Really Fun Car, Really fast too!

Discussion in '1983 Ford Mustang SVO' started by V8stangman, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Pics of Mustang SVO. The SVO began in 1984 and ended in 1986.
  2. I used to own one of these and I could out race corvettes, MR2 , Rx7 , and 300Z TT in this. It was a sweet car that i had alot of fun in. I would also show it and I won three awards!!!!!!
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    Me too I tried one and I was surprise for a 4 cyl., it kick ass !!
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    I got a Car Craft mag from 84 which has an article of the 84' Turbo GT (basically an SVO without intercooler and koni's) they put this car up against a Turbo GN (one of my other favorite cars) and I was suprised, but they said the Mustang was a lot faster, and that after a while of running it, the GN became slower as it built up heat, and the Mustang kept going strong.
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    Man I had one and it halls ass against a Camaro. Every time I smoked a Camaro when I raced.
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    I dont mean any disrespect to anyone but I would not buy a 4 cylander mustang, turbocharged or not. its just that when I think of mustang the numbers 5.0, 4.6, 302 and 351 pop in my mind and the words: GT,Saleen, Roush, Cobra pop in my mind and also what pops in my mind is shit load of power pops in my head. I am not saying that a four cylander mustang is a shity car but its not a typical mustang in my mind. I also dont like V-6 mustangs. I mean there the same body as the V-8s but its just im a V8 man my self. although I bet the 4 cyl and the V-6 gets alot more MPG than a V8 and a supercharger can be fun too. I own a 1993 Mustang GT 5.0L and I love it. its modified for a shit load of power and I have lot of suspension and handling upgrades.
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    I was wondering if someone could please post up some pics of an
    83 Mustang SVO. I have never seen one before.
    To the best of my knowledge and several other peoples, they only made the SVO in 84, 85, and 86. I would really like to see some pics of an 83 Mustang SVO.
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    What is the problem are you having a problem posting up some pics of a 83 SVO????????
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    There never was an 1983 SVO.
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    We all know, Ford made the 4-cyl Mustangs only to mantain the car alive while the american people were looking for economic cars.

    And the turbo version was a less expensive choice for Ford mantain the small market who were looking for something a little "faster".

    Since we all start to ask for a muscle again (or a V8 at least), they forgot the 4-cyl.

    Unhappily they must follow the market to mantain the car alive.

    But it's a piece of the Mustang's history. So, a museum would buy one.

    But we had nothing to do with this, maybe left they on a garage to remember sad days in our lives.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CIVIC Si GUY</i>
    <b>I used to own one of these and I could out race corvettes, MR2 , Rx7 , and 300Z TT in this. It was a sweet car that i had alot of fun in. I would also show it and I won three awards!!!!!!
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    of course its fast to you. YOU ARE A CIVIC DICK<!-- Signature -->
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    I own one of these cars with only 10,000 original miles. They are not a MPG car. They get horrible mileage compared to most cars, especially 4 cylinders. The reason they never became as popular as the GTs is that they were built for real racing, not racing someone to the next stoplight. They were better suited to race a Porsche on a road course than a Corvette across a couple of hundred meters. If Ford had waited to release a vehicle like the SVO for another 15 years, they would have had much better luck. It's an amazing vehicle, and will always hold a golden spot in Mustang history.

    Also, there's no such thing as an '83 SVO. Their model years were 1984, 1985, 1985.5, and 1986. There was an '87 ready for production, but it was killed by execs last minute and the motor was used in Ford's Racing program instead.<!-- Signature -->
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    I own an 85 and an 85 1/2 svo. Let me tell you there's more than meets the eye. You are correct they never made an 83 SVO only 84-86. And let's get the story straight they did not create a cheaper vehicle for the times,the svo was $2,000.00 more than the GT, they wanted to race "stock car" turbo's. So they created a 4 cylinder with more horsepower, less weight, 4 wheel disc brakes, adjustable front struts, adjustable quadrashock rear, low profile tires for better handling and a better Lat.G, and a sleeker profile than the GT of the day. They are a beautiful car. Drive one before you pass judgement
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    I've got to argue about the millage comment. My 2.3Turbo get's 19mpg city, 26mpg highway, and I know some fellows who have gotten 33mpg on road trips. It is the cheapest car on gas I've had since that 1L 3cyl Subaru Justy, and I've had a few since, including a VW.

    I do agree that this could be a segment buster if released today. It was an extremely high-tech engine in the mid eighties, and if teched to 2003 standards, would give domestic compact owners reason to have pride again. I don't believe the Focus or G-body crowd is doing very well. With 8 valves and a SOHC it got 205hp and 194ft/lbs. Give it 16 valves, or even 20 like VW turbos, DOHC and maybe even a variable intake, and it would be well into the 300hp league. Don't laugh, I know more than a few fellows with more than 300 horses with pretty simple tuning. This would make Celica GT-S and RSX type-S drivers run and hide. Look at the Murker XR4Ti. It was a compact RWD with this powertrain and was a killer performer, too bad it had so many common 80's car problems, (electrical, rust, etc.). All in all, it deserves respect.
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    Did you honestly just compare a 4-cylinder mustange to a Porsche.. In no way are these similiar, any Porsche out there would eat this on the track and off the line... some real engineering goes into Porsche's to make them race capable, for some reason I don't think the same went into this I4 mustang.
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    What, you mean German engineering? Hmh. It's a german designed engine. And a fox 2.3T with PRC can handle with a mid-eighties Vette, so I'm pretty sure it's not that far from a Porche. But of course a Porche would out handle it, it cost three to four times more. I should hope so. And the SVO was designed for the track.
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    I currently own an SVO. I have had it for about 9 months now. I am still in high school, and people are shocked by this cars performance. I have had many people tell me they like it. Also, I tend to smoke almost all imports, except for a guy that has a stage four turbo. I have even had several people follow me around so when I stopped they could ask me what was under the hood "since it didn't sound like a 5.0." It is a great car that I enjoy having, not mention it is fast and pretty much everyhting a 16 year old could want, a great buy or a great investment in my mind.
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    I really have no qualms about comparing this car to a Porsche. Mid 80s Porsches were nothing to brag about. I hardly think that the turbocharged 4 cylinder Porsches were anything special, and many people would argue that they hardly deserved the Porsche badge. With the SVO, the power was there, turbo lag was almost non-existent, and they did possess exceptional handling and stopping power, definitely on par or superior to anything Porsche had in the same class. Drive one of these cars and you'll see what I mean. This was not simply a GT with a little motor. It was truly a drivers car, with everything set up for the performance minded. I do not attack you personally, as you obviously have never had the opportunity to experience one of these. I have, however, been on track runs in a 944 and found it to be nothing special.

    Check into it a little more before making such an uneducated assessment.
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    the 944 was a cheap, weak car, try looking at the 911.

    Lol, I find it hilarious how you guys thrash Honda, and go on about how this car is so fast, and yet, the SI is faster than this without the Turbocharger and the same displacement (or less, can't remember what displacement this car is), the funniest thing about that is that even people who dig Honda's innovative design admit that the SI is not all that great.
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    Very true, but the 911 was much more expensive than the SVO. Still, even compared to that, the SVO is no slouch.

    As far as the reference to the SI, I would certainly compare both of these cars on the track before making such a judgement. Again, the SVO was designed as a track car, and thus doesn't excel at 0-60 and 1/4 mile runs (even though the info shown on this site is a little inaccurate). I don't intend to bash Hondas, and in fact believe they are an excellent platform if the person behind the wrench has half a shred of mechanical sense. Nonetheless, comparing a new SI to the SVO is a futile effort. The SI may be a decently designed sport compact, but it can't escape the fact that it is car often bought by "boy racers" who don't know the first thing about what real performance is and where it could be used. The Japanese Type-R is a different story. If that were here in the US with the same numbers and engineering, I wouldn't argue as much...
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    Quote from civic si guy
    I used to own one of these and I could out race corvettes, MR2 , Rx7 , and 300Z TT in this. It was a sweet car that i had alot of fun in. I would also show it and I won three awards!!!!!!

    All you mustang fellas must be sippin on sumthin to even consider a mustnag winnin vs. a corvette sure the corvette didnt have much hp around those years but it could still whoop any mustnags ass ne day of the week.

    Civic si guy is just an incredible dumbass for even comin up with the idea of beating a corvette of those years.
  22. Mr. 1990 IROCZ Camaro is a perfectly fine example of what he calls Civic SI guy. You find yourself a Corvette of the 80's, or if you wish your little Camaro and we'll have a litle fun on a road course.
  23. WOw, camaro guy, ur such a misguided dumb ass, im falling out of my seat right now. I own an 87' Pontiac T/A GTA ( for all u less knoledgable on this kinda car out there, it has a 350(5.7 ltr) TPI(Tunned Port Injection) that i pitted against my friends 86 SVO for 50 bucks. I was once like u though Camaro guy, all laughing and thinking my 350 could smoke damn near everything, and for were i live, it pretty much can. Anyway, we did a series of runs (from zero, from 20 mph roll, 40, etc.) each one ending with the SVO about 3/4ths a car length in front of me. And before u say it was bad driving on my behalf, i got a race preped 700R4 with 3500 rpm stall backing it, as well as verious traction mods, sufisive to say, that SVO had me hand over teeth, and i was out $50 bucks. all he had was an 8.8 inch rear with 3.70's and an eaton posi. Sufisiver to say, the next time u see an SVO, just try and let ur "i've got a 350 and i can take anything attitude" and pit it against that SVO, unless u have lots of engine mods, i gaurentee ul loose, and worse all, ul feel stupid. The SVO is a legend and #$%# anyone trying to say its not. atleast it has a good looking body, and a name synonimous with horsepower and lots of it. So take ur Si's, Celicas, etc. and go live in japan or something. (And by the way, unless the Corvette is a ZR-1 from the 80's, they were just as fast(relative term here) as my T/A and camaro dudes Maro, so ur argument is stupid(referring to a few posts back.) Anyway, dont talk if u cant walk the walk (i.e, SVO will smoke u <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Later
  24. 1990 I ROCK Z, You need to realize that the SVO was not built as a drag car.. It is not geared as a drag car, it will not get much boost in the first 2 gears, but when you get to 3rd, I can tell you that it will hang with any car that has up to 100-150 more hp.. Mine will hang with a newer 911.. I know this cause I ran my car at Barber Motorsports race track & can tell you that several 911 owners along with several Vette owners where in shock when we talked after our 20 min on track sections.. I can say that I can beat my friends 86 GT.. & it was even at the track.. He will not even attempt to try anything when the road gets curvy..


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