Red Bull Project X-1

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  1. Hence he was saying if it were allowed to evolve.
    But actually I disagree, if cars like Chaparral went unchecked for 30 years, who knows what we'd have today... but it would certainly be wilder than this car.
  2. True, I think that if F1 had went unchecked for the last 30 years, it's more likely that F1 cars been like this.
  3. Except after 74 they were not the same limited rule set cars. So evolution of the post 74 cars would not be crazy.
  4. it wouldn't be powered by a some kind of a gas turbine as said before it will be an F1-derived direct injection 3.0L twin turbo V6, and 0-60mph 1.4 , 0-200mph 6.1, and top speed ~ 280mph . if this thing is as near good as the RBR F1 car it will be the perfect car ever made by humans.
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  6. Well! its a good concept....but when it is going to be launched?
  7. It will go on sale next year for 30k.

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