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  1. best looking mercedes ever
  2. Very innovative the way it adjust the camber angle with the steering. The only reason i don't like it is because i had the same idea, but i'm powerless to produce it compared to a corperation like meredes. The only thing is dont like about the design is the edgyness, not many edgy cars are good at being edgy and good looking at the same time. The compound of the tyres must be extremely durable, having to support a 2000 lb car exerting 1.28 Gs sideways and obviously 1 G downward. changing the camber angle transmitts more lateral force down to the tyres. I think this idea has many applications and a great future for mercedes racing, (probably only merecedes because the probably patented it).<!-- Signature -->
  3. WOW so is this like some kind of new Stealth car that can do 200 at the drop of a hat and be undetected by a cops radar.
  4. Re: mercedes concepts

    i think its purely a handling concept car so don't assume 0-60 in maclaren range - i'm quite sure for the testing they would have put one of mercedes' off-the-shelf performance engines in it.

    i really can't wait for this camber technology to hit street vehicles - it wouldn't be that complicated either just some servos or hydraulics to adjust camber - perhaps telescoping wishbones? interesting enough to find out more.

    i've been setting my own car up for handling lately - on a skidpan we were getting 1.12g average 1.3 peak at 100mph with my wings adjusted to the max (17 deg on the rear! enough downforce to make the car noticeably hunker down on the springs) and that was hell fun <IMG SRC="">

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  5. Its ok. Fronts a bit suss, but apart from that, its ok. What engine will it have?<!-- Signature -->
  6. i don't like, i think there are cars which are much better than this one, plus i know nothing about it, so can u guys plz tell me about its engine ?

    still waiting
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  7. 1.28 G is all you need to know about this car man.
  8. One word: Superb!<!-- Signature -->
  9. This thing is powered by the 3.2L V6. Just the stock one, not the trick AMG model.
  10. Up yours pal!
    Anyways... if the CLK-GTR or the CLK-LM wasn't invented ... this may
    very well be the best Merc out there!<!-- Signature -->
  11. Best concept this year by far<!-- Signature -->
  12. Hmmmm, I wonder how well this thing would drift?
  13. I'm betting this wont be the last M-B concept car featuring that technology in the years to come we may even see it applied to production... maybe in their racing team, yeah, but probably in a supercar like the SLR or something.

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  15. This car is genius!
    Oh BTW Ill save you all on the looks. Im a engineering fan not so much a looks fan. This car could look like a turd on wheels (read: Pontiac Aztec) and I would still love it. One: ITS GERMAN Two: as I said before freakin genius.
    This harkens me back to middle school trying to figure out in my head how to get an enormous camber car to work right (in between fits of trying to figure out how to get a motorcycle to turn with the rear wheel still perpendicular to the ground). I never thought of active camber control. Doubtful itll reach any production cars any time soon (money for new tires to be made and new tire changers to be developed for just one car, ohh and what iff it breaks? can you say flying straight into a telephone pole?) But still a damn good idea that eventually come to play in the future( right after hubless wheels, another great engineering design thats still impractical)
    Kudos to MB keep those ingenius brain juices flowin.<!-- Signature -->
  16. I need more specs

    This car is a great inovation but I'd like to see some specs before I shift wieght on my choice of best concept car, 2001 Volkswagen W12 Coupe Concept is my favorite so far but that again needs more specs<!-- Signature -->
  17. If this thing is a F400, then it would be powered by the 4.0L V8 turbo-diesel. That's 250hp then.
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Iceman404</i>
    <b>Hmmmm, I wonder how well this thing would drift?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> Did somebody say dorifto?!!? :D:D:D hehehe. Fúck yeah, I'd love to see this ***** go drifting crazily around the old Nuremburg circuit!! I'm actually relieved now that someone else on here does know what drift is!! I was getting worried that 99% of the repliers on here were just GT3 fanatics just living on a dream!! C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
  19. It LOOKS nice and they do claim a hefty 1.28 lateral g's, but I judge a car more on it's inner beauty. I look forward to seeing some impressive stats. in the not too distant future.
  20. 1.28G

    That's like the highest number I've ever seen on street car.

    I agree with you guys that this is indeed the best concept car of this year, and maybe even for the last few years.

    This isn't just a new technology, it isn't just an innovation, it's a revolution in automotive industry.

    The BIGGEST WORRY that I have is if Mercedes has patented this. If not, they are in deep $H!+, cuz rivals like BMW and Lexus will sure steal it, as they've always did. I just hope that Mercedes has this patented.

    Mercedes guys are crazily smart, they always come out with technology that ppl only dream about.
  21. I will have to say that this car is an EVIL 340R! 1.28G's! This thing is the closest thing to a Go-Kart ever!

    My lord! I hope more cars become like this. Cars like the 340R, F400, and Suzuki GXR car should be the next evolutionary step for sport cars.<!-- Signature -->
  22. If it would go for production... it would surely knock the Murcielago's hubcaps off!<!-- Signature -->
  23. WHy si everyone worrying so much about the power and straight line performance of this car? I read that it will have a 3.2 l V6 which means probably 250-300 hp. That is enough. That power will give this car very good acceleration since I think it's quite light. But the acceleration and top speed aren't the most important parts of this car. The most important part of this concept are the tryes that change the angle to the road depending on the situation. This will give the car a very high lateral g of 1.28. The best sports cars today can hardly get to 1.00 gs. So this car has 30 % better lateral gs than the best sports cars. This car is about handling, it can go through corners with speeds never seen before. It would surely give a sports car with two times as much hp a very tough time around any race track because of the high cornering speed. It could be that this car with 300 hp could easily lap some tracks faster than a 550 Maranello or a Porsche 911 Turbo.<!-- Signature -->
  24. If this car is for racing... if it does maybe it could use the CLK-LM's technology... y'know V8 with 600hp (or it could pirate the Toyota GT1's)<!-- Signature -->
  25. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MB_CLK-GTR</i>
    <b>If this car is for racing... if it does maybe it could use the CLK-LM's technology... y'know V8 with 600hp (or it could pirate the Toyota GT1's)</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->I wonder for which racing class this car would be. The angle changing tyres is a totally new innovation, not seen before this car (at least I can't remember any other car).

    Anyway, a 600 hp engine in this car would be a monster. Maybe even too much. Now this car has a 3.2 l V6, with out kompressor. If it's a highly tuned version of the 3.2 l V6 seen in the C-class it could have about 300 hp. Which I think is enough.<!-- Signature -->

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