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Discussion in '1998 Hyundai Euro 1 Concept' started by RicePeeps, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Just my thoughts...

    Although the styling is a bit off. Look at thsoes stats. 380Horsepower, 6 speed manual transmission and this was in 1998! and get's from a Hyundai I-4. Hyundai...please...get a different would be great.<!-- Signature -->
  2. ALL HYUNDAI'S ARE SHIT, so what if it's from '98 i'll show you a hundred mustangs for 95 with over 400 hp.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Think this way.
    Not all the Mustangs are over 400hp....
    Not all the Mercedes are over 400hp...
    Not all the BMW's are over 400hp..
    Not all the Lexus are over 400hp...
    Not all the Dodge's are over 400hp...<!-- Signature -->
  4. How many of those mustangs can pull 400 horses with an inline-4. Just admit Hyundai engineering has gone way beyond its time.
  5. your absolutely right ^___^
  6. whoever is paying out hyundai has obviously not seen the new XG 300. BTW canadians suck dick!!! At least Hyundai is famous, I have never seen a canadian car.
  7. I absolutely agree with Hungus5. All Yankee vehicles are shit. Hyundai is a company which is only a few decades old. Therefore, they have not had a long time in which to develop their technology. Look at the Tiburon, This is from a company which is less than 50 years old. Look at fords, they were the first to mass produce cars and they are #$%#ing shit. if you wanna burn any car, burn fords.
  8. what did canadians have anything to do with the topic. That had to be the most random coment in the whole forms.<!-- Signature -->
  9. well canadians don't produce cars
  10. Um WTF do you have against canadians? I think the fact that i can go up there and drink like a mother ****er is good enough reason for me to put canadians on top of my list, and not cock sucking homos. 2nd of all There are many countries in the world that don't produce cars so what? Does that mean they suck? NO they just don't give a **** about producing cars when they can import them from places like Germany or France or what ever. So just shut the hell up. Ignorent people like you piss me off. Well anyways as far as the car goes I actually like it. This is the first, and probebly the only good Hyndia I will ever see, but they sure as hell took a step in the right direction. Maybe another 10 years from now they will have respectable cars till then this isn't a bad start at all.

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