Reasons why HSV's are so crap

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by HSVnot4ME, Nov 13, 2002.

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    As usual the sell outs have to come here and bag the Ausie stuff

    if yoru happy with Japanses cars so be it
    eenjoy them and leave us alone

    Nissan has the reputation for having the worst quality of the japanse
    all those skylines are pig ugly
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    No way. The front looks really sharp and aggressive and the VT/VX series had one of the best rear ends on any car on the road
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    Your the moronic knob u sell out

    go drive your Ginza taxis
    with no history, resale value or style

    bend over for the japanese you inbred

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    the tupperware reject
    real nice car

    so your a guy with a cardigan
    real cool car mate

    like i said
    u like what u want
    but stop saying bad stuff about our cars and car culture
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    I can't believe some people reckon the 7.0 liter monaro isn't that quick.

    The boys at HSV had a GT2 to test it against. Before they were finished it had to be quicker. It's built to be quicker than a GT2 around a track and considering its got race brakes and all the works it will be.

    The super monaro was always going to win the 24 hours at Bathurst. No one who knew anything about it was suprised, sorry if you were. It's been clocked in low 11 1/4s.

    That's quick. And it's what? 425+kw. Yeah it's faster than a GT2.
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    None of you holden morons have been able to come up with any specific instances of poor quality jap or euro cars ,just 'nissans have a reputation...'

    for example, my american friend hired a commodore when he came over here. within the first block the air con vent broke when he tried to adjust it. within 2 km's an oil line had failed

    says a lot for Holden quality

    Holdens design crap cars, buil them crap and then overprice them

    and and one who thinks the 24 hr Monaro is actually a monaro is a retard
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    That is whats called being rough and careless, things do not break that easily...idiot.

    That doesnt say anything for quality. I could go and jump in one of your beloved jap cars and "accidentlally" break something and start raving about jap quality.
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    he wasn't being careless, he just tried to point it onto his face

    and how did the oil line fail? i suppose you are going to say he slashed it with a pocketknife...
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    I don't know why the oil line failed. I'm just trying to point out to you that 1 single incident does not reflect on every car on the road.
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    yes i realise that, but it was a genuine example, you seem to have provided none for jap cars
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    I didn't know I was supposed to?? When did I write off Jap cars?
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    "Nissan has the reputation for having the worst quality of the japanse
    all those skylines are pig ugly"
    sorry it was actually FranksterGM
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    Read Motor and wheels

    they have spoken about nissans quality foibles

    Toyotas blandness
    Lexus lack of style and direction

    Honda dumbing all its range down for the American market

    so sick of the cap turned backwards crowd , in their adidas and kappa
    bagging out car culture, bad enough they r sell outs to ric3

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    wheels also did a 2 page article on various problems with holden VT commodores in 2000 or 2001, and stated a parts supplier in S.A had set up a site detailing common problems with VT's

    when motor tested the M5, E55 and GTS, they criticised it for its shocking build quality and fit and finish.

    when they tested the GT-R M-Spec, they said it was one of the first Japanese cars to have quality to rival the europeans
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    as usual ausie cars faults are proclaimed
    when euro and jap cars have faults no one cares

    how bout subaru coveriing up faults and some of theuir directors going to jail
    or Toyota having a fault on its so called perfect dish washer lexus ls400

    Motor said the HSV GTS casnt match the A grade germans for fit and finish, which is fair anout since they cost more than double

    but it was quicker than the germans on a wet track
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    Well if you want to bring up Motors comments when they tested those three cars, dont forget to mention them saying the GTS was quicker, braked better, had more mid corner speed and exited corners faster.
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    Have you ever driven a car with 350-400kw? The boys at HSV tested it against a GT2 with the ultimate aim to make it quicker.

    I seriously doubt they'd be releasing that fact unless they'd been successful...
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    what about nissans? yuo still haven't been able to substantiate your rumour about their quality?
    The problem on the Lexus was a rear light, nothing too spectacular, unlike the doors failing to open on hot days, etc etc
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    How about Wrx clutches and gearboxes being unreliable

    Honda have woeful quality and reliability
    Bmw arent anythign special either

    Honda who make a lot of cars in thailand and India and America
    Bmw who make many in Thailand and South Africa and America too

    The ausies arent spectacular , but nowhere near as bad as u sell out ric3rs make them out to be

    why pay all that money for a japanese car with the soul of a dish washer?
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    Hondas are among the best quality cars in the world

    BMW's have peerless build quality, just look at the interiors

    So what is they are built in Thailand, Sth Africa etc? their quality is still up to German standards, which is much more than you can say for Holdens

    have you ever heard or BMW's doors not opening on hot days, and dash trims delaminating? i think not, but with holden you hear it all the time. Trust me, my mate used to work in a holden service centre

    as for WRX clutches and gearboxes, how about The LS1 six speeder? its shocking, and as for the 4 speed auto, dont get me started

    Holdens are shocking cars with shockingly bad quality, the only reason they survive is thru tariffs
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    Doors not opening on hot days...thats a new one. Only doors I've seen not being able to open was on a 735i with a flat battery. There is nothing wrong with the LS1 six speeder, same applies to the.
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    Sure one single incident does not reflect on all the other cars on the road. But what happens when a driver who has ahd a "one in a million" shit holden comes to buying a new car. They aren't exactly going to buy a car that has given them trouble in the past now are they. And it doesn't do much for the international reputation for an american (need i remind you that they are designed in america and owned by an american company) to get a shitty holden to rent while staying here. He isn't exactly going to go home and tell all his freinds to import a Holden now is he. Every poor quality made car that gets sold equals less sales in the long run for Holden. It isn't in their best intrests to make any badly made cars, a few poorly made out of every batch isn't good enough. Think about it.
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    that said, these are still genuine examples, unlike your unsubstantiated rumours.

    and frankster GM is a moron
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    That said, would a normal (a normal person knows what you get for your money) person with no "loyalties" to holden choose a car that is built in a country where the industry needs to be protected by tariffs to stay alive ie. Holden or a car that is internationally renowned and can sell a car on name alone ie. Merc or BMW

    And before all you knobs think that I am a ford supporter, i am not, they are both as shit as each other. However Ford still do import some of their cars (one actually), the Explorer comes to mind. Now I know it is a 4WD and I hate 4WD purley cause women from high class areas buy them and never have the intention of driving it off road. Does ne one remember the Toyota Prado add where there is a woman driving and she goes "oh, what a feeling" and then the narrator says "survive the city", yes I hate them purley for that reason, not cause of the add, but cause there are too many 4WD's driven by women who take up the bloody road. However back to my point, the Explorer is made in the US and the build quality of the Explorer is far better than that of any Ford that is made in Aust or Holden for that matter.
  25. Re: Reasons why HSV's are so crap

    You call ppl morons
    whilst u have gross generalizations yourself

    peerles quality huh

    go bend over for the japs

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