Re: you actually call this P.O.S. a supercar??!?!?!??!!

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  1. you actually call this P.O.S. a supercar??!?!?!??!!

    a fiero was the nastiest, crappiest car ever made in the 80's! they are broken down more often than they are on the road! all they are food for is making horrible, fake reproductions of ferreri's and lamborghinis! and even then they are no good! a lamborghini with a V^ just isn't a Lamborghini!!<!-- Signature -->
  2. Lighten Up!

    We're talkin about a car that retailed for $4500 in the mid 80's. You can hardly ask for miracles. GM set out to make an affordable sportscar and were successful in my opinion. What came out of the factory was a peppy, quick little car that's a lot of fun to drive!
    As far as breaking down, there was a problem with the standard trannies, but they were recalled and replaced. Other than that, all they had was an occaisional overheating problem, to be expected in GM's first atempt at a mid-engine car. Hope you think about this a little, whether you agree or not.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Dude, the base Fiero in the mid 80s was like $7500...Not $4500.<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EmmArTooGuy</i>
    <b>Dude, the base Fiero in the mid 80s was like $7500...Not $4500.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You're right, sorry. $7500 is about right. This price is almost exactly equal to the retail price of a mid-eighties base model, four door Chev Cavalier, and with that choice I'd take the Fiero anyday!<!-- Signature -->
  5. Hmm...

    Actually, I would consider it a Supercar. It Singlehandly changed automotive design and practices. To this day, the GT is mistaken as a "new" car. And for a lil under 5k, you can put a V8 in a Fiero, that will take 99% of the cars out there, including another "super" car, the Dodge Viper. I guess Its all in what you call super. Selling a hundred thousand cars in a year, and having the problem of employees wanting to buy the car so much that the general population cant, or selling 4 cars a year, that not even those who build them can afford. Guess It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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  6. oh shut up you meat head the civic isnt a supercar either just puts up cars not always supercars<!-- Signature -->
  7. I think I need not say that this car is visually attractive and well laid out. As for being a piece of junk, thats more of an opinion becuase the fiero actually had no more engine problems (aside the tranny prob) than most other cars. As for the 140 hp, that was VERY respectable in that time for a 6 cylinder. GM wanted to fill a niche for and affordable head turning sports car and in my opinion they did excellent. I would buy one today if I could.


    Driving, it runs through my veins

  8. P.O.S.?no way!!!well at least in my opinion,Honestly,I'd drive anything that has four wheels and an engine.I love this car
  9. 140 HP may not be that impressive, but the whole concept of the car is very good. The car was intented to compete with the Toyota MR2, and if you look at the design of the two, you'll find many similarities.
    The fiero is excellent for tuning. I own one myself, and I've tuned it to about 350 BHP. I've enlarged the volume to about 3 litres, added an extra fuel injector, upgraded the clutch and put on an Impreza turbo. (I'll post some pictures tomorrow). It does 0-60 in about 4.3 sec and has a top speed of about 175 mph. It won't go any faster because at 175 mph the rpm redlines in 5th. The speedomter goes to 190 kph... The exaust is completly rebuilt because of the turbo, and is a lot shorter than the original. And roadholding is excellent, espessialy after i've lowered it. Close to 1 G latteral.
    My point is, this is indeed a supercar. Maybe not in power, but in design and concept.
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  10. listen up bro I think that this car aint all bad, the layout is alright and the interior is clean, if you want to ***** about a weak engine ***** to pontiac or do something yourself and change it yourself, you ppl call yourself motorists?
  11. Hey Vette74, GM's first attempt at a mid-engined car was the corvair(Which wouldn't have been all that bad of a car if it didn't have the tendency to explode) Too bad Nader killed it.
  12. If this car had like 550hp it would be a rocket then again the engine would be almost as big as the<!-- Signature -->
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from polara_426sh</i>
    <b>Hey Vette74, GM's first attempt at a mid-engined car was the corvair(Which wouldn't have been all that bad of a car if it didn't have the tendency to explode) Too bad Nader killed it.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Actually, the corvair was a rear engine car, which is a slightly different set up. Also, it had a flat 6 compared with the Fiero's V6 or inline 4. <!-- Signature -->
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gator666</i>
    <b>a fiero was the nastiest, crappiest car ever made in the 80's! they are broken down more often than they are on the road! all they are food for is making horrible, fake reproductions of ferreri's and lamborghinis! and even then they are no good! a lamborghini with a V^ just isn't a Lamborghini!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Go screw yourself <!-- Signature -->
  15. I've seen a few Fiero's around my home town. Lot's of people buy em' and swap bodies so they look like actual supercars. I saw one at Daytona; it had a fake fiberglass Ferrari F-40 body stuck on. Some moron came up to me and said "Ain't that a fine car"? I replyed, "Yep, not bad for a Pontiac". He answered, "Pontiac nothin', thats a Ferrari"! Then I told him to look at the engine through the warped-plastic rear engine cover. It said "FIERO" plain as day. Not only that, but it didn't have 8 cylinders. What a joke! I saw another with a fake Countach body about 4 months later. The whole thing wasn't the right shape and you could EASILY tell it was really a Fiero. People do some really sad things to look cool.
  16. the fiero is an interesting car i'll admit that, but come has one of the worst maintanace records of the time, it is something it's known for. The MR2 one every competion it was put in with it, and on a value basis the CRX was a better car. I realize it's not FF and not MR like the fiero and mr2. As far as putting a V8 in can do that in most cars from that time or earlier (including the MR2), but just because you can put up good numbers doesn't mean you still aren't driving a piece of shit.
  17. Well, gator666, I had some free time and just thought I'd crap all over what you said:

    If you do not call a Fiero GT a supercar than a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS certainly isn't either.

    "Our 1986 Fiero GT could clip the Dino's wings to 60 mph by 0.3 seconds (7.7 to 8.0) and better it to the quarter mile by 0.5 sec (15.7 to 16.2). Only at decidely illegal speeds in the States could the Ferrari pull away. Still, what goes up (speed) must come down, and braking from those velocities spells another Pontiac thumbs-up. From 60 mph, the Fiero hunches to a halt in 166 ft, the Dino, 20 ft longer; stops from 80 mph double the Pontiac advantage to 40 ft (283 to 323 ft). But surely the Ferrari is the handler? Nope, through our slalom the Fiero snakes around the cones 8.5 mph quicker (54.9 versus, gads, 63.4 mph)." - Road & Track, August 1986

    In addition, to clear up other confusion, There was no GT in 1984; The GT in 1985 was the "notchback" body style, not the "fastback" shown here (1986 - 1988); the 88 GT ran 0-60 in 7.2 seconds according to Automobile magazine.

    In response to VMIFerrari:
    1. Many companies produce high-quality kits for the Fiero including a 1:1 scale model of a 2000 Lamborghini Diablo GT that used molds taken from an actual Lambo.
    2. I am posting a pic of a 1988 Fiero with a 350 v8 and a countach kit that looks great (in my opinion)
  18. intended to compete with the MR2... riiiiight Pontiac had to put in a V6 in order to match the MR2's Inline 4. That's pretty sad. Now if you want to jump into the MR2 Supercharged, that's another story. I love killing these cars when they pull up to my '89 MR2 SC, they think they're hot shit and find out quickly they are mistaken.
  19. To correct Mr MR2 man! The Fiero came out with a V6 before the MR2 had a supercharger. Therefore the Fiero beat the naturaly aspirated MR2. The MR2 put on the SC to keep up with the Fiero and ended up beating it because it was a bit lighter. If the Fiero had a SC it would blow the shit out of any MR2.

    I HAD respect for the MR2 but when you badmouth the Fiero you got it coming.
  20. Where do you ppl come up this stuff??!!!!
    SVXer, which year would you be talking about???!!!! 84 maybe??
    89MR2SC= When did you think up your story? I know....when you bought an MR2. The mr2 mimics the Fiero bud, not the other way around. Fiero was built with the fours to be powerful bet economical. When they built the V6, they had power in mind, not RAW power but power. The V6 could kill any uncharged MR2. So what in the absolute universe were you thinking when you said your Super charged mr2 could beat a fiero??
    Hell it could, that's what a super chargers for!!! I wonder why you could beat a uncharged fiero???? .......Wonder what a supercharged fiero will do?? Blow ur sox off buddy..
    I did not come here to brag about the faster Fiero, I really like MR2's. I came here to say that this car is worth every doller spent on it(not the 84's). Any1 who says that they don't hold up has either never worked on 1, or has a friend tht couldn't fix a flashlight if it broke.
  21. you must have an ass for brains
  22. obviously this model pissed off some people... These same people are of a narrow minded group called dumbasses. leave them alone they will dissappear eventually. It was said before and needs clarity, this was gm's first shot at a midsize, give them a break. The first of anything sucks at first. Think on that

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