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  1. ok you all came here expecting some stats for this car but really i just want you guys to tell me what you think of this car i just drew on my computer! it's my first one, so tell me what i should improve or fix on the car! thanks
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    I think you should stretch it out a bit. Make the wheels smaller. And lose the tail. Here, something like this:
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    And how about answering my other questions?
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    ok here's my new one!
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    its cool...i think it looks like a mix of a Mclaren F1 and a Ferrari 360 Modena...sweet!!<!-- Signature -->
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    wat computer program is that?
    cool car just make it an american car....
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    i used paint shop pro! you can download it for a free 30 day trail! it's an awesome program once you know how to use it! and of course it looks like the 360 modena, i took the body and used that as the chasses and then i totally edited it by fixing the front, windows, wheels, and brakes, and the back! i think it looks sweet though but it needs to be longer! anybody have any tips on how to make it better by improving it's downforce and aerodynamics

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