Re: Why does Barrichello keep having tech failures?

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  1. Why does Barrichello keep having tech failures?

    Why does Barrichello keep having tech failures when he and Micheal are driving the same car...why doesn't it ever happen to Schumacher?
  2. historically, MS has had a good lot of luck, RB hasn't, Ferrari is geared to giving MS the best car, so it's inevitable that from time to time RB appears to have inferior equipment, I don't think this run of bad luck will continue, any gremlins that happen to RBs car are of great concern to Ferrari as they won't want them to happen to Michael's car, so they will be doing everything they can to get RB a reliable car.
  3. true but why do all the little things happen to RB and not MS, some one said whilst MS is much better so you dont notice it as much, however the car not starting or the engine blowing up is kind of uncontrolable<!-- Signature -->
  4. I know relly same car same engine, its weird. barichello rules he is almost as good as schumi.<!-- Signature -->
  5. he doesn't its just that he has a different feel for the ferrari than schumacher and is less experienced. anyway this is the first tech failure for the F2002 and it is unfortunate that it happened to barrichello but it had to happen to someone and i personally dont see him as a title contender. i think for next season ferrari would benefit from placing a younger driver like jensen button as No. 2 driver. They did place filippe massa at sauber but i think he needs a little more working on to make him a potential champ.
  6. when does MS contract run out? 2004? if he retires then, Ferrari should have a replacement lined up next year. I don't think RB is a long-term investment.
  7. i heard james allan say spain that shumacher has been told he can race with ferrari for as long at he wants. and in an interview with shumacher about a month ago, he stated that he will race until he either loses interest which he believes will never happen, or when he realises that he is slowing down. as soon as he realises one of those two, he hang up the steering wheel.<!-- Signature -->
  8. RB's contract runs out at the end of this year. he's always been given the "scraps" of what ferrari makes. that's pretty much what every #2 driver that ferrari has ever had has got since schumi joined in '96.
  9. Nope, totally disagree. Sure, Schumi may have more support from Ferrari, but the F2002 seems to suit Barichello's smooth driving style more, than Schumi's agressive and late braking driving style. So the luck may be on Barichello's side this year.
  10. i don't know about that. i agree, the car suits the style that RB uses, but schumi IS getting more, i mean a lot more support from the ferrari guys. don't believe me? austria g.p. 2002, schumi gets A LOT of support at the end of this race.
  11. Well RB has just signed until the end of 2004 (same as MS) so he will continue to get lots of 2nd places.
  12. Now we all know, his car is made to test devices and to lose.<!-- Signature -->

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