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Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by ktrain, Aug 10, 2002.

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  2. oy stupid you may think that having a 10 litre engine is cool and it proberly would beat the blitz, but where could you drive it i mean seriously its a ford so u wouldn't want to floor it, or it would #$%# up. oh and by the way it would drive around the ford four times before the stupid ford will accelerate( it would proberly stall most of the time so no point even trying to race it.

    ford = gay
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  4. skyline Boy shut the Hell up!, there is nothing wrong with big engines...SKYLINES SUCK!!!!

    ALSO Robertt, what the hell are u saying? How is 0-60 in 1.9 sec impossible? are u dumb! No its not Top FUEL does 0-100 in .8 seconds!!! thats probably 0-60 in .5 seconds about a quarter of the time the Lingenfelter does it!

    back to u skyline Boy!! all skylines suck! If u wanna know why then post me and Ill get back to u on that! meanwhile check out this info

    skyline vs z06 in(speed and accelaration and handling) = Zo6 KILLS
    Buick GNX vs stock skyline= Buick RIPS apart skyline in speed and handles almost as well and has the body of a luxury car!
    Cobra Top speed vs skyline top speed= Skyline loses again!

    Highly modified skyline vs Corvette Lingenfelter= Corvette Mutilating and Brutally beating it in speed and accelaration, (I dont know about handling , because cars with that much power cant really handle well, even If they are something like a porsche or cars made for handling!)

    But im sure Corvette will still handle better, because Zo6 handled better than a reg skyline r33 and r34

    Bottom Line AMERICAN CARS RULE AND WHOOP SKYLINES @SS!!!! and for that matter v8s RULE!!!!
  5. you are american?! you want to blame germany for making war more than 50 years ago...?! dont know if there exist this verse in america but wo sits in the glasshouse shouldnt throw with stones...

    why you americans buy a lot of bmw, mercedes, porsche?! you are crazy about these brands...

    i think both countries build great cars! but i would never ever buy something differant than a japanese car! these are the best cars you get for the money. and a 2litre engine doesnt drink as much gas than a 10litre. in america you dont have tax on gas... here in germany the litre super costs 1,22euros!

  6. I really do not get why some of you people come on here and look so ungodly stupid. You cannot spell or use moderately correct grammar. Then you make completely huge outright statements like, "America sucks, Japs are better," "Japs suck, Porsche is better." Why can't any of you see that there are beautiful cars everywhere. I have been in fast Civics (340 HP- 1900 Ibs), fast BMWs, fast Mustangs, and fast Chevelle's. All of them were beautiful, unique cars which had their own quirks. All were a bucket of fun. Second, any car can beat any car anywhere if you put enough money in it. I have seen Chrysler minivans beat a Viper. However, one has to remember reliability. These Skylines and Civics putting 300 or 400 HP/L are not going to be reliable. That is why a modded Viper would be what sits in my garage. Check out Viper sites. There are guys with 1200 HP that have been trouble free for 30,000 miles. And to set the record straight, Vipers have been successfully tuned to over 1700HP in a street application. No straight 6 in a Skyline or Supra develops that kind of power in a streetable application. 0-60 in 1.7s and the quarter in 8.99 at 150. Thats only a Hennessy 1000. That is pretty hard to beat with a street legal and reliable 6. Lastly. The Skyline is not a drivers car. It does everything for you. You do not drive it, you tell it what to do, then it's computer decides which power mix and rear steer angle will get you there. It is a car for the talentless. Personally, I like taming the wild beast. American cars can handle. Viper's, Corvettes, SVT Cobra R's, and GTs all have much higher handling limits than a Skyline, Supra, or Rx-7. The only reason they are harder to drive is because their starter motor makes more torque than these afformentioned cars. It make them harder to drive because one cannot just mash the gas and go. But if one is talented, a Viper or Vette modded to a similar level (In Hours spent not power made) will beat any Japanese car. Crap, a Viper can make 700 HP in an afternoon with a $5000 Supercharger. No internals need be modded. It is a simple engine which can take more power than a straight 6 without beefing up. I know some people cansider a Supra engine good to 800 HP, but that still won't last 100,000 miles. Others say Vipers are too expensive. They are handbuilt. I am sure they could be made for thirty-five thousand, but they are not going after that market. Obviously, at this point I have established my allegiance. However, do not take this to mean I am one sided because I appreciate all cars. My last rant is that the Japanese never innovate. Their styling is dry and boring and all of there technology was invented elsewhere. I know one can say that the Viper is not innovative (it isn't). But they do not claim it to be. However, it is extremely well pulled off. Gorgeous styling and performance to match. Same with the ZO6. They work well and do not need gimmicks. All Japanese cars are the same. Too many gimmicks, not enough substance. Like the Lexus LS 430. All those gadgets, but it is so boring to drive. European cars are much more rewarding. All are alive and seem to have a passion for driving not just an obligation to dullfill their given task. My buddy has a BMW 633csi. It is so alive, fast, and fun to drive. It never gets old. My Volvo 240 is completely different. It is very slow, but it handles well (ipd shocks and antiroll bar) and still seems to enjoy running. It has personality. I know I am rambling, but realize that there are many beautiful cars (Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, Lotus, Koeniggsegg (cannot spell), BMW, Mercedes, Vipers, Corvettes, Chargers, Cudas, Firebirds, Camaros, Skylines, Supras, RX-7s. The list goes on. Try to respect all and relish your fellow enthusiast, not beat him down. Remember, in 40 years, when oil is gone, all the hate will be for nothing. Enjoy cars while you can.
  7. KKKman, i think you have heard this before...
    ...GO FUC|
    if you dont like skylines then get the fuc/ the lovers...just wait till the gtr r35 come...this will silence the haters...

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    1700hp viper and does 8.99 on the quarter? thats not good if a 1350hp skyline pulls 8.27 just look at this and select GTR-700. American cars are shit! except for the Z06 vette, now thats a nice machine.
  9. If you read the post, that was a street Viper with 1000 HP, not the 1700 HP one. The SVSi TTRS will probably break high sevens.
  10. Seriously, throw the viper in the BIN! I can't even fit in one..... its just too small inside. I raced a yellow viper here in australia once with my baby godzilla (pulsar Gtir) and SMASHED him.... My car is only 4 cyl 2 ltr turbo and produces 320 hp at all 4 wheels. weighs 2300 pounds. It does 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds and 1/4 mile in 11s. The only thing is top speed is 156 mph. But who cares! on the street it will beat 99% of cars. It will outhandle any Viper and cost me converted to US dollars around $17000. It will seat 4 people and still manage to get 30 miles to the gallon on the freeway! You cannot feel G force in a viper like my Gtir. 1st and 2nd gear will make you shit! Plenty of grip from 4wd.
    I have to admit, the Viper looks cool though!
  11. however, your engine will last 60,000 miles and break often. Plus, as I said, a viper could be built for $30,000 if it was mass produced, but it is not. Also, wait till next year or 2006- Hemi v-10, 650 Hp, mid 10 1/4 mile time. I will admit, if you speak the truth of your car, that is very impressive and I give you kudos for your achievement.
  12. My car is 1994 model and has 87230 miles on it. The engine will last a long time because its strong and as long as the computer keeps air to fuel ratio around 12:1 the car has no problems. You see with a 2ltr turbo on the street, the turbo is only slightly boosting in everyday normal driving. So the car is very economical and NO stress is placed on the engine. Now if I nail it and change gears at 7800rpm then maybe before 60000miles it will go. But it doesn't matter bacause If it does I will replace it in about 2 days work and this engine can be bought for around $5000 australian dollars complete. Its all about power to weight ratio!... Now with a V10 you are consuming huge amounts of fuel, even when driving normally on the street. In the USA fuel is cheap compared to Australia. We pay around US $3.50 per gallon. So a V10 engine is not viable. Maybe my car is not as good looking as a Viper but it can hold its own. Nissan built these cars for rally racing but never actually rally raced them.They sold them with standard power of 240 engine HP and they weigh 2300 lb and are 4wd. They do 13.8sec down the 1/4 standard. 0-60 mph in 5sec standard. These cars are easy to tune and get 12 second 1/4 mile times with small work (boost,exhaust,intercooler change). The viper needs 4wd! Anyway I am not bagging the viper out , I would love to drive one. When I say tuning I talk about not adding anything extra to the car to get it moving fast. The car already has these components fitted to it.
    All I am doing is replacing them with higher tolerance ones!
    By the way I am going to sell it to buy a R34 skyline. My wife is going to kill me!
  13. Chrysler has thrown the idea of a regenerative braking, hybrid front drive for the viper. This would add 200 Hp to the future Hemi V-10's already impressive 650. They claima o-60 time of 2.5 sec. and quarter in the 9 sec. range is possible. I doubt they will do it, but it would be nice, however, a little high tech for the viper. Also wondering, when did you boost the power and what trap speed do you run. In addition, I think with 450 Hp, your nissan would beat the shit out of most skylines up to 150 mph. It would run 10s and corner great. I'd keep it and save some money. I looked at a picture- not bad looking. Looks like it handles well.
  14. Thats why your banned because you think'daddys old Van can out run a Supercar'. Really this car would kill your dads van driving backwards! GMC sucks and so does SVT MUstangs skyline are AWD kings are lamborghinis are AWD gods!
  15. It will cross the 1/4 mile at 127 mph...... I measured o - 60 mph in 2.6 sec on a G-tech instrument but These instruments only measure G force so I would not take this reading seriously. I think more like 0-60 in 3 sec. Being a small engine it runs out of puff after 130mph. Great car for city but I have kicked it down on the freeway with a gtr34 from 50mph to 130mph and he just beat me by a nose! I was leading all the way to 120mph! I think this GTR would have had at least 600hp+ hp. The car corners great because its light. BUT I want a skyline because its better looking and has more potential..... Im talking 1000hp+.... At this time Im happy with the gtir.....It was wound up at around 42000miles.... This gtr34 wouldn't race me from 0 - 130mph because he would have lost... but kick down different story.
    Hemi's are good strong mate did 10.1 sec in a VALIANT 360 hemi v8. INSANE! I wanna see a mclaren beat him....
    I could probably get 500hp out of my gtir but I think reliability will be an issue.
    And you are right, on the street the little pulsar will nail pretty much any skyline to about 150mph but it has to be from a standing start.
    I love 1st and 2nd gear...... makes my heart skip a beat! My arse comes off the seat from the acceleration! A lot of v8s try to race me on the street but I haven't yet lost! They are just to slow off the mark... Now if the guy in the 8 drives around on slicks maybe then somebody might beat me. Grip and weight is the key! I have owned a 308ci commodore with some work done. It had 350 engine hp but couldn't get this power to the ground properly. I press a couple of buttons on the hks boost controller and hey presto! 270hp to 450hp! Economy to POWER! I can let my wife drive it on low boost no problem!
  16. the 800tt has a ls2 engine in it which isn't modified
  17. Bull shit! then what does TT said for? oh thats right twin turbo something thats not stock on the car.
  18. all you americans please open your eyes and you might see that rest of the world hates you. I'm sorry if this was a newsflash there really is life(much better life) outside of us (I'm not saying that this is meant to every american but most of them). you and your big literd engines, did you know that there is much more in a engine than cylinders? I think that turbo is an briliant invention(by the way turbo was invented by saab), whit turbo you get lots of KW:s whit lower consumption, european&japanese cars don't need big liters in engines to get more power from the engine than americans. and there are so many things thah affect to power you get from the wheels(the only power that means anything). You should realy get some facts before you start debating. By the way, 1993 Toyota supra has Twinturbos in a stock engine <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. FORD- #$%#ed Over Rebuilt Dodge enough said. That Blitz Skyline would rape any SVT.
  20. All American cars are pieces of shit they weigh 5 tons big ass displacement and go nowhere fast. Italian SVT Stallion what kinda crack do you smoke ???
  21. good call

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