Re: WTF is an Eagle Talon doing on here!?

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  1. The eagle talon is an alright car i mean if they didn't have a right to be here then I guess they should remove the eclipse too huh...

    I mean get over it...

    though the eagle talon isn't as good as the eclipse doesn't mean its not better than a taurus sho...

    I mean I like fords but the taurus is a hunk of crab granny car...
    the sho was an exception but it still wouldn't beet a talon stock...
  2. Hey man no matter how much you argue, you still drive a Ford Taurus.
  3. Hey yo SHO boy !!!

    You can have all the intercoolers, turbochargers, fuel injectors and that shit on you little granny car, but it still will not be able to catch up with my 2000cc Talon.
    Try doing a 1/4 mile in that wheel chair for 5 people, and you will see that you'll end up with more than 20 sec.
    My Eagle can smoke all your turbos off.
    Keep on pushing stuff in it, and u might end up having a big junkyard...
    Loser !!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  4. Yeah I have brought my car down to Englishtown Raceway and done the 1/4 mile. Stock my car did a 15.6 out of five tries, with all the mods on it now it runs 11.2 sec. 1/4 mile. And by the time I get done with it it will be running low 10's high 9's. So I wanna see your "2000cc turbo" ohhh...catch my car and yeah I have a spoiler on my car so you can be looking at it as I go by you and as for my rims I have 18" White Konig Rated-R's. So nah my rims ain't ugly. So like I said you can keep your car with you kick ass 4 cylinders *SWEET DUDE* =\ while I'll keep my so called granny's grocery shopping car and when I pull up to your supposed "race car" granny will be flipping you off as I go flying by you.
  5. this crap is still up?
  6. WTF is an Eagle Talon doing on here!?

    I dunno WTF was going through your guys minds when you put this hunk of crap on here. Obviously it wasn't a good car *since Eagle is out of business and all* If you put this POS on this webpage then I demand to have my SUPERCAR on here. the Ford Taurus SHO is sooooo much better then this car in every way shape and form.
  7. Wow are you kidding me? Ford Taurus? Shit that's a supercar if I've ever seen one. Wait hasn't the Taurus been the best selling family car for a bunch of years now? Take a turbo'ed inline 4 add all wheel drive and you've got much more of a sports car than your grocery-mobile.
  8. dude what are u talking about.. u drive a family car with a mustang v-6 engine and tranmission in it, with or without the ugly looks... ford sucks
    ford racing is an oxymoron
    wait ur a moron
    -justin, 17<!-- Signature -->
  9. Actualy Eagel never went out of bussness Mitsu cut there line because the didn't need the company anymore to divide profits, they sold dodge to but thats besides the point, I'm guessing from your comments you've never driven one of these cars? they are actually a competitive race car in the eirly 1995 year the Talon TSI was one of the most saught after racers, as if that doesn't give them a place on this site!<!-- Signature -->
  10. TSI will launch right past the SHO, and you wanna talk about handling?

    And for the record, the SHO motor is Yamaha.
  11. Yes I am aware that Yamaha building "part" of the engine not all of it. They built the top half of it so that it can amount of hp they are putting through it. The SHO stock has 220hp. And yes I have raced quite a few of these TSi's and am I supposed to be impressed with them getting farther and farther behind me? This car does a 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, while my SHO does a 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. And for the retart who said that the SHO has the Mustang's V-6 engine in it is a dumbass who hasn't done much research. Ford created a 3.0 Liter DOHC V-6 specifically for this car, no other car has had or will ever have the pleasure of having this engine under its hood. The engine is one of the most reliable and most versatile V-6's out there. There is no other domestic V-6 that could even come close to the SHO. And yes Eagle did go out of business because they couldn't give these things away and every car they were putting out was not selling so it was a thorn in Mitsubishi's side because they were just losing money left and right with Eagle because they were over priced, not that reliable, and as for now adays have fun trying to fix the thing because finding parts for it isn't easy and isn't cheap and as for the AWD aspect of the car have you ever priced out how much it would cost to get the thing fixed if your tranny broke and had to repair it? Try it out and you'll be spending more then the car is worth. So overall the SHO is the dominant car. E-mail any magazine and I mean real magazine not these import tuner magazines, I mean Car and Driver, Automobile, Motor Trend and they'll tell you the same thing that the SHO is the dominant car.
  12. I think u ought to seek counseling. I have one of these. Give me a chance to race you. I think ur Ford might start to cry. Don't get me wrong. I love Fords but u should seriously seek help cuz I don't I know u r clueless on what ur talkin bout on here. My Talon would blow u off the road in a matter of seconds
  13. Dawg !!!

    Man you must be crazy enough to say that a grocery cart Ford Taurus is faster than Eagle Talon TSi AWD...
    Let me tell u man !
    If i ever met you and your god damn Ford on the street I would blow your rims off, cause they suck anyway.
    Eagle Talon TSi AWD has a 2000cc DOHC turbo engine, and a 5 speed manual trans. It dont have a sucking automatic transmission like your Ford Taurus SHO. I bet you can't even pass a UPS truck!!!!
    Keep on driving, that "race car" as you call it, to the grocery store and back !!!!<!-- Signature -->
  14. Umm....actually the Generation 1 SHO's *1989-1991* only came in manuals which means I have a 5 speed manual. The automatics didn't come out until 1992-1998. The Generation 2's cold have either the auto or manual but the manual came with a 3.0 liter DOHC V-6 while the auto came with a 3.2 liter DOHC V-6. So once again before you idiots say anything do research so you atleast sound like you know what your talking about. Duh your stupid automatic SHO wouldn't be able to pass a UPS truck duh. Dumbass. And no your guys car won't be able to smoke my car. I have my 3.0 liter bored out to a 3.2 liter, with a 9 psi. Vortech supercharger, with a custom made intercooler, Koni adjustable struts, Eibach springs, quaile differential, 100 boost of NOS, Flowmaster exhaust, Toyo Z-rated tires, Superchip, new pulleys, fiberglass hood, as well as the short throw shifter. With more to come. So now will your little POS's beat my 471hp "Grocery Shopper"? I wanna see you try it.
  15. Low 10's high 9's you're kidding right? I'm assuming that that was a joke. There's no way that you'll even get close to that with FWD. Oh and by the way FWD stands for front wheel drive. I figured that I should let you know because you obviously don't know much about what cars/drivetrains are capable of.
  16. Hey, ShoBOY..
    Ever hear of a turbo company called Frankenstein Turbos? WEll anyways, they build a turbo which BOLTS on (Read: Take the old one out, and reconnect all the harnesses to the new turbo) and creates 325 hp on a stock motor. No the drive train will not handle this power, as nor will your Taurus, what are your tranny/driveline mods? AS for the talon, cars making in excess of 500 HP can easily run 10's... as for your Sho, with the vortech supercharger, vortech actually offered a Package on the Vortech SHO, but Vortech never offered supercharger kits for the 1st gen SHO's. as for the nitrous? how are your heads? <!-- Signature -->
  17. how could some people be so dumb the talon is an awesome car

    Engine 16-Valve DOHC 4-Cylinder 0 - 60 mph 6.6 seconds
    Horsepower 156.6 kw / 210.0 bhp @ 6000 rpm Transmission 5-Speed Manual
    Weight 1425 kg / 3142 lbs

    that will kick the shit out of any FORD TAURUS you stupid family car dumb ass

    and like someone already said eagle didnt go out of business mitsubishi just stopped it because they didnt need to divide profits any more
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  18. You know SHOboy you are telling good jokes for a dumb ass.
    You will never be able to get to 10 sec. on 1/4 mile !!!
    Your car sux, and confess it, because it can never be as good as my 4 cylinder Talon. And also thanks for the suggestion, I will keep my Eagle, and you can freely take that piece of junk to some kind of river and dump it in there.
    You might as well stay in it, so you can die with all your turbos on.
    Take a look at my movie !!!

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    Doug would you please never say anything on this website again, because you are one of the stupidest people I know. If you don't know what FWD means then you deserve to be shot. And as for no such thing as there not being any such thing as a 9-10 sec. 1/4 mile FWD car then I guess those Civic's that everybody does up don't run 9's and then there's the CRX's and the Eclipse's etc. So please keep your mouth shut. And the reason why my SHO isn't running faster times is because the gear ratio's on the car. If I was to recalibrate the gear settings then I could make it faster. And as for the headers and all they are just fine and as for the tranny and all I dunno what they did to it I brought it to the SHO Shop and I told them what I wanted done to the car and they asked me what kinda price I was going to want to be spending so I told them to get me the best of everything with the money I was offering them. So they gave me the bill and I was off. But they did a good job and I get the car checked out every month. So you can visit them at
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    So SHOboy, you don't even know what kind of mod's have been done to your own car? Do you know what kind of power you are making?Interesting, I'd make it my business to know what was being done to my car if I wasn't doing it myself. Sounds a little suspicious to me. I know quite a lot about DSM's (if you don't know what that means visit and it is very easy to get these cars into the 11's and 12's on street tires. Not to mention that they (talon's/eclipse's) will by far out handle your overweight..four-door..fwd..sho. I think that you ought not come on a forum and trash talk a car just because you beat one on the street. I think that you will find a stock tsi awd or gsx will beat a stock sho, the sho only has 10 more hp and weighs a lot more, not to mention the obvious traction andvantage for the awd cars. Please refrain from your nonsense and leave this forum alone!
  21. 210 hp it must be a supercar. it woudnt take this car for free. 0-60 in 6.6 i think this car could give a diablo an ass kicking in the 1/4 mile
  22. SHoboy is not coming no more !!!

    That means I win !!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  23. Prove me wrong and I'll stop talking. Of course those CRX's and Civics run 9's and 10's, BUT they are also full-blown drag cars. Your car is a far cry from a full blown drag car if you plan on driving it on any public road. I'm not doubting that your *supposed* 471hp is enough to run 10's, because it is. Your car with all of the interior, airbags, street tires, big heavy rims, and emission control restrictions, won't come close to that. I'll also believe that 11.2 1/4 mile when I see a timeslip because I don't believe it. Show me a 9 second FWD car that you can drive on a public road and I'll shut up.
  24. Im not here to talk shit. I think the eagles are neat. Im not a big fan of Fix Or Repair Daily's. My first car was a ford, it was easy to fix... Yah TEMPO V6!!! But anyways, a car is a car, eagles look nicer. Early 90's fords are boxy and un aerodynamic. Right?
  25. Well I'm back. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I just got back from Cancun, Mexico. But since the last time I've been on here I have sold my SHO and bought a 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. Its a nice car *and yes i know its an import* but liek you guys said it was time to get a new car so I did and I have one of the first one's in the area and I'm having fun with it. Well thats all for now.

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