Really nice for a 1981

Discussion in '1981 Ferrari 512i BB' started by IronHeart1, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. Nuff said... This car is a piece of art and a top speed of 174mph is really nice today, nevermind for a 1981. But then again, we have grown to expect that from Ferrari, right?
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    I agree whole-heartedly. The 512BB was an awesome car 25 years ago and can STILL compete with today's more technically advanced sports cars. Good job Ferrari.
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    This is a very nice car for 81.
    This vs Lancia Stratos?
  4. The Lancia Stratos was a clean-sheet rally car, with the road version produced solely for homolgomation. The Stratos engine is the same V6 found in the Ferrari 246 Dino, though with a lower stated HP rating (otherwise Ferrari wouldn't supply the engines). While the Stratos is a great car, on pavement, the 512BBi would likely smoke it.
  5. The best-looking Ferrari from the 80s IMO.

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