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    jimmy botz 69 u r a shit head, no stock GN did 0-60 in 3 flat big guy
  2. Yes it should, but I don't think they'll listen to you.
  3. my first car is going to be a gn
  4. The turbo buicks of the late 80s are the cars that I have the most respect for out of any car ever made. Even the supra people fear them, though most people don't know that turbo buicks exist.
  5. They probably dont have the GN on here because it wassent a very popular car....GM didnt make many of them, but people want them now...most I find here in the Great Lakes area usually roll for about $8,000+ as compared to the $4,000 sister cars the Monte Carlo SS and Culass 442 of similar years....Its too bad they probably wont buld this car...or maybe they will....The Grand Prix/Monte Carlo platform of which I believe this car is built off of may be going over to RWD in 2004....Weather it carries a Vortec, LS-1, Nothstar, or XV8 is still up in the air, it does give hope to the production possiblities of this concpet.
  6. Not only the GN/ T type/ GNX, but the old Gran Stage 1 Regals of the late 60's. They're dammmm fast. I had a 66 Regal I planned to put the 400ci engine into to make it as fast as one, maybe. But my mom sold that car. For way too little money.
  7. How I love those Grand Nationals. They look classy, yet, it has muscle car looks, even though it's not a V8.
  8. The greatest thing about the GNX was that it proved that you don't need a V8 or bigger to produce massive horsepower and torque.

    I believe that buick was the first ever to run a v6 in nascar. They did quiet well. I think they were on the pole a few times including indianapolis speedway.


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  11. They also meed to put the Monte Carlo SS of the 80s here and the Cutlass Hurst with the 307 rocket v8 and lightning rod shifters!
  12. What the hell is wrong with you people this is supercars! not muscle!

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