Reasons why this car sucks

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by SHOboy, Apr 7, 2003.

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    What about in handling, reliability and price?
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    and emission? Fuel economy?
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    Well said. Hope a lot of the folks who ***** about the S2000's low torque read your post. I had one of these and it revs up plenty fast enough. With the proper shifting, which might take the hard core stump puller a little time to get on to, the car offers great performance.
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    I heard Fuel Economy isn't so great
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    Depends if you floor it, if you drive it regularly and dont redline it, you'll save a little bit of gas
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    According to COnsumer report, BMW, Benz aren't that really reliable. WEll, European cars are in the middle. The most reliable cars come from Japan, then Europe, then America.

    I think teh price is gonna be pretty high.
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    Most expensive cars comes from Europe though
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    Lol, European cars aren't very relaible
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    This is a complete dumbass thread,-1
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    Mercedes reliability is down the drain.

    BMW's are reliable true, but not so much as you claim, my 1990 Civic has over 300,000kms on it (338,000 to be precise), of which, 163,000 of those kms were very hard driven (driven by me), often at or above the redline for extended periods, meanwhile a good friend of mine has a 1992 318i which has 213,000 on the odo, (might I interject, I've beaten him in a number of just-for-fun races on some local windy roads) we've both recently had compression tests done, while my engine had two cylinders that were just slightly less than factory compression (172, as opposed to 175), his engine has 3 cylinders that are at considerably different compression than what it came from the factory with (as much as 15 off). Now to put into perspective how hard we push our vehicles: He's a computer programmer in my hometown, who likes to have a little fun with his car every once in a while; meanwhile I'm an amateur rally driver who's going to school for an environmental sciences degree, and I don't like to drop below 3000rpm EVER (except for at idle of course).

    So tell me again about how European cars are more reliable than Japanese cars (enginewise anyway, where the true feats of engineering are accomplished)

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