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  1. i want pictures :(<!-- Signature -->
  2. Why no Pictures?

    Anyone have pics of this car, I like the specs of this car but I think he could have done a better job with the hp and torque, I mean 450 for a tunned vette? Come one Lingenfelter you can do a hell of a lot better then that<!-- Signature -->
  3. I wanna see a pic too!<!-- Signature -->
  4. I've got one really good picture of this car:<!-- Signature -->
  5. a hennesey is and always be a far supperior car than a vette(LOL)!!
  6. K Martin, Have you looked at the Sledge Hammer corvette that reached the highest top speed in the world? I sure didnt see a viper beat that. And how week can the viper be? A V10 with a TWIN TURBO can barely beat the camaro ZL1 in speed and the ZL1 Camaro has just a hard ass staright V8, Chevy Power! CHEVY RULES, vipers are over rated and they cant handle for shit<!-- Signature -->
  7. hey Viper boy. how come a vette with 650 horsepower can get up 226 mph when a 650 horsepower viper can get up to 207?
  8. who cares about who is better?
    For the money, the Z06 is the best sports car one can buy.
    Also, look at the races and see who is winning them all in Grand Am and alms---Corvettes<!-- Signature -->
  9. No offence to chevy, because don't get me wrong i'm a huge chevy fan but the reason that the sledgehammer was so much better than the viper is that is only running 300 MORE HORSEPOWER AT THE LEAST. I mean honestly lets compare fairly
  10. A fair comparison is the Hennessey Viper 800TT vs. the Lingenfelter 427 TT C5. Viper has 833 Bhp and 850 Torque. The Vette has 725 Bhp and 650 Torque. The Vipper runs a 10.7 1/4 mile and the Vette runs a 9.57 1/4 with an automatic transmition. So you tell me which would you drive? The last step is the skid pad but Lingenfelter doesn't list one to match up against the 1.04 G of the Viper which is F'n sweet for a car that big. Time will tell.<!-- Signature -->
  11. who really cares? this cars probably better then the metro you drive<!-- Signature -->
  12. sorry to interrupt your conversation, but how do you get a darn blasted picture to appear next to the words space below the other words space? uh yeah, will you tell me? please? im stoopid
  13. Hey uh... str8pipe.... uh... i agree with you man, but chevy has never made a straight 8. its a 'V' configuration. hence the term, V8.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Martin, you are an idiot.
    Hell yeah it's Chevy Power! Only one thing, the ZL1 does have the bigger engine (by bigger I mean displacement). And i'm sure you didn't mean "straight 8", because Chevy makes V-8's. =)
    Correction. The Viper Venom 800TT has pulled a best of 9.99 @ 140mph and the Lingenfelter 427TT Corvette has pulled a best of 9.2 or 9.1 @ 150mph. If you ask me I think the numbers on the Lingenfelter Corvette are underrated. For a car passing the 1/4 mark with that kind of trap speed, it should be pushing about 100hp more. Leave it up to Lingenfelter to design the best cars in the world.<!-- Signature -->
  15. Hmm...can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with the quotes?<!-- Signature -->
  16. if you go to lingenfelters site they have all of their packages. They have a 725 hp normaly asperated viper, a 500 hp f body, along with the famous vette. Hennessy also did a vette once but i can't tell you any thing about it. Oh and the ling. vette pulls a 1.01 g skid pad.<!-- Signature -->

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