Re: You just have to love this car.

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  1. You just have to love this car.

    2 days ago I got my Vailside CII bodykit,Konig Tantrum 18's under S03 Pole Positions,and the T88 turbo package.More mods planned when I get some more money.New exhaust is going to be Borla XR1 Shootout mufflers,which arrive on thursday.Hell yeah baby,I'm going to the DYNO.<!-- Signature -->
  2. A few questions for you rx7 tt. How long does a typical roatry engine last on a stock turbo. I am thinking anout getting a 93 w/ 46K on it but its never had any parts added to it. i dont want to dump in 4000 for a c-II veilside kit and everything else, if im gonna have to pay for a new enegine at 60k. Also im in Maryland and thers no good car part places around here, who i sputting your veilside kit on?
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  3. Rotaries are very powerfull.The stock TT will take you to about 140K without any problems if you don't race it on the track,totaly and completely abuse it,or don't care for it.Regular engine maintenance is always required.Oil change every 2,500 miles with syntek.Clean filter avery year,and a set of new cables and wires from Apex or Blitz for about $60 when u get your car.Now,on my single TURBO,it's very different.The single is better in many ways.

    Invest in some Apex 3mm seals on the T78 or T88 Turbos.2 Apex N1 muffs,or Borla XR1's and a new ignition system using premium unleaded fuel and u can do that 140K with frequent trips to the track,street races or ass kicks with a fellow gearhead on the stoplight.

    If that 93 you wanna buy has 40K on the TT's.Buy it because mine had 54K and now with the single turbo and the XR1's it runs more smoothly then when i got it.I'm runing 55K now at 807HP (good God),and it's just flawless.I don't even have to race someone when i'm on the red light waiting.I just fry the throttle and they stand down.It's a menacing sound,just beautifull.Trust the Rx7.Test drive it and get a feeling for the car.You'll know if it's right for you when you turn the ignition key and hear the rev limiter.

    Don't buy your parts at any store. the internet is the best place. i.e. (IMPORTFAN.COM,RX7STORE.NET)

    And for your last question.I install all the parts I buy.I don't trust my car to anybody but myself and my dad.My dad is an aeronautics expert for boeing (Chicago) but he also knows his way around cars so him and i do everything except the paint work.We have an expert doing that.a man we can trust to take care of everything in the best possible way.THX<!-- Signature -->

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