Real Dubs (and Tribs? sh!t, i dunno.)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 2998ccCSL, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Dubs..

    RR on 24"
    caprice on 26"
    h2 on 28"
  2. Custom h2/escalade im not sure what it really is on Tribs!

    Esca/h2 on 30"
  3. where the #$%# did it go?
  4. Everything but the caprice is hot.
  5. the caprice looks lopsided.. the h2 looks good like that... the RR is awesome, too.
  6. Why would you put those rims on a hummer
  7. the caprice is ridiculous looking... dumb idea
  8. hummerlade?
  9. some people are retarded. plain and simple.
  10. Escavette?

  11. I would drive it.
  12. It's actually you who's retarded. Some people have different tastes, and putting large rims on large vehicles isn't stupid.
  13. What the hell is tribs?
  14. People should get shot for doing that to a Phantom.
  15. Tribs? What's tribs??
  16. use brain. if 20" = dubs, and there's a namesless 30" rim, what do you think tribs would be?

    that hummer looks cool.
  17. OK, thanks for that (got it after thinking a bit laterally!). Do you have to be so harsh? I was just asking a question...

    Is that where the name "dubs" came from? "duo"?
  18. Gotta look at the door mirrors too. ///Mescavette.
  19. It still looks stupid.
  20. The Caprice looks dumb, plain and simple. The H2 looks nice with those wheels, and so does the Rolls-Royce. But if you put those rims on a H2, you can't go off-roading. plus, for performance, dubs suck.
  21. i don't think i was being harsh guy. if you saw it that way, sorry, but it wasn't intended that way.
  22. Hummers should never be lowered.
  23. I want that Rolls-Royce

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