Re: XJ220 - anyone else had a ride in one?

Discussion in '1993 Jaguar XJ220' started by CarreraGT21, Aug 9, 2002.

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  2. XJ220 - anyone else had a ride in one?

    This car is amazing. I have had a ride in one when I went on my work experience at Jaguar in Coventry. I was lucky as it had just been repaired and it needed a test drive and and the passenger seat was empty so i filled it. :) <IMG SRC="">
  3. I envy you man, I've sat in one but the dealership wouldn't even turn on the engine so I could hear it are THE MAN
  4. woah man - just out of curiosity, could you describe how it sounded
    like in the cab? Was it white leather interior? What did the spedom-
    eter go up to? The tachometer? FILL ME IN!!(if you can remember...)<!-- Signature -->
  5. It was ace although we did not go that fast because we were on normal roads but the engin sounded amazing.And the lether was black.I can also tell you the reg number it was 220 that was it.
  6. Black leather? Was the car re-apholstered? To my knowledge the only available interiors were tan and grey. If anyone knows just what colors this car came in, please tell me b/c I'd like to know.
  7. What about white leather?<!-- Signature -->
  8. Black and gray.
  9. You are the luckiest little bastard in the world. Thats all there is too it.<!-- Signature -->
  10. Black and grey? What exterior color was this car you rode in (Don't give me blue or black or red, I want ACTUAL color, i.e. Anthracite, Carnival Red, etc. actual Jaguar colors)? I don't mean to call you are liar b/c I'm not that kind of a person, but when the jcna tells me that only tan and grey were they available interiors I have to believe them.
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  12. i have a nice pics's unfairly<!-- Signature -->
  13. i have sort of had a ride in a jaguarxj220.but it was actually me sitting on my bed while having the 'in car' view of it, in gran turismo 3!!
  14. I never sat in one, But I stood next to one with the engine revving and I was a little disappointed in the exhaust note. I'm sure you can fix this problem with a different exhaust system

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