Re: Why isn't the old Grand National On

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  1. Why isn't the old Grand National On

    Why isn't the old Grand National On Or is it here an I just cant find it?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Those things were pretty hot indeed.<!-- Signature -->
  3. They Should!
  4. Yes they should include the Grand National. The only problem with the G-N was that if you raced them a lot they started smoking bad, they were damm fast cars. Did you know G.M. put the same turbo six in a 1989 TA, it is on here under Pontaic.
  5. I had one of those, 0-60 in 3 seconds flat, definitly a supercar
  6. We need to petition to get it put up.<!-- Signature -->
  7. I emailed the "E-Mail us" with the stats (factory one which are underrated), and a few pics. Hopefully the webmaster will listen.
  8. Grand Nationals kicked everyones ass in the 80s in 1987 it had the most horse power of any domestic car made and that was the standard GN never mind the GNX
    The GN and GNX should be on this site i mean these are some of the fastest acclerating cars around and when modified they make power that would make any super car look a power wheels car.
    someone else posted Americans cars arent great because they cant make 100 horse power per litre tellthat to Ken Duttweiler who made stage 2 grand national motors that where 4.5 litres ( 274 c.i.d ) and made 1500 horsepower and all that comming from a twin turbo V-6
    now thats power , ironicly enough they have the Dodge Spirt R/T on here but no GN. that needs to change.
  9. Yah this is BS. We should speak up on this. THE GNX should be here! I'm going to write these guys...<!-- Signature -->
  10. Yeah! That's a good question. It's definetly a supercar. <!-- Signature -->
  11. Yeah it should definently be on this site, no question.
    Hell, they even have a Hyundai on here and get this....a Kia too.
  12. I couldn't agree more. The GN/T-Type/GNX were all explosively fast cars.<!-- Signature -->
  13. The GN's and Ragal T-types were probably then and still today the easiest performance per doller drag car out there. Ive seen them with less than 2500 in a new stall conv, slicks, and a couple other little motor bolt ons run 12's. Personally its not right for me in style but its still a Sh*t hot ride.<!-- Signature -->
  14. i completly agree. i have a GNX and i love it, its one of the fastest cars ive owned. it should really be on here.
  15. My uncle has one of the old GN's and it is totally cool. Reminds me of Darth Vader. This is! They should have the old one. And the GS and GSX too. My uncle has like 5 Buick musclecars. It's either the 5th or the 12th, I don't remember. <!-- Signature -->
  16. GNX owner

    I have great respect for these cars the wonderful beautif machines. In fact so nice i had two GNXs car # 213 . . . .sold
    and # 254 drop me a line wide body if you needany info. on these cars for the website e-mail me
  17. What about the old Grand Sports? From the late 60's or early 70's. The big yellow monster with two big black stripes down the length of the car and the tach on the hood. Very cool car and fairly rare. The father of a friend of mine had one that he owned since it was brand new. Over 200,000 miles on it, and still looks new. Very cool car.<!-- Signature -->
  18. The GSX? Yep, great car. My uncle owns one in immaculate condition.<!-- Signature -->
  19. There are over 100 Ferraris but no GN or GNX<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: GNX owner

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CarriganMotorsports</i>
    <b>yes, very true, where is it.
    i have some pics on my site: </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hey Carrigan where'd you get that video of the Grand National on your Avatar? That is bad-ass! <IMG SRC=""> I checked out your website, let me know if it's one of your links!<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Chevelle454</i>
    <b>There are over 100 Ferraris but no GN or GNX</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Sinful.<!-- Signature -->
  22. yes they are very good cars indeed i have bin in a 85 gn and they are fast it's my brothers
  23. So what are the stock stats for this Grand National? im kinda young and im not familiar with em.
  24. ok, so Buick was involved in NASCAR racing in the 80's (and before that too I think) with their Regal I believe, and I think also Harry Gant as one of their drivers, (unless he drove for Olds in their Cutlass, as Joe Ruttman who currently runs in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series did) so why can't they try a comeback like Dodge did with their Intrepid R/T? The Dodge camp seemed to be on their game the last two seasons in NASCAR, (with Ward Burton bringing Dodge back to Daytona's Victory Lane this year for the first time since I think Richard Petty in 1974, Bill Elliot's wins at Indianapolis, and Pocono I think was his other win, and Sterling Marlin leading the points for much of this season) with their Intrepid, but it would be good to see Buick try to make a return, if at all possible...yes, those good ol' days of NASCAR Racing, with Chevy, Pontiac, Ford, Buick & Oldsmobile, and names like Petty, Yarborough, Earnhardt, Junior Johnson, Richard Childress, (yes he did race the number 3 prior to founding RCR and hiring Earnhardt) Lake Speed, Hut Stricklin, Darrell Waltrip, Donnie & Bobby & Davey Allison, Ernie Irvan, Derrike Cope, and the list goes on....such great memories!!
  25. When I was young my father showed me one of these cars. He told me it was fast. Seeing as I knew nothing about cars I pointed out that it looked like my grandfather's car. Now that I am old enough to consistently double the posted limit, I appreciate what the GNX really is. A hand that continues to pass the torch of pure American muscle.

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