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  1. Anywhere near California?

    Don't want to believe? Nah....of course not...then you would have to believe I'm older than you think I am, and I obviously have a pretty good paying job (and educated to boot!).

    I've owned it since the summer of 2000. Done quite a bit of work on it. I know EXACTLY how cheap they are, how well they take to modifications, and how they perform on the track. I'm not a fan of Mustangs because I've spent a good deal of time in a buddy's EVO V and an S-15 Spec R. I've seen how great a cheap car can be.....
  2. According to him everybody who makes him look like a dumbass or who has a car that can easily hand his 14.7 second mustang it's ass must be 12 years old <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. When somebody (you) says that they repaired a blow off valve that blew apart into 20 pieces and has no clue that shifting an auto can really help you out in some situations, no I won't believe that they own a fast car, or a car at all, you fit that description.
    Boredup I could believe a lot easier. All I said is that I will believe him when I see it. Could you provided a picture of it boredup (everybody on this board has a high hp version of their favorite car if you know what I mean)?
    And for the last time, get your numbers straight moron (I'm talking to SuperMoronOne), the mustang gt will do low 14's and high 13's all day long, while your 300zx will do 14 flat with a highly modded Stillen
  4. 6 peices. I know you have an attention span problem so excuse me from sounding like a broken record. I never said it's pointless to downshift in an auto in snow. I said it's not necessary if yo uknow how to drive. I also said you cannot shift an automatic manually. To shift manually you would need to depress the chutch pedal, which an automatic lacks.

    I quoted proven numbers for the mustang GT rinning 14.7 and peoven numbers for a STOCK 300zxTT doing it in 13.5. Unless you find more than one article for the SMZ pulling a 14 second quarter your article is null and void. I also quoted C&D's numbers for the Kenny Brown 320 which did the quarter in 14.1 "highly modded"

    Are you ever going to take the time to read, research and make an intelligent post?
  5. Are you going to ever have anything intelligent to post?
    I have given qouted and proven the mustang gt running a 13.7, if you can't read or figure out how to use a link then theirs not much else I can do for you.
    You did say it was pointless to downshift in the snow (or naytime for that matter) with an auto the first time it was brought up, then after getting your stupid ass beaten down by a couple of people you started saying it could help but not if your a good driver...ummm good driver or not, not having to use your brakes when going down a snowy or icey mountion is just smart to do. No matter how good of a driver you are, not having to brake will help you out alot when driving in these conditions. But you should already know this, since you live near mountians...
    And last, you can shift in an auto with out a clutch. Many auto have that feature now, and most can have it with the purchase of a manual valve body.
    Kid these days...
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  7. If that is your's...nice.
    Every had it to a track (drag strip or road course)?
  8. So you still think shifting an automatic by hand makes it a manual.
    Rednecks these days. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>. I quoted my magazine stats.
  9. Ran Fuji-yama quite a few times. They have open track days the first Monday of every month. Best time so far was a 2:06:31. That's on stock rims, tires, pads, and suspension. I have since changed to Nismo Upper and lower arms, and am acquiring LM-GT4 rims, (free Bridgestones to go with them...courteousy or Bridgestone), Nismo Steel braided lines, and Endless pads and rotors. Should be able to knock my time down a good 8 or 9 seconds.

    I just received some GREAT pics from Sean Morris from the Emissions Lab. They have my R32 parked right next to a McClaren F1, and there's a 959 on the lift in front of it.....
  10. well well well, I came across an interesting article in SCC. They tested a 2003 Mustang Cobra ( for a full explaination why look in the modified forums under the thread "2003cobra=very overated") To make a long story short they ran a 13.4 second quarter mile in a car which dynoed at 354 at the wheels. Now I know what you want to say, "the driver must have sucked" But they got "popular hot roddings" cameron Evans to have a stab at it. result: same shitty 13.4 time. By which no means is slow for a common car, but for a car with 354 at the wheels, that's miserable.

    So tell me again what the mustang GT runs? LOL <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  11. Read this months Road and Track (I think that`s where I saw it).....they found the average driver had an easier time (and better track times) with the Mach 1.
    As for 352....Most of them are around there that I have seen. I have seen as low as 340 and has high as 362 from various sources.
    I truly believe Ford provides the magazines (in most cases) with a "looked over" model. I wouldn`t be suprised if they underwent some small changes like tire compound and such.....
  12. Well that was the case in the mid 90's with the supra. C&D and other various sources were sent modified supra's to test in hopes that their numbers would be as good as the factory claimed 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Needless to say they were busted and most likely a little embarassed. Nobody managed to pull a 4.6 second stint to 60.
  13. Ummm...yes it is manual with a manual vavle body dipshit. And lots of cars are coming with clutchless manuals...learn something for one #$%#ing time moron, it's getting old quick.
    I'm a redneck because I drive a mustang...guess that makes you a little punk r!cer then...idiot.
  14. Do most automatics come with manual valve bodies from the factory?

    another ? if an automatic tranny is not automatic, why don't they call it a manual?
    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. Lot's of companies are calling then things other then auto now. Come on, get with the times man!
  16. trip-tronic and manumatic systems as well as the dodge "slap stick" are still not manual's. All of those systems can be driven as rehular automatics too.
  17. Yes you can also drive them as autos, so what...? YOU CAN DRIVE THEM AS CLUTCHLESS MANUALS ALSO. See how that works. Best of both worlds.
    On a side note, what is "rehular"...?
  18. American....if I busted you down on every typo and misspell you put in your posts...I wouldn`t have enough time to respond to the meaning of your posts.....

    Although I take great pleasure when you attempt to denote how stupid I am.....and the particular phrase you use is gramatically incorrect! LOL
  19. The lack of having a clutch makes them automatics. You lost your mustang superiority debate so now you want to get owned in this one?

    I guess you never noticed that the "G" and the "H" keys are right next to each other on the keyboard. On a side note, boredup is right learn some "engrish talkin' skills".
  20. They are meant to have the best of both worlds, however they do not work as well as an actual Manual transmission, to engage them as well as manually disengaging the clutch they'd need some pretty high end technology, such as an automatically engaged sequential gear box (WRC spec transmission), in which case, not only would you be able to shift as an automatic, but you would also not be able to shift into just any gear, if you stalled in 4th, you'd have to shift through 3rd, 2nd, then 1st, and the cost of the vehicle would go up by about $20,000 if a low end one was used.

    Just not practical, and current alternatives just aren't as good, you can have the control and feel of driving a clutchless manual, but you can't actually drive them to the potential of a manual transmission.
  21. He could kinda gig you on that one....
    They have a viscous clutch.....but I think when you say clutch, you're talking about a manual clutch linkage....which is really the definition of a manual anyway.........
  22. You got it. Unless you have a clutch pedal you own an automatic or a semi automatic(manumatic). If you have a manual valvebody on your automatic it's still an automatic, it will never be a manual. The F1 trannys available on some ferrari's are still automatic's. If they arn't why do they sell the same car in manual trim?
  23. I was only playing with that last part, it (rehular) just looked so funny when I read it.
  24. "You lost your mustang superiority debate so now you want to get owned in this one?"
    How did I lose anything? Did you do one thing to prove anybody wrong on anything since you started posting here? You've had so many names that it's hard to keep track of all the stupid shit you have said in the past. Although I remember you arguing with somebody in the vette forums on how you owned a NSX when your name was CreamOfTheCrop, do you still own that car...?
    Learn some "engrish" huh...we already did this in another thread kid, within 2 pages of post I picked out around 20 spelling and grammical mistakes by you. This is a message board about cars, not english class.
  25. "If they arn't why do they sell the same car in manual trim?"

    Because some people like yourself can't get over the fact that you don't need a clutch pedal to have fun in a car, so they offer both. Which makes more sense to you in a money making stand point? Offering just a manumatic version of a car that some people might not like, or offering both versions, a manumatic and a manual? Yes that's right offering both would make the most sense because everybody is happy then. Again see how that works.

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