Re: Why do u guys like american carz??

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS 35th Anniversary' started by C5 R Vette, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Why people like only American cars:

    Why do people like only American cars? Becuase they're ignorant morons who think that it's totally American to buy a domestic car. I'm not saying i hate American cars, I'm just saying people should shut up about being so biased towards these machines. Don't play favorites in the game of automobiles. Every car on the planet has something unique about it. The most unique car, for its time, was the Tucker. Too bad only 50 were made. I wonder what ever happened to the Ford Nucleon...well anyways, people shouldn't be so one-sided when it comes to talking about cars. No one is going to win. You people are stupid for arguing. it is pretty obvious that you people know nothing about automechanics. You people should take University Physics before you can even think about talking shit about cars. When you evaluate cars, don't look at the country of origin, look at the car itself. Compare cars to cars, not countries to countries. I mean, I could ***** here all day why the Supra is better than the Mustang without saying that Toyota rules. See? I'm comparing a car to a car, not a country to a country. American car companies are good at making ungodly amounts of torque and designing huge engines. They believe displacement is the best replacement. The Europeans put great pride in designing their cars, using the most exotic materials available to make their automobiles. They stress making state of the art valvetrains and are the best at suspension design. The Japanese are completely different. They also put good work ethic into their cars. They prefer to make small engines with HUGE power, usually with forced induction, as opposed to using N/A motors like the Americans and the Europeans. Engines such as the 2JZ-GTE and the RB26DETT have a substantially high output/liter ratio. Their way of making cars is similar to the way the Americans make cars, but only small and efficient, which is the Japanese way. Each of these nations have their own ways of making great cars, so stop bitching about which continent is better. You people should sign up for grand dragon of the KKK if you're going to be so biased towards a certain continent. I love nearly all performance cars. And that is the way it should be. Diversify your small minds and expand your knowledge of mechanics and engineering before you write about how American cars rule or whatver you wasted youth like to write about...
  2. im going to give my straight opinion on this, i love jap, i like muscle, the whole deal with that is, if i wanted performance, id go with muscle straight up, but what really pisses me off is when people say all jap looks the same, what i got to say to that is open your eyes and watch the shows. look at muscle, dont get me wrong they are awesome, beautiful cars, but they all look the same. you can take 2 civics, the most common jap car out there, and make them look completely different with all sorts of body kits and light conversions and paint jobs. id go with muscle for performance any day of the week, but when it comes to looks, in my opinion, jap takes it.

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