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Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by Tickford5400, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. he didn't mean 200db, he was just implying that it was very loud at speed

    holden people really know fuk all about everything
  2. no not at all, you saying that indicates YOU know fuk all about everything
  3. let me rephrase that

    he said 200db figuratively, not literally, meaning he was just trying to say that it was very loud at speed

    holden people really dont no fuk all about anything
  4. here is a little experiment for you. Wind down ONE window of your car and then go drive on the freeway at 140 km/h. The noise is quite litterally deafening, now try this at 200+km/h, what do you think would happen. This is what i call noise.

    Now having experienced the cabin noise in both holdens and mercs i would have to say that the merc wins hands down. even at lower speeds the road noise is quite audible. An example. I know someone with an V6 Executive. He has a larger and louder exhaut put on, the exhaust in the back seats is quite anoying and uncomfortable, he has to turn up his sound system to cancel out the noise of the exhaust. In mercs you have this problem, if you put a loud exhaust on the car and sit in the back seat it is virtually inaudible.
  5. yes the BMW's and Mercs are over engineered from the factory. thats why they often last 25 years reliably (a 76 commodore or whatever they made in those days does not count as reliable)
  6. In 76 they made Kingswoods, and premiers and toranas
    Comoodres came out in 78
    and u see quite a few older Holdens about

    easily as many as old jap cars
  7. yes i agree u do see many old commodores out there, but european cars are generally (note the terminology) more reliable, from personal experience, magazine articles, and friends/acquaintances etc.
    and most of the old commodores aren't exactly looking great.
    and jap cars wern't exactly popular before the 80's, i think you will agree
  8. I don't think you can really judge old cars because there is just so many different factors effecting the car by the time they get old.
  9. but a well engineered car is going to last longer than a poorly engineered one, i think the thousands of hyundais's populating car wreckers is testament to that
  10. 1. Old Jap cars are crap (hence the lack of them on the road)

    2. There are more old Holdens etc. on the road becasue second hand they are cheaper. Take a look at old Euro cars such as Merc or BMW, they are relativley expensive. (please note the relativley part)

    For example a 1974 Merc 350SLC - $20K

    1975 Kingswood - $3K

    This may explain why there are more old holdens out there than old euros etc.
  11. crap old jap cars? what about the nissan KPCG110 GT-R, the first japanese porsche beater, or the 260Z,
    or the toyota 2000GT, honda S600, S800, civic, etc
  12. in my opinion
  13. If there is more old holdens on the road it would simply be because there was probably more built. Just because Mercs are more expensive doesnt mean they all of a sudden dissapear, they still exist and there would be a market for them.
  14. I never said that they dissapered, I was saying that there is a significantly larger proportion of older Holdens on the road than more expensive cars. I would think that you will find that cost will be a major factor. Not many people would want to pay $20k for a 25 year old car, I for one wouldn't.
  15. You did actually say that "there are more old holdens on the road becasue they are cheaper". There would be people who like Mercedes who cant afford new ones paying up for an old one for given reasons just as people would buy an old cheap Holden.

  16. i know plenty of people that pay more than 20 grand for a 25 year old car...their called classics
  17. Clasics yes, but i would rather a newer second-hand car than an older one, even though i like Mercs
  18. not all this is true. the xy gtho phase 3 can be picked up for around 80 grand these days adnthe old monaros for over 30grand so you cant generalise and say euro cars hold their value as much.
    and i would much rather a gtho than a 2nd hand merc even if it is 30yrs old
  19. okay then, got to the paper or and look for cars at about 20 years old in both the Mercs/BMW's and then the Holdens, you could buy a Holden for $1000, good luck finding a merc or BMW for under $10k
  20. and while your there look how many holdens for sale. there are a lot more so they arent as rare. simply because there were more sold when they wer brand new. They will also be more likely to have high kms on them. Which explains why they arent worth as much

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