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  2. idiot.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Why cant we all just get along. Imports are some great cars and so are Americans. Maybe some day you will learn to appreciate each.
  4. Hey stupid ass, you ever hear of the lancer Evo VII that's coming to America, well at stock it only has 276 horsepower but runs a 4.7 0-60, Man don't you vette fans feel like losers?
  5. Actually us vette fans dont feel like losers.<!-- Signature -->
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from espin</i>
    <b>Hey stupid ass, you ever hear of the lancer Evo VII that's coming to America, well at stock it only has 276 horsepower but runs a 4.7 0-60, Man don't you vette fans feel like losers?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    The Jack ass that started this thread can't tell the difference between his face and his ass. Both Japanese and American cars have their strong and weak points. And yes the Lancer Evo VII is amazing and will have a very fair price tag of $28,000 USD when it comes to North America. I can't wait!!! <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  7. The NSX has similar stats running on 2 less cylinders. Next year they're talking about releasing a V8 NSX that will probably kill this thing.
  8. No idiot look at the stock NSX, I'm not saying it's faster but the stats are close and it's got a smaller engine which they are upgrading to a V8 next year. Looks like Vette will fall behind yet another model.<!-- Signature -->
  9. What do you know about Japanese cars? I doubt you've ever driven one before. Exactly, go back to playing your little Gran Turismo 3, and take out that Game Shark or whatever while you're at it, because you can't cheat in real life. The reason why most people don't like Japanese cars is just because they drive a Civic, and they hate it.<!-- Signature -->
  10. What do YOU know about Jap Cars? Why don't you go jack off in front of Fast and the Furious some more, and continue to believe that that damn shit teaches you everything about cars that there is to know.

    Like I've said many times, you can soup up any f*cking car out there to be fast, whether it is from America, Japan, Europe, or Timbuktu. The only reason why your F***ing ricers go fast is because of ADDED PARTS. YOU CAN ADD PARTS TO ANY F*CKING CAR KNOWN TO MAN. IT IS POSSIBLE TO MODIFY THE SHIT OUT OF A F*CKING DELOREAN OR A FIREFLY ENOUGH TO MAKE A KOENIGSEGG LOOK LIKE A F*CKING JOKE!!! As far as stock goes, Plain and simple, a big V8 IS more powerful than a F*cking little 4 banging chainsaw engine.

    American Cars are better than japper crappers. That's life. Get used to it. Go american or go to hell.<!-- Signature -->
  11. TIM MIESTER- An education is such a bad thing to waste!<!-- Signature -->
  12. "Education is a bad thing to waste." Explain yourself<!-- Signature -->
  13. All american cars can do is go in a straight line. Ever heard of a steering wheel? u know that round thing u sit behind!
  14. Yes I have heard of a F*cking steering wheel, you goddam ass clown. It's the thing that turns the car. My AMERICAN car has one, and it CAN a f*cking corner.
    And as far as jap crap goes, All THEY do is give 15 year old fans of Fast and the Furious orgasms( these are the same ones who think they know everything because they saw the damn thing)

    American cars are better than anything out there, so go American or go to hell.<!-- Signature -->
  15. U are one jumped up little arogant sh!t!<!-- Signature -->
  16. I'm F*cking arrogant??

    The hell I am. YOU'RE F*CKING ARROGANT. American cars can't turn corners he says. ANY CAR CAN TURN A F*CKING CORNER. Otherwise all the roads would be a perfectly straight line<!-- Signature -->
  17. Best car ever<!-- Signature -->
  18. If AMerican Cars can't turn worth shit then why the hell did the Z06 out corner your little NSX!! SEE AMERCAN CARS CAN TURN!!! YOU are the ignorant one. If you don't believe me it is in the Feb or March R&T. So maybe your NSX's handling is inferior to the Corvette. ITs ok cry I mean since your only a ten year old obseesed with Fast and the Furious.<!-- Signature -->
  19. u little ricer lovers are so dumb i drive a subaru legacy gt and i get smoked by all kinds of american shit, id prolly get smoked by a #$%#ing geo metro, because foreign cars suck so now i wasted all that money on a piecer and i have to save up so i can buy a camaro cause at least i can beat a geo metro in that and all ur lil imports that cost the same amount of money or less like that dude said go american or go to hell (any where else is hell)
  20. If you like only American cars - You are a fool

    If you like only Japanese cars - You are a fool

    If you are docile enough not to realise not only Japanese & American cars but almost every manufacture etc have strengths and weaknesses - then you have little more then a wind tunnel between those things i like to call ears :)<!-- Signature -->
  21. Wow i can picture tim miester wearing a Nazi tattoo on his forehead and burning crosses on other peoples porperty. Go american or go to hell? hahahahah. Well I like all cars equally Im a car person I dont think each country is superior to another. But this is the car im getting in 6 months a 1989 supra turbo. Ok its not as fast as a corvette and its old. But for 6000 232 hp aint bad. now ill tune that 232 hp to 375 hp for an 3xtra 2500 bucks thats now a car that costs me 8500 bucks and is faster tehn a standard C5 vette its slightly slower then a Z06 but if the driver sucks i can beat him. Now i suck becuase i choose to spend 8500 bucks on a car that will beat a standard C5 vette in accelaration and top speed? And will beat the zo6 in top speed? 8500 for a 175-180 mph car and taht does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds is not a bad deal if you ask me. But i guess god will punish me and send me to hell for not supporting the ayrian race eh tim?<!-- Signature -->

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