. True but then again you could get a HSV GTS and carry 5 people in comfort at 275km/h
  15. you could do 275 in the beema once u removed the limiter

    and wheather the hsv is comfortable is debatable
  16. If you want to write 6500, you don't write 6.5g's as that is referring to G-force.
    The proper abbreviation is K, i.e. 6.5K.
  17. Not comfortably, cabin noise is shocking even at 120km/h in HSVs.
    You'd go deaf at 275km/h.
    Not to mention the rigid suspension, you'll feel every bump at that speed.
  18. Thats not to say its necessarily uncomfortable.
  19. yes it is, he said the noise and ride were shocking at 120, which would only increase as you go faster (obviously)
  20. Oh well HE must be right because HE knows everything obviously...lets all hail HE.
  21. well i say it too, having driven a hire executive at 170 or so km/h in NT.
    It wasn't a pleasent experience, the car loved to have a bit of a wander al over the road

    and your response is what i would expect out of an 8 year old
  22. well i say it too, having driven a hire executive at 170 or so km/h in NT.
    It wasn't a pleasent experience, the car loved to have a bit of a wander all over the road

    and your response is what i would expect out of an 8 year old
  23. Well whether or not wind noise is unpleasent is a personal thing, and more to the point, your perception of how much is bad. I have been at 180km/h in a VS Wagon and 195km/h in my VP, wasn't very noisy in the VS, VP was a fair bit noiser but that was partly due to the front passenger window seal that I need to fix on it. Neither of the cars wandered anywhere either.

  24. I think most people listening to 200db of wind noise will find it unpleasant.
    You're only 17 if I’m not mistaken; you don't really have much experience with driving so you can't really comment on cabin noise as you only get grounding in that from experience.
    It's very much a comparative thing, unless you measure in db@x km/h.
    The doors on Holdens are paper thin, they’d be an inch thick maybe an inch and a half at most, not very solid doors that is one of the reasons they are so loud at high speeds.
    Mercedes have technology that can cancel out road noise as it can pick up the frequency and wave pattern of the "bad" road noise and produce a counter frequency and wave length to cancel it out or silence it, of coarse this feature can be controlled.
    The road noise at 120km/h in my friends old Senator was awful.
    You would have to do 200km/h plus in my car to get a noise that loud.
    Even the old W124 chassis 300-series Mercedes had better sound deadening, only weighed 1320kg for the 3.0ltr as well.
  25. 200db...a jumbo jet at 30 metres away is only 120db. 200db would be instant deafness, it aint that loud. Maybe I dont have a lot of experience but the experiences that I have experienced do tell me that the cabin noise in Holdens isnt that bad. Maybe BMW's is better I cant say but what I perceive to be acceptable or what I have tollerance for is what I'm using for reference here.

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