Re: XJR or S-type R, thats the question?

Discussion in '2002 Jaguar S-Type R' started by JagMan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I love both of these cars, but the XJR REEKS of MONEY. When you see one, you'll know what I mean. The XJR for certain. <!-- Signature -->
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from stairway2heaven</i>
    <b>XJR definitely......the only classic jag left....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Don't mean to sound technical or anything, but while the Jag does look like a classic, it's strayed away completely from what a 'classic" jag is. It's much bigger than any Jag of the past (the XJR), plus it comes in either a 6 cyl or V8 or V8 supercharged. Traditionally, Jags had an inline 6 or V12 only.

    But true, I'd take the XJR definitely also. It's 110% luxurious, and 200% fast. And it really lookes great. Tradition be damned, I love the X-Type (except I don't like the rear lights and rear shape), and absolutely hate the S-type. That one's just a Ford, really, the Lincoln LS, and it's styling does nothing for me. But the S-Type R is a good thing for Jaguar, it'll bring more popularity and sales to the brand, as well as challenging the M5, but I don't think that it'll ever beat it. But it'll be nice to see it try <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  3. S TYPE R<!-- Signature -->
  4. The S-Type is not a derivitive of the Lincoln Ls.
    The Lincoln LS is a derivitive of the S-type.
    Infact Jaguar Engineers worked on the Lincoln Ls.
    The S-Type was the car that brought great sales to Jaguar.
  5. I wud pick da S Type R. it'z da best jag eva made da XJR cumz next
  6. The car never makes 4000 horsepower because the computer makes it shift below redline.<!-- Signature -->
  7. the new series XJR is far superior. (2003 UK, or 2004 US model)
    the chassis, brings the XJR once again on top of the model line in terms of handling and performance.
    unlike the over untuned 390HP found in the S-Type R, will actually be tuned properly to 400HP in the XJR.
    making the XJR the better of the car.
    for me, the XJR looks better also!
    however, the S-Type brings you a nice price destroying its competitors in that regard.
    nevertheless, there is no car that brings you the luxury, class, and performance of a Jaguar XJ, and at its price.
    XJR all the way
  8. the new KJR are no slouch and they look awsome. The naturaly aspirated 4.0 liter turned the 1/4 mile in 14.1 seconds and the superchared 4.2 liter did the 1/4 mile in 13.4 seconds.
  9. like the S type styling more, just looks more new to me
  10. right now i would pick the S-Type R, though i like the XJR styling better. its faster cheaper and has more high-tech features.

    But when the new XJR comes out in 2004 i would have no problem chosing it over the S-Type R.
  11. Wasnt the handling on the XK180 so terrible they didnt even allow them on the road? I think the problem was there was too much power and not enough weight over the back wheels, so they would wheelspin in 3rd gear. It does do 215mph though....

    Oh, sorry, im getting confused with the XJR15.
  12. im kinda biased coz my main drive is a 1995 xjr. the supercharged 6, not the supercharged v8. i basically love the thing. few saloons on the road can go faster or handle sweeter. i have driven a v8 s type and didnt really like it that much. it seemed much more "american" then the x300. good thing for americans but detracted from my enjoyment. that said i havent tried the s type r. and im in no particular rush to get my hands on one. comparing the s type to the xj8. i found the xj8 trumped it. the x type may have more power and speed then the xjr, but im inclined to think it won't be as enjoyable for me to drive on a day to day basis. im not getting rid of my xjr any time soon.....
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  16. XJR ugly? You should have a smack to the head, idiot. The XJR is the most beatiful Jaguar today, I should know I got one. You get a hell of a lot more antention in a XJR. S-Type isn't even a real Jaguar, it looks too much like a Rover -piece of crap- 75. XJ's are the only real Jaguars.
  17. It's the other way around. XJR is bigger in all aspects. AND FATTER.
  18. I'd take the S-type R...the stylings just soo menacing
  19. The S-type has lovely styling...inside and out . Trust me, my dad has one and though the styling might seem extreme at first, it tends to grow on you!....and the drive is great.
  20. despite the fact that looks are PERSONAL PREFERENCE (thus not making him an idiot!), i am going to agree with you. i think the grill on the S-type R is absolutely hideous. then again the XKR looks like an aston martin to me...
  21. A very cheap Aston Martin.
  22. heh, i wasn't gonna say it, but yeah...
  23. I think the XJR has an old mans image. but then maybe thats just me.
    S-Type R in british racing green =D
  24. I don't believe that XJR has an old man stamp. I think of it more as a true British aristocrat and gentleman car.
  25. the XJR shows class, and luxury.
    plus, the XJR is currently a better performance car than the S-Type R.
    the only difference is the price.
    since there is a big 20k difference between them.
    but the XJR is also a larger car, and its components are more luxurious, and more technolgically advanced.
    basically you get what you pay for

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