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    Well! Consider this, other performance cars in 1982 were lucky to put out 100 hp, and this in comparison to other sedans and the like was the same. 145 hp you say, was quite substantial for a car built in 1982.
    I was exceptionally equiped and still pulled good figures for its time.
    You cant compare it to todays , oh hang on lets be fair and compare its replacement with todays cars. OK .
    Mitsubishi GTO Twin turbo, 206kw (Limited by Law) 0-100kph 5.8sec, yes your right the old car is weaker.
    Be reasonable!
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    Thankyou Nismoman, well put mate
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    Sorry to read a few non-ethusiasts...

    Before I did anything to my 88TSI, we ran the high8's...

    Now I am ready to take on the bravest of pony's.
    <IMG SRC="">
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    Dude the GTO TT bust out with a 5.3 second 0-60. Im sure the average is mor elike 5.8, but the fastest stock was 5.3 Its the same as those homos who claim their SSs run 12.8 second 1/4 miles when that is nothing but a fluke car that happened to have 330 hp or what ever from the factory. Thats prolly the same thing with this GTO, but still. If camaro guys claim 2.8 second 1/4 miles then the GTO can claim a 5.3 second 0-60.<!-- Signature -->
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    Well guys.... i love this car.Its like a Celica model and I like old model cars from Japan. IT'S GREAT.......<!-- Signature -->
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    These are actually pretty zippy. The engines are also durable and do not have complicated computers that need to be fooled. I have seen these run under 10 secs.
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    damn straight, this is no supercar...its a glorified econobox. hell, i mean a brand new ford focus with stick can accelerate as fast as this and outhustle it in the turns...but IT'S not on here, is it? nope, and neither should this be here either.
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    pardon.......essentially a chrystler? It's 100% mitsi.
    The cordia was faster. trust me
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from VRcordia</i>
    <b>pardon.......essentially a chrystler? It's 100% mitsi.
    The cordia was faster. trust me
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    ha! the cordia? faster? i think not. i mean, yeah, after the cordia is "hooked up", it's fast and all...but, once the conquest or starion is hooked up, it's much faster than any cordia you'll ever find.

    trust ME <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  10. wow a whole 145 bhp...

    for a 9.2 sec 0-60mph
    damn <IMG SRC="">
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    I often wonder what makes a car a "supercar". If the Starion is such a beast...why isnt my beloved Diamante considered a supercar....(sense sarcasm).<!-- Signature -->
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    The 1982 Lancer EX2000 turbo is much better. It has a top speed of 126 mph and is the grandfather of the lancer EVOs of today. The starion may look better, but dress up the EX2000 with body kits and you've got a work of art.
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    It might not have much horsepower now, but you can get it to have alot of power. It is essentailly a chrysler, which means it has american car potentail for cheap. I've seen both starions and conquests running low 9's at the track.
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    The motor trend said it has 145 hp from 82-85 models and they ran 0-60 in 7.5 the esi r and tsi are intercooled and 0-60 5.7 188 hp 235 tourqe<!-- Signature -->
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  16. WRONG!!!!!!!!!! 9.2 seconds my Ass!

    This car is much faster than that!
    you got the non turbos stats I know because i owned one.
    i don't know the 0 to 60 times but i do know the 0 to 50 time was 5.4 seconds.
    i have raced a mazda RX7 twin turbo and beat it to 90 from a start,
    smoked 300 ZX's, beat my friends 85 corvette automatic, smoked a 90's BMW 5 serise sevral times on a strech coming from clearwarter florida into tampa and killed every mustang that ever looked my way.

    plus the horspower is wrong the turbos had 180 or 190 something hp
    and 200 something i think 40 foot pounds of torque

    once again 9.2 seconds my Ass!
  17. Dude you must be seriously deranged to think you smoked 300ZXs and corvettes in this piece of crap import.
  18. yea man, i like imports, but this aint no import, and it definatley cant beat a 300zx or any other car u mentioned.

    Isnt this just a Dodge Daytona??<!-- Signature -->
  19. This isn't a Dodge Daytona! I know. I own both a 1990 Dodge Daytona AND a 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSi (starion esi-r's twin). These cars can hold 500+ horsepower with some mods. Unlike the Daytona, they are RWD (NOT FWD). Also, this one is the "slower" of the two starions shown on The ESI-R is the wide-body version complete with the turbocharged AND intercooled engine producing 188hp in 1988/89. Now, throw a boosting rate fuel regulator, 20G turbo, bigger exhaust, etc. onto that esi-r, and you're gonna have loads more of horsepower. After some mods, YES, a Conquest TSi or Starion ESi-R will "kill" a mustang (-even the 5.0s), 300zx and camaros. I don't really know about the corvettes or 300zxTTs. I guess it's possible if the corvette is an older STOCK version...then YES, it is VERY easily probable. But, not if the vette has some ><IMG SRC="">nice><IMG SRC=""> mods done to it. And, I know the 300zxTT is very good competition for a souped-up ESi-R.

    Undoubtedly though, the Conquest TSi and Starion ESi-R can be VERY VERY fast and be made to take a stang or camaro w/no problem. Just thought you ppl out there needed a small history class on my beloved car's ancestor.<!-- Signature -->
  20. thank you BlackConquestTSi.
    its nothing like a Dodge Daytona but i read once long ago in an old consumer reports that it was a replacement for it.
    the engine and body are all Mitsubishi just like the Stealth and the eagle. and don't even compare it to an eclips its more like its much nicer big brother. the eagle Talon was the eclips's equal and the Cordia came before the eclips so lets end that debate before it even gets started. you could not even give me an eclips. they drive like
    tricked out colts witch is exacly what the Cordia was.
    eclips lovers don't hate me im just telling it like it is.

    My conquest was a 87 TSI turbo with a 88's ECU other than that it was stock. the vette i raced was my friends 85 automatic. it had no mods and he hung, im sure he would have beat me if we kept going but
    we ran out of road.

    As for the rest of you I own a 94 corvette today. and ill tell you this much, i would buy another conquest turbo as a second car in a heartbeat just to trick out. with a t3 turbo, this thing can pump out 500 hp! and run with stock vipers.

    do you know how fast this car was form 0 to 60 and the 1/4 mile?
    I never clocked it but i know every time i punched it i was doing 70. today My wife owns a 95 5.0 and their is now way in hell this car could take me in a conquest turbo, its way to slow.

    If i had to discribe how the conquest drives in one word i would have to say it drives like a rocket. i mean it i nails you in your seat and the faster you go the more it nails you.

    i loved this car! where the hell do all of you think the 3000gt came from? know some facts befor you ASSUME!
  21. (Note: to all who don't know, "StarQuest" was the GENERAL name associated to mean Starions and Conquests. Hence STARion conQUEST.)

    Hey Bronx69,
    yeah, me and my bro decided the daytona had A LOT of features that the StarQuest had. Unfortunately, the daytona didn't take the RWD characteristic that the Quest has. The 'tona also doesn't have the power capability that the Quest has. Other than that, it's an alright car. I've had it since a little after I got my, it's sorta my first car. Now this quest, i bought it about 6 months ago and it's completely stock. Now, you MUST have had a souped up version, because I know the 5.0 mustangs are pretty quick to hang with. But, that's not to say this car isn't fast either! Mine, being all stock, is VERY fast. I'm still trying to get it inspected and on the road as my summer ride. Hopefully maybe in a couple more weeks and I'll be set? (WATCH OUT PENNSYLVANIA!!! HAHAHA!)

    Anyhow, the STOCK 0-60mph time for the 88-89 WIDEbody StarQuests was something like 8.4 and the 1/4 mile times were something like low 14's. Now, I know EIPtuning has a 10 second 1/4mile StarQuest. It is SUCH a hot car! I want it! Haha. I wish. Hey, maybe i'll try to chat with ya over AOL IM? Update your profile if your IM is different.

    Love to all the StarQuests. Keep 'em alive.<!-- Signature -->
  22. dude im telling you man 5.0's are not really that fast unless you trick them out.
    I even read a review once on the starquest that even tells you it can take the 5.0. i think it was on car quest im not sure. so the 0 to 60 must be more like 5.9 seconds. remember im talking about an 87 TSi turbo wide body the 86's and under were a bit slower they ran 7's .
    though its true a mustang has a much higher top speed the conquest will max out at 124mph but will still rocket you to 100 faster than the 5.0. this is the only advantage the eclipse had over the star-quest. the eclipse could do 160mph but just could not take the star quest off the line. eclipse eventually came out with a 4 wheel drive turbo that almost matched the starquest's off the line proformance thats why they discontinued it and replaced it with the 3000gt & stealth so that it would justify the proformace cost.
    however the egg still could not preform as well over all.
    in handling or acceleration.
    i still remember the TV commercials for the conquest vs 300zx and the eclipse FWD turbo and starion turbo.
    I will post an article later that a friend of mine found on the conquest.

    the egg shaped eclipse still cannot hang with my old lady's 5.0 they fall off at about 90mph. i like to play with them at about 70 to 80mph
    by making them think they can hang but once they hit 90 i woosh! past them. but the truth of the matter is that given a really long stretch of road the eclipse will come back and eventually overtake the 5.0 but only if your or in someplace like Texas because its going to take a long long time.
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    man, i trust what you're saying about the quest beating a stang no prob. i know these cars are very fast, and i AM talking about the 87 WIDE BODY quest (seeing as i own an 87). but, the 0-60mph times i'm giving are the ones that i'm pretty sure were in pop. mech.'s. don't forget, you can't get used to getting a car from 0-60 by trying it once and thinking "oh yeah, that's definitely the fastest it'll get to 60". that's prolly what p.mech.'s did, and that's why the 0-60 was so high. if you're still interested in these starquests so much, you should join it's a really good resource for these cars. nice talkin to another starquest admirer...<!-- Signature -->
  24. thanks BlackConquestTSi ill check it out
  25. A eclipse would not be able to out run a 5.0 stang. I have a 95 GT and its 0-60 is something from 6.5 to 6.9 not too fast but its only a GT, and the top speed is 149. And I know for sure that a eclipses top speed is only 146 not 160 they've never been able to do 160.

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