Re: Would a McLaren F1 beat this on the track?

Discussion in '2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S' started by HooPoo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The mclaren would beat this car on the twisties. The koenigsegg would beat it in a straight line but the f1 was built by a formula 1 racing company. It's built for the twists in second gear and up. Both are really good cars.<!-- Signature -->
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vettes4life</i>
    <b>The mclaren would beat this car on the twisties. The koenigsegg would beat it in a straight line but the f1 was built by a formula 1 racing company. It's built for the twists in second gear and up. Both are really good cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    This car has a lateral acceleration of 1.15g compared to the F1's 0.85g, so how can you be so sure that the F1 would win on a track?<!-- Signature -->
  3. Another statistic that would be nice to see would be speed through an identical slalom course. That would give one a better idea about the vehicles' transient handling rather than static cornering force (g's). But, 1.15g versus 0.86 or 0.87g (I've seen both in car magazines) is definitely a big deal. Also, from what I've read, the McLaren understeers pretty heavily... maybe this one is more neutral. Anyhow, in my humble opinion, I think this car (given the same driver of course) would take a McLaren F1 in pretty much any race. The Koenigsegg has more power, more torque (check out their website), lighter weight, larger (probably better) brakes, and pulls more g's on the skidpad. Plus this V8 is probably shorter than the McLaren's V12, putting its center of mass closer to the midpoint of the car, which in turn helps to give a smaller polar moment of intertia (the car would switch directions faster). I think looks are a toss up in my opinion.
  4. I think you are all forgetting how the McLaren swept lemans.....The MacLaren has been put through the paces and is a seasoned vetern. And it all depends on which F1 it is. Personally I choose the McLaren because it's proven itself. The day that this car gains a more respected reputation than the F1, it the day it could rain supreme. But until then LONG LIVE MCLAREN, DOMINATOR OF LEMANS!!!!!
  5. Well, I'm comparing street car to street car. I'm not thinking about the McLaren F1 LM. Just the "plain" ol' F1.
  6. I have to inject my wisdom where i can, I can't here, your all bent on seeing the demise on what is possibly the most memorable supercar in recent years. I argee that when this koenigsegg hits the street and builds a mobb of followers much like the masses that love the only car Car and Driver drove into a wall at 150 miles per hour, and then drove home at 80 mph, it may surpass the F1. Enough about wisdom, I say it's time something rivaled the F1, I mean it was made like 6 years ago, shit and everything is still compared to it. This hsould some up what I'm sayin, god save the queen, cuz im #$%#in the princess.<!-- Signature -->
  7. and the fact is that i've read in many publications that the Mclaren actually is unweildy at high speed, hmm. maybe its those fans sucking air from the bottom.--MCLARENS WOULD GET FUCKED BY THE 911 GT1, no questions asked, it got slapped at le mans.
  8. The first part of that thread was supposed to be a quote. Just thought I'd let you know so someone doesnt ge mad.
  9. To Keanumon
    when u say under F1 regulations u can have a supercharger. do you mean "formula 1" regulations. if so what the hell does that have anything to do with this. they are both road cars, where there is a whole range of engines, 4Cyl, V6 straight 6 V8, V10 V12 and so on. turbo super or NA on the road it doesnt what u got under the bonnet. i think your just trying to say that they couldnt get there with out it, its koenigseggs choice.

    if your talking about something else then please tell me.<!-- Signature -->
  10. To FerrariKing

    First of all I did mean formula 1, I guess I was just to lazy to type it all out. And Yes thats pretty much what I ment. I still think the Mclaren would win, but it would be close. I would be cool to see them race.
  11. look ...these two cars are bloody awesome, i like them both, i think that the Koenigsegg has better looks but the thought gone into the Mclaren F1 is amazing i just watched a video on it auto speed or something pom dude used to race lemans, and hell the work gone into the car is bloody amazing, but i'm sure this car would do very well in that stakes two, trying to compare the two (fairly) is very hard, but hey the bottom line is they are Bloody wicked cars and i would love to have either,
    except mclarenF1 doesn't have a radio if u wanted to know, the dude who designed them doesn't like radio,lol
    later<!-- Signature -->
  12. I wouldnt know! though i think that the big mac is faster!<!-- Signature -->

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