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  1. The R is not as formidable as a car as the Z06 IMO. A production stock Z06 with amenities that is confortable to drive is (and everyone can agree here) extremely close performance-wise to the R, and costs less. The R is a track only freind in reality, even if it is street legal. It is not the daily driver the Z06 is. Additionaly, the R had 385 hp yes, and the Z06 I beleive originaly had 385. Then they upped it to 405. The Ford is out classed here.

    Additionaly, the R is not a bargain as Mustangs go. The new SVT is about as fast in a strait line for ever so much less. I think putting the iron block with blower in the R would make it a better car, considering it has about 420hp at the crank. Some chassis tweaks for a different weight and viola, a Z06 killer. But it would still be rather expensive.
  2. another nonsense comparison!!
  3. They are about equal in performance. The thing is, how many of you are test drivers? How many of your could turn in the same numbers as testers for a mag? The Vette is cheaper so you get more bang for your buck, it's also less extream (ride isn't as harsh, and so on). The Cobra R is more exclusive and is not really built for daily use.

    You can argue all day about which is better, but it just comes down to what you're looking for. The 300 Cobra R's that were built were all sold out before they were even close to delivary, and most were either immedately resold with a 50-100% markup or put into storage and won't be seen for the next 20 years. A Z06 you see every day, because they are also drivers cars, while the Cobra R you really never see driving down the road because it's more of an investment for most of it's buyers. These cars were built with completely different purposes, and neither of those were to compete directly with eachother.

    If you want a Vette, you buy one. If you want a Cobra R... you attempt to find one and buy it, but if you do want a Cobra R, you don't want a Vette. (or you already have one)
  4. The vette does not have 167 mph top speed sorry buddy my parents have a black 98 vette which isnt even a z06 (they are slower) and I have personally taken it up to 175ish so you cant tell me something faster than my parents vette has a slower top speed I won't buy it maybe your getting your info from a mustang site because it goes faster than 167 I can garuntee.
  5. hate to admit it but the new SVT Cobra run .2-3 quicker in the 1/4 mile than the vette <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> but motor trend dint like it ran 12 flat almost
  6. Again and again, I've seen a video with a 2001 Z06 versus Cobra R versus ACR. the quotes ran around this... "the vette takes the win, and the ACR, and the Cobra R, closley behind" Note: that was the 2001 with 20 less hp, the people were happy with the Cobra R because it turned nicley, but they siad the Z06 turned better, with luxury, and a better heart, they didn't like the Cobra R because it's not a everyday car, it's a museum car.
  7. first of all why do want to ompare the new cobra to the old zo6. compare it to the new zo6. 0-60 in 4.0 sec. and second of all the first zo6 was not 4.8. that is the regular vette. the 1st zo6 did 0-60 in 4.5 sec. yeah still slightly slower but its older and had less power.
  8. Actually the R and the Z06 have been direct competitors since their creations. The R probabaly would not even exist without the Z06 IMHO.
  9. motor trend tested the cars and the cobra r was faster, enuff said.
  10. Mus-cle-stang = This one, Cor-ner-vette = this one
  11. HELL YEAH!!!!! What does it mean for the ZO6 if its has a faster 60foot time on the quarter mile if it still loses in the end....put that in your vette and smoke it. the reason that the cobra r was slower off the line is because the tires spun since there isnt any weight in the back. Anyways what does the quarter mile mean if you dont have good track stats too. I read some where that when they dyno tested the ZO6 motor, it got 400hp at the flywheel and the Cobra R motor got 420hp at the flywheel. Enough said. 2000 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R....the domination has begun.

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    >Once again ford comes out with a "Super Car" and once again theres >always a chevy car to blow it away (Zo6). If you guys dont beleive me >goto and look under media then click on Motor Trend >comparison Zo6/cobra R/Viper. You will see the Zo6 Out performs them all >exept the viper in the 1/4 mile by like a thousanth of a second.

    -The Mustang is not in the same category as a Corvette; it can't compare to a Viper either. compare the Cobra R to any Camaro and the camaro will lose. The Viper and Corvette are muscle cars but the Camaros and mustangs are ponycars. If you want a good clean competition, compare the Z06 to a viper and a Ford GT40; now who would win, and yes they are in the same category. Motor Trend called the GT40 a "vette slaughterer".
  13. Let's get the facts straight.

    The new Z06 does 0-60 in 3.9 sec, No joke! (they tested it at 4.0, but they said it can go .1 sec faster)

    Both cars are very nice though.
  14. z06 all the way...but i must say i love the cobra r also <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

  15. Re: Z06 vs Cobra R

    no god doesnt

    all i look for is i like triple f's
    #$%#ing fast ferrari's

    also spd hand and loks
  16. This "Super Car" that ford "comes out with" which Cobras have been made for 39 years was not designed to beat the Z06 or else it wouldve been made faster. Even though this car is faster than the 2000 Z06 (this mustang is the 2000) This car is for the SS to lose against which it does quite well. And the Z06 does not out perform the viper on eveything except the 1/4 mile. Get some updated specs or something. The viper goes 0-60 in 3.8 while the 2003 Z06 is 3.9
  17. this ones faster, no this ones faster, oh yeah.....not according to this source, it says this ones faster. you all sound like little school girls arguing over the latest teletubbies episode. who cares! both cars would make any of us fill your shorts who cares if one is .2 sec faster or has 20 more horses. grow up. you can't win the speed game anyways. even if you had one of these torque monsters, driving around town feeling like king kong on steroids, you could still get your doors blown off at the next stop light by some punk kid that's put 70 grand into his civic. both of these cars are amazing, and personally, i'd kill to have either one.....
  18. I like Chevy but the Mustang would kick it's ASS! GO NASCAR!!! NOTHIN TOUCHES A FORD!
  19. Oh my god!! what are you on? the cobra R does not have 420 at the crank! otherwise ford would have listed it at 420 hp.
  20. it depends on what your going for but motor trend did a test on this the z06 and a R/T-10 viper and the Cobra R posted fastest lap times so if i ever was forced to buy an american car i'd either go Cobra R for a new car and a older Chevlle for the other
  21. the zo6 is a faster car in on the track.....i dont know where you got the info
  22. try comparing the SS camaro with the LS-1 motor...this is to obvious the Z06 would own this thing...u cant compare um
  23. Re:

    You are WRONG!! simply WRONG!!
  24. The cobra r looks better and i think it would beat the zo6.
  25. ZO6 would kill the cobra in any race.

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