Reasons why HSV's are so crap

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    Value for money is subjective, you can't say "They are not worth twice the money" because if they were not PEOPLE WOULD NOT BUY THEM; common sense, I assure you people with Calais' drive Calais' not because they prefer them to a C240 or 325i but rather the fact they can't afford a C240 or 325i.

    For one German cars are unbelievably safer than Australian cars; so taking that into account and the extra luxuries (ESP, SS, ABC, ETS, COMMAND, Airmatic DC etc.) and refinements (Lingutronic, quieter smoother engines, quieter road noise much better than any HSV/Holden, adaptive transmission, cylinder cut-off and adaptive steering etc.)
    I myself value my life alone at more than $100,000 so considering I get class leading safety which is at least 5 times safer than the 'comparative' Holden and all the luxury items, you are getting damn good value for money.

    I consider German cars to be better value for money, particularly Mercedes and BMW considering they're more reliable, comfortable, respectable and refined than a HSV or Holden.

    I have not seen anywhere a VY GTS reach 100km/h in 5.3s, if so where did you see this and under what conditions did it achieve it.
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    Some people also buy Calais over BMW because despite being able to afford both they cannot see the advantage in getting the BMW for how much extra it costs. If the equivalent 5 series was the same price as a Calais that would be a different story. But I know what I would chose if I could chose between a Calais and whatever BMW 3 series costed the same price. This is just because I prefer bigger cars (cars that size) as opposed to smaller cars, and in terms of performance I believe you get more. And yes I know there would be plenty of people who would chose a 3 series over a Calais.

    People obviously are willing to take a chance on buying a less safer car otherwise they obviously wouldnt. Yes of course you have a chance of having a fatal accident in your life. But how many of these do you think there are that you would certainly die if you were in a Holden and not die if you were in a German car? Even driving any car is a risk to your life, but you take the risk because it is convenient to drive a car, just as it is convenient to buy a cheaper car.

    The VY GTS acheived 0-100 in 5.3 seconds during Motor Magazines Performance Car of the year testing. I believe the 0-100 testing was done by Cameron McConville. Who is obviously going to have more skill than the average car journalist, probably explaining the best time achieved for this car so far.
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    the holden box is a shocking gearbox, it transmits plenty of shift shock to the cabin, and has horrible programming, you try kicking the accelerator down, it drops back two, then realises it only needed to kick back one, and by the time it has shifted up it needs to go back to the original gear.

    yes i agree the oil issue was probably blown a bit out of proportion by the australian media, but 1 - 2% does seem like a very high percentage of cars that have 1 particular problem.

    the only cars i have owned or close family have owned that used oil were my shitbox of a valiant first car, and my dads M3, which is designed to use oil
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    If the gearbox kicks down 2 gears, it is because it obviously needs to, or you have pushed the throttle enough to necessitate a gearchange back to sceond. If it does go back to 3rd after that, it is obviously because you have lifted your foot off the accelerator. It doesnt simply drop back 2 and then back to third as if its saying to itself "oh I went 1 too many, I'll go back to third". Of all the people I know with these cars with the gearboxes, I have not found any to have any of the complaints that you are mentioning.

    Like I said with the oil issue, it is not a problem as such but just something that can be avoided if the car is run in properly when its new. If this is done correctly, you will not have oil consumption problems.
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    I don't see how you could possibly call that red and black crappy leather anything close to luxurious. I read a review that was comparing the GTS to the M3 by Evo, they said that the leather in the car was the worst colour and that the cloth trim on any normal car would be better than the leather. Plus it looks bloody ugly. The only car that has succeded to impliment red leather properly is Ferrari. The fake wood grain is also a pretty bad touch. The entire interior of the car clashes in colour and in comfort.

    Holden have a long way to come in terms of Luxury.
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    Well just a few things to point out. I also have a review where the HSV GTS, EVO VI and M3 were compared. It was Motor Aug 2001. Is this the issue you are talking about? If so, please tell me what page they mention where they said such comments on the seat. Even better, please find what part of the seat - or interior for that matter is even red.

    I do agree with the fake woodgrain bit however. Calais have had it for a few years but Holden has gotten rid of it in the VY series 2. Possibly in all models.
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    No, this is not the review i read, this is from the Evo magazine reviewing the model that holden will export under the Vauxhall. There was no EVO VI in the review, just the M3 and GTS. Red and Black leather. Not good.
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    I have a friend who is a mechatronics engineer and is currently working for Toyota in their regional office in Japan.
    Graduating here in Australia he left to take on a fairly large role for Toyota.
    He said Holdens/HSVs T56 box is not just as good as any other box and that it's main problem is that it loses a lot of power through the drive train not to mention the rough shifting.
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    no it was just stupid programming. i only applied about 50% throttle, and kept it at that. it kicked down 2, and by the time it was down the two, it was already at redline, so it spent about 1 second in second. Every review i have read of these cars complains about the gearbox (as do holden management), so it seems odd you can't find anyone who complains about it.

    it also is inefficient, with the 245kw statesman only pulling 158kw at the wheels on the C&V performance dyno.

    your right the oil issue could be avoided by properly running in the car, but most people are too dumb to realise that, and engines should be constructed/designed with that in mind
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    Well I'm not saying I don't believe you but I have never personally experienced that situation with my car or parents cars.

    I was also surprised as to why the statesman was only pulling that amount of power. I would normally have said because it was an auto, but not with a difference that big. Don't forget that is 1 car, not every statesman will have that power. It could have just been an engine that wasnt 100%...hence how you saw the 3 235kw cars making different amounts of power. Not every engine spits out the same amount.

    I don't think the engines should be designed to suit dumb people. I think the running in process should be stressed to the owners as they buy the car, and actually write that into the owners manual. The owners manual actually says not to drive hard which is the very problem in that driving softly will have the pistons glaze the bores hence not making a tight seal and allowing oil to escape.
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    well the two manual (ss and sv8) cars were pretty close...but the statesman (with 10kw more) was way behind, which just illustrates how much more efficient manuals are.

    the moral of the story? learn to drive and buy a manual.

    everything i was ever told said not to rev a car beyond 4000rpm and don't keep it at a continuous engine speed for long periods of time.
    it seems to have worked so far.

    of course with grey imports you just have to hope the original owner did the job well
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    My dads friend is a design engineer for Holden and he said that to run the cars in properly (in a manual) you should floor it and change gears at mid engine speed (say around 4000rpm) before the engine revs out. This will bed the piston rings into the bores causing them not to glaze the bores which causes oil consumption problems.
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    is this for all engines or just holdens?
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    He said all engines should be done like this..but more importantly the LS1.
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    meaning that the LS1 is crapper than most others and needs to be worn in more before it starts to work properly
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    meaning that the LS1 is crapper than most other engines and it needs more wearing in before it'll work properly
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    Well he also said the process only needs to happen for 20 if 20 mins to run in your car is too much to spare in your life then so be it.
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    20 minutes seems like a pretty short time to improve the running of the engine to me
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    it takes 20 min of running in before you realise what you've bought.
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    with all second hand cars you should take them for a good hard test drive for at least that time so you know what your buying
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    For my next car I may consider getting one at the auctions because they are cheaper. Given that you can only look at the cars and run the engine where they are, what do you guys suggest you do. I know there is basic things like check oil and coolant to see colour and rev it and see if there is smoke, listen for strange noises...but what else?
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    not much else you can do from auctions apart from checking the sevice history, but thats about it, or just look around a bit more
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    if you are allowed drive it a few metres to check the condition of the clutch.
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    Well i'm back after a long break of doing nothing much inparticular, i can see that the threads haven't gone very far since i've been away.
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    Yeah where have all you guys been? All the HSV threads have been dead.

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