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    Yeah, when the needle hits 6,000 all hell breaks loose. I had one for a year while I was in the U.S., but have now moved back to Canada where the topless season is too short to justify owning it. My most memorable run in this car was from Seattle to San Francisco. Sifted through Grant's Pass and some other snakey areas at some damn high speeds. Never found the so-called lack of torque to be a problem, but then I'm not a journalist who happened to drive the car for an hour or so.

    A lot of folks don't realize (and refuse to accept the fact that)this car drives effortlessly at 4,000 to 6,000+ rpm. It is designed to do that. Like other cars are designed to drive at say 3,000 rpm. After a while you tend not to notice your engine speed but you sure as hell know that it's ready to go. But then that's what a (good) high revving car is all about. People like SC.Net Members #1 through #X seem to think you have to wait around while it winds up to 8,000 rpm before anything happens. The 0-60 and 1/4 times would indicate that it revs up (and speeds up) very fast which it does. It's surprising (or maybe not)that so many folks who base a lot of their car knowledge on the numbers in car mags can't see this. Then there's those great slalom times. But I won't get into that because all that really seems to matter to these is engine size and that straight line run to nowhere.

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    He has a point there.
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    I don't know about a good powerband. There are other cars with much more low-end. What if this car attempts to get out of a corner? That's when other cars will smoke it because this thing revs too high and slowly.
    It's also better if you have low-end torque to catch up to other cars that are ahead of you.
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    That's the damn truth! Torque makes the car take off faster. Trust me, if you're gonna want to handle better than other cars, torque could be a lot of help when it comes to getting out of that tight corner that makes you slow down so hard.
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    Type-R Civics suck! They have pathetic torque, so they slow down to quickly. That's why there easy to kill on a track.
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    Exactly what I'm saying.
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    Becuz of the teh insufficient of torque at low rpm, Honda put a close-ratio 6-speed gearbox in the car. Have u ever heard that F-1 cars accelerate slowly when leaving a corner? No! Why? Becuz S2000, which has an engine that works similarly to a F-1's engine, can go through most corners at above 30mph. At 30mph, the S2000's rpm at 1st gear is already above 6000rpm, which is in its powerband.
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    It takes a little long just to get 3000 RPM quickly. Sure, it's a fast car, but it's really not a threat on a race track.
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    Ah, Yea, compare to a Camaro SS, its torque is really low. But u gotta understand that the Civic Type R compares with ST170, Mini Copper S, Peogeot 206, Renault Clio and the likes. And Civic Type R totally "overpowered" them. None of those cars I mentioned have more than 200hp, while the Civic does have 200hp. Although its cornering ability does not match the Focus and Copper S, its lap time is still faster overall. Thus, journalists titled the Civic Type R as the King of hot hatches.
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    Well, the S2000's engine is deigned to rev fast, so it takes a very short time to get 3000rpm. Oh yea, although it's not intended to, but the S2000 does beat the Audi TT, Mustang GT, BMW Z3, and Porsche Boxster on a track, according to Car and Driver.
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    I don't get it. If the car is not as good as cornering, then how does it beat the Focus and Cooper S? It was probaly on a course with not too many corners.
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    No, the Civic has great cornering ability, but the Mini Cooper S and Focus have excellent handling. ANd teh reason why the Type R beats both is becuz it has 30 -40 more hp.
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    It does have great cornering, but not as good as the Focus and Cooper S. It does have a higher top speed though, so the Type R is faster.
    The Type R is most likely to kill those cars in a track with not too many corners, but when it comes to a lot of U-turns and all that shit, I doubt the Civic will come out on top.
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    I'm not talking about getting to 3000 RPM. I'm talking about gaining 3000 RPM. It takes quite a while when you're on the high revving stages.
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    I understand, but The S2000 just keeps revving faster and faster as the rpm goes up.
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    I think I didn't express myself clearly. The Type R corners well, understeers a little bit only. It has a lot of grip, and powerful brakes, but it doesn't oversteer like the 306 GTi or Renault Clio.It's more like the american style of car - torquey engine with lots of grip, yet, not as fun to drive.
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    Then howcome they do quite well for their class in most forms of racing, even beating cars in classes above their own?
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    The fact that the S2000 would have to be in 1st gear out of a corner just shows how compressed the powerband is. About any other car wouldnt go below 2nd gear on the track.
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    ahahahahahahah you told him
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    What's this? A discussion that doesn't involving dropping the clutch at 8K rpm to get high speeds (and that infamous new clutch). Cool.

    1) The car corners very well without the type of the low end torque you're talking/thinking about. Low end on this purposely HIGH REVVING and FAST REVVING car is at about 4k to 5k rpm. You don't get smoked in the corners because the excellent grip and handling allow you to keep revving higher through the corners. Once out of the corner, 6k rpm isn't far away if your'e not there already. At that point and above this thing rocks.
    2) With proper shifting of this rev-happy car in and out of the corners, there are a lot of cars you won't have to worry about catching up to.
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    so, what's wrong with being in a lower gear?
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    If the drops all the way down to 1st gear in cornering, it would need time to catch up to the other cars since they're already in 2nd or 3rd gear.
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    Well, this is wut honda intended to do.

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