Re: WOW! A GT40! No wait... Nevermind

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by killer69, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. WOW! A GT40! No wait... Nevermind

    My bad. I just caught a glimpse and it reminded me of the GT40. Easy mistake. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. They're just so similar, I got confused. I appologize to all the hardcore Ford people out there. Uh, nice car! Super fast too! Uh, Ford tough! yeah, yeah<!-- Signature -->
  2. Tarnations Speedster, yoo redneck! Get yo kentucky ass off de innernet! Don' yall know yoo two stoopid?<!-- Signature -->
  3. Piss on the Ford Focus. It sucks. The GT-40 is the only real "Ford" you should ever buy, but there are a few other Ford-powered machines worth having: a Shelby Cobra 427 or Daytona Coupe, a Panoz Esperante or LMP, and a Riley & Scott Ford MKIII. Will someone please tell me what this car is doing on this website? I thought was supposed to be for SUPERCARS! Or am I wrong?

    -Second place is the First loser.

  4. Hey killer69, why are you goin all over the Focus and GT40 forums saying that they're the same thing. So what cars do you like?<!-- Signature -->
  5. how does this car suck? great chasis, 6 speed, 170 hp, cheap as hell. i dont get you people, you say ford sucks and then dont back it up, or do some 4th grader crap and use an acronymn.<!-- Signature -->
  6. i think that is too many big words for them. use simple words next time maybe they will understand.LOL
  8. I must agree with killer69. I know he sounds dumb but the focus does suck and you can see the gt40 bloodline. Either way its some gay shit in here.
  9. think ford sucks? look at plymouth, chrysler, and dodge now!! what good cars do they have? sure the viper is fast but is it really a good quality car? does it do he track good? ok thats wht i thought so until they start making ome good cars(the ddge neon srt4 is pretty cool. im gonna get one)then shut up and stop hating on ford you dick
  10. Looks ike killer69 aint the only stupid 1 in here
  11. Say what you want but its this simple.

    Focus: 1 small car in the world.

    Svt Focus: 1 hot rodded compact in the world.

    Its that simple.
  12. the reson that this car is in here is because of the fact that it is a very nice car. it has a 6 speed, better suspention and does 0-60 in somewhere around 7 secons for 20 thousand.
  13. Both of you sound dumb, because neither of you uses anything intelligent in your commentary. Nothing to back up your accusations. No demonstration that you even have the slightest idea baout the automotive industry in general, or this segment in particular.

    You are typical teenagers who think they know everything after reading a few magazines, and have formed uneducated opinions without having anything but theory to go on.

    Get a clue, or go away.

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