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  1. The Z06 has more torque, less weight, and near perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Road & Track tested it’s 0-60:4.5 sec, 0-100:9.9 sec, and Œ mile:[email protected] mph. In pure numbers the Z06 owns the ZR1. Go to the SCCA Solo II and look at the 2002 Nationals archives and you will see that the ZR1 isn’t even in the same class as the Z06. If you compare the best times of C5 corvettes (SS) vs. the times of the C4’s ((AS)including the ZR1) you will see that the C5’s rule in handling as well. THE Z06 IS SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY!
  2. Except that the ZR1 has the auspice of exclusivity. Z06s are everywhere as the package is only $10K over a $40K package. The ZR1 doubled the price of the car, thus they tend to be driven only by those who know that the car is worth the price (although that is changing these days with the ZR1s hitting the bottom of the depreciation curve).
    I would take the ZR1 any day over the Z06, for its magnificently engineered all aluminum, quad cam, 4 VPC, dual set of intake runners V8 designed by Lotus, built by Mercury Marine and able to run for 24 hours at peak performance and be able to do it again the next day. I would take the ZR1 for the fact that even though they look the same as the later model C4s (damn you Chevrolet) they are innately different, and anyone with any knowledge of Corvettes will immediately acknowledge your car for what it is, a true performance car, obviously owned by a performance aficionado (as opposed to a great car that is bought by too many people who just want the image and hardly appreciate their purchase for what it is).
    To open that clamshell hood and behold the artistic beauty that is the LT5 is something that not enough people get to do. To put the key in the ignition and drive the car that was, in its day, THE King of the Hill (in the absolute sense), is something that even fewer get to do. The Z06, with its indiscriminate availability, will forever lack that, and as such can never assume the lofty title of King.
  3. Yes, a Z06 would beat you in the 1/4, they run 12.4, stock and with slick get into the mid 11s.

    Sorry guys i love both cars but id deffinetly go with the Z06 on this. The Z06 all around perfoms better. Better acceleration, braking, much better handleing too. Ever heard of Active handleing? "With this program activated the vette would rocket out of tight turns, get completely sideways, then immediately recover as if guieded by a gyroscope." Quoted from Sports Car international magazine. The C5 is superior to the C4 and the Z06 is superior to the Zr1, enough said.
  4. What fun is a car that handles itself?
  5. You can turn it off...And plusi rather have a computer program help me turn than be spinning our loosing a race...
  6. It's a matter of preference then. Personally, I prefer to drive a car without help, in fact, I have an aversion to all computer assistance in automobiles, the exception being EFI. That's also why the one thing that bothers me about the ZR1 is the CAGS on the transmission. Fortunately, its an easy thing to disconnect.
    In terms of sheer performance, I will concede that the Z06 gives better numbers. But superiority by my definition includes more than just numbers. Put a ZR1 and a Z06 together in the middle of a crowd of people who know enough about Corvettes and see which one they flock around. Chances are it will be the ZR1. Z06s are everywhere, I see them all the time, yet I have been in the presence of but one ZR1 in my life. The Z06 might have superior performance (and I respect it as such, being an avid Corvette fan myself if you couldn't tell), but the ZR1 possesses an air of superiority the Z06 will never have.
  7. the Z06 is about the same in power and speed but the Z06 looks better and handles better.
  8. what facts?
    i have yet to see "facts" aside from peoples opinions that say the ZR1 is better than the Zo6
  9. Why is a ZR1 better than a Z06??? Z06s are great great cars.
  10. you are aware that there is more to a cars preformance than top speed
    just maybe
    the Zo6 Tremec T56 transmission is geared differently than the trans from the ZR1 to get better 0-60 and quarter mile times
    but back to my first point
    there is more to a car than top speed
    i sugjest you think more about other things
    plus how much does 3 miles per hour matter when you're going that fast
    and when exactly do you plan on going that fast other than maybe once in your life you take your car to the salt flats

    its a good thing that the Zo6 has a less complex engine that already produces that much power
    it makes it easier to modify and as i think someone else already said
    they are easy to get a lot of power from so i won't go into that
  11. what i refered to facts were the cars specifications top speed acceleration from 0-60mph.The z06 is a good car but the zr1 was a very very unique vette with a unique engine (complex i agree but it was a masterpiece and probably the best response to ferrari, porsche and lambo engines), selective ride control fx3 and really awesome handling.The zr1 is a collector like the z06 but when you look at top speed of a zr1 vs a z06 the zr1 topspeed is much higher.The ls6 engine that is in the z06 is great but it will never equal the lt5 engine built by mercury marine engine that powered the zr1.



  12. well i prefer an exclusive engine despite it is more complicated as i explained you in my post above.It is like comparing a 426 hemi or a 427 ford cammer (sohc) to a chevy 454 ls6 engine. I prefer a very highly sophisticated engine with a complicated design rather engine like the lt5 than a less complicated design ls6 but that is just me.
    We all have our likes and dislikes in cars as welll as evreything else


  13. OK the fastest that a 405HP ZR1 Corvette has gone from 0-60 and the 1/4 mile in the hands of a magizine

    0-60:4.7 seconds
    1/4Mile:13.1 @ 111MPH

    Z06 405HP best

    0-60: 4.0 seconds
    1/4mile: 12.4 @ 116MPH

    The Zr1 was a good car, the chassis was vary stiff and you got vary little "chassis twist". This took away from the handling of the car little. The car was able to pull off .92Gs on the skidpad. The motor was 1988 high tech and was design by Lotus and assembled by Marine out boards. Everythign was new about this motor from the ground up, it had a complex second computer controled throttle system to give it good low end grunt.

    But the LS6's motor used high tech constrution and design, it doesnt need a computer controled second throttle and it still beats the LT5 at the low end. It is lighter then the LT5 by about 100 pounds, it is also stronger and takes up less space. It has a much broader power band as well.

    The Z06 Corvette out handles the ZR1 Corvette with ease, in this area there is no comparison.

    But there is the top speed thing that most people talk about but they dont understand. The reason that the Z06 pulls much harder from 0-120MPH but teh Zr1 pulls harder after that is based on gearing. The ZR1 is geared more for top speed while the Z06 is geared more for acceleration. The Z06 has hit a top speed of 174.8MPH, fact that the Base 350HP C5 has a higher top speed then the Z06. Like I said gearing is the main reason for this.

    On anyrace track in teh world the Z06 Corvette will walk away from the ZR1 Corvette. The ZR1 has never posted anything near the Z06's 7:56 on the Nurburing.

    And what is becoming more appearent is the DOHC's may not be better then OHV but just different.

    If you want to know what the Z06 would perform like if it had gearing more like the ZR1 then look no further then the C6 Corvette. Z06 power with Base C5 gearing. Top speed is likely to exceed 190MPH for this car while having a 0-60 of 4.2seconds or even better.
  14. Oh and did I meantion that the ZR1 was a big failure, it didnt acheive any of its goals. First it was to have 400HP, the LT5 came out with 375HP. Second the ZR1 was suppose to be the worlds fastest production car. It top out at about 183MPH, short of that part too. Second being at $70,000 dollars it had poor sales and sold few. GM made vary little money on the car. Second the 1996 GS came out and was able to beat the ZR1 Corvette on many tests. It was also alot cheaper then the ZR1 was. Not to mention that some 1996 GS's came out of the factory with over 385HP.

  15. Yes some people would prefer a more high tech motor to a less high tech motor. But prove that the LT5 is more high tech then the LS1/LS6 motors.

    LT5 is a well balanced motor while the LS1 isnt balanced.
    LS1 uses a 6 bolt main bearing cap.
    LS1 use PM(powdered metal) Pistion rods.
    LS1 uses a vary light weight camtrain allowing for high rpms without excessive cam wear. So rpms like 10,000+ can be done and is done in England.

    you can get a NA 427(7.0L) LS6 that pumps out 725HP @ 7,500rpms. And that is with a conservative setup.

    Basicly you and most people are just looking at the DOHC's and are saying that the motor is more high tech.
  16. Oh, and a stock Z06 has run the 1/4mile in 11.9 seconds. Your ZR1 has different exhuast and it was doing 12.6.

    Not to mention that your car has ultra low miles on it, most likely you cant drive it dailt without having some major problems withit. Most Z06's are racking 10,000 miles in only 1 year.
  17. thank you for thsoe informative posts 63grand sport<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    i have been mistaken about the specs of one of my favorite vettes
    btw what is your source?


  18. The c4 ZR1 has only more top speed than the C5 z06 and nothing more..
  19. The 375bhp WAS GMs original goal that WAS reached...I'd say first goal reached. Second the only real competition in 1990, was in fact the '90 Lamborghini Diablo SV which manged a 200.3mph Top Speed, if I'm not mistaken Motor Trend tested the '90 ZR1 in that comparison of it against the Lambo, and manged a 191.0mph Top Speed, how ever the '93-'95 ZR1 topped out at 194.4mph. Even though the ZR1 didn't quite get its goal it sure came awfully close to it. Finally, even though it sales went down year by year, but from '90-'95 its price tag was $65,000USD, sales totaled from '90-'95 at 6,437 models, same here. your statement regarding the '96 Grand Sport it only made 330bhp, from the factory. My reasons for liking the C4 ZR1 can explained by a quoted paragraph from one of my all time favorite automobile books:

    "In any era there have been cars which stand out from the mass, exceptional machines that are as satisfying to drive as when they were built years ago. The ZR1 is one of those, developed by enthusiastic engineers, which an almost unlimited budget, in an extraordinary transatlantic partnership that melded the best of English and American skills." From Complete Corvette a Page-by-Page History, pg. 138.


    Sam Cool

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