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  1. I like it a lot, the body modifications really flow nicely, although the front bumper isn't really all the nice IMO. However, the rear bumper and the wheelarch extentions look awesome. The wing is a bit big, but it suits the car.

  2. 445 bhp 3.8l flat 6? wow.

    I like, a lot.
  3. I like that they're not afraid to show the screw holes in the wheel arches. Just a side note, it's 420 Nm, not lb-ft. Dunno if there's an admin running around here to fix that.
  4. Also for a "light weight" coupe it doesn't seem that much lighter than a normal 911. The GT3 weighs 100 lbs less. I think I'd rather have a GT3 with a pair of aftermarket camshafts and some free flowing headers. That would get you just as good a performer for exactly half the price. I also like the looks of the GT3 much better.
  5. Yeah, the GT3 does look better and it's HALF the price.
  6. A GT3 or Turbo would be a better choice for less, me thinks.
  7. If they are going to charge over 200 grand for a NA 911 they have no reason to offer a car that comes so close to the factory version from porsche. They should atleast be making closer to 500 horsepower so people would have a reason to get this opposed to the GT3 with the factory warranty. What exactly do they offer you if your engine blows up a week after you roll off the lot?
  8. I am sure there is a lot more to this car than just engine enhancements. I am sure there are chassis and suspension upgrades as well. All and all, 445bhp from a N/A 3.8 is crazy!
  9. Sick car; not so much the fender flares.
  10. Uh, change avatar or get banned mercilessly?
  11. I agree 445 from 3.8 is nice. They do make larger porsche strokers though so 480-500 should be available with a street tune.
    Besides the wide body kit and larger tires / brakes there doesn't seem to be much changed with the suspension setup. Anyone could go out and buy these parts and put them together.
    And those 325/35/19s aren't going to help performance, they will most likely hurt it in all aspects. I don't think i will ever understand why people are starting to think that larger wheels help performance. You might be able to make a lightweight 19 inch wheel but what happens if you use the same technology on a 16 or 17 inch? Besides the weight and extra rolling resistance these larger wheels might actually bog the engine when launching. Unless of course you enjoy launching your street cars at 5200-6000 RPMs. Normally with high revving smaller engines you try to install the smallest wheel possible while keeping them big enough to fit in brakes that will resist fade.
    Overall it seems like another tuned porsche for people who only want to look fast and not actually drive that way. It is becoming truly rare to see a street tuned porsche that is 100% performance anymore. Its a shame considering this is a chasis with over 40 years of R/D invested in it. The last porsche i saw that was actually a performer and not a show car was from the 70s. Every person i've met driving a newer porsche has either been a prick when i ask about their car or are so stupid they don't even know Porsche's don't come with a "V6".
  12. Now that porsche's are watercooled why haven't i seen one with a diffuser?
  13. why dont u just get a 911 gt1 there faster and its like having an f1 car for the road the accelarationg is also deadly

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