Redisgn? Nope. Replacement? Yes.

Discussion in '2002 Lotus Esprit V8' started by IvanKaramazov, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Porsche is better than Lotus anyway, although it costs.
  2. Morning.

    Being a brit in the middle of Lotus country. *ie Norfolk..I live about 2 miles from the factory* I have friends who work there who sometimes under the influence of alcohol tell me things they shouldn't.

    Ok. The Esprit is 30 years old. Whoopy do. It's a fantastic car. Hell..I used to drive one daily. They only make about 10 a week so redisigning the whole car on that it is old is impractical. They are however, planning a replacement for the Esprit.

    Some people thought the M250 was the replacement, but that was a mid line model to fit between the Elise/Exige and the Esprit. However, it was on the cards that the Esprit would be replaced in roughly 2005.

    It was afik designed to follow the family traits of the Elise/Exige and M250. Unfortunately, due to America the M250 was canned. *something to do with emissions apparently*

    Anyway, they have refined the design over the past 30 years. Ever seen a 1972 Esprit sitting next to a 350 or a S4? Dont look much the same do they?

    Oh..and while I'm here...just one more thing...

    IvanKaramazov - If you're just going to repeat yourself...start a new damn topic and fill it yourself. Or even better, post once...then go and be a troll somewhere else. If you dont like the Esprit, don't post the same thing, over and over and over and over. It just gets on people's tits. Make me wonder how you managed to get 506 posts...maybe through mindless spam?

    Anyway... I hope this sells well for Lotus. It's a stunning car and I may well put some cash down for one. Need a new Lotus after driving a Ford Puma R for the past few months. *yuck*

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    I've never said I dun like this car, in fact i think it's one of the supercars icons. BUT THE DESIGN IS REALLY OLD. I feel bored coz I've said at least 500 times..............
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    Hehe...I agree man.
    This is a very nice car =)
    Lotus' are a passion for me. They handle nicely and sound awesome. Even the old 4-banger ones =)
    Damned light weight to power ratio rockets this car at wicked fule efficiency and emissions compared to the competition =)

    As for the M250, how did it fail emissions.
    a 3.0L V6 giving 250hp is not much of a demand..and so what...strap on a catalytic converter... I dun think it's scrapped. I'd love to drive on of those and I'm in Canada =) It'll really impress all those Azn chics who think suped up Hondas and Toyota kick ass =P
    a 250hp engine in a car that is feather weight will kick!!

    I know cuz I've driven the 4-banger lotus with no mods against riced up Jap cars and whoop their ass =P Especially in cornering. =)

    Anyhow, I'd love to see a new Esprit, maybe made a little smaller, more race based =) I hate all that frilly shit you get cuz a car like this is to be driven with the windows opened and the roar of the engine in your ears =)

    BTW, the Ford Puma is not a bad car, great to modify and also awesome in road rallies I hear... Too bad thye dun have them here in Canada.

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    True. The design is old, but it looks DAMN good.<!-- Signature -->
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    Before I say anything, I should say that I'm a HUGE Lotus fan. However, being a Lotus fan, I don't like to see grossly overweight cars(i.e. The Espirit(3000lbs)) Get the weight down around 2500lbs and I might like the car more. It's still a Lotus, so I'd take it over a lot of other cars because of the handling, but Porsches are faster and handle better than the Espirit. A replacement would be great. If I wanted a 3000lb car, I'd buy a Porsche(Love Porsches too). <!-- Signature -->
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    Hmmmm....I guess...but come on..Porsche costs alot more!!
    Also it doesn't sound as sweet and has efficiency and Emissions down the drain =P

    Lotus is matter what...and plus, Porsche is too popular and normal now..I like this exotic rarity of a car =)

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    Hmmmm...I can't agree on that..both are good for whatever their specialty is..
    The thing is Porsche is too mainstream..too easy to get....have cash, pay and buy.. Their cars aren't even handbuilt anymore, their mass produced!!

    I prefer the rarity of this car..that is what makes it special.
    Like the DeLorean...POS..but special =)

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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SRB The Punisher</i>
    <b>Hmmmm...I can't agree on that..both are good for whatever their specialty is..
    The thing is Porsche is too mainstream..too easy to get....have cash, pay and buy.. Their cars aren't even handbuilt anymore, their mass produced!!

    I prefer the rarity of this car..that is what makes it special.
    Like the DeLorean...POS..but special =)

    DA PUN</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote>
    <b>I know I can't convince you to believe that porsche is actually better than Lotus on any aspects, simply because you're a lotus fan?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center>
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    I never said Porsche is not better. Porsches are years in technology ahead of Lotus in engine tech, but then you have to know that Porsche has actually turned to Lotus quite a few times to research bout suspension and light weight materials =P

    All Lotus needs is a good funding company like GM. Porsche has VW to turn to when they need cash, Lotus doesn't.

    But there is one aspect that Lotus has over Porsche, more exotic, totally hand build..and sounds better when revving =)

    Some how I don't think Mr.Ivan here has ever driven or truly spent time with the cars he's talking bout.

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    I'd take an Elise and a Porsche 911 Turbo if anyone wants to give me one <IMG SRC=""> Please?<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree that 3000 lb's of Lotus is wayy to much. Look at the Elise, it's only got 120bhp and it does the run to 60 in what, 5.5? This is the case of Lotus trying to out Porsche Porsche with the sport/luxury/exotic thing. Clearly Porsche's rock, but for their own reasons. Lotuses should be stripped down, pure as m-fing possible lightweight driving machines. People will still buy them in droves, after all the new Elise sells like mad and I think it MIGHT have carpet.

    p.s. Porsche should shed some pounds, bring on the ClubSport 996's!!!
  13. Re: Redisgn? Nope. Replacement? Yes. has not carpet =P
    It's pure aluminum.

    The reason why the Esprit is so heavy might be so that it can keep all 4 tire planted.
    but other for that reason..all I know is that if someone donates alot of money for them to do some R&'ll see a totally aliminum alloy or carbon fibre Esprit soon =P
    And hopefully one with an engine with more bite =P
    they got the bark part rite..sounds amazing =)

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    I totally agree with SRB The Punisher, Porsche has gotten so main stream now that it no longer appeals to me, especially their new designs. The old ones were way better particularly the frontal area of the cars. But enough of unappealing Porsche, this thread is all about beautiful Lotus. Firstly, IvanKaramazov how is Porsche better than Lotus on ALL aspects when right of the bat this car accelerates faster than the 2002 Carrera (4.5 sec vs 5.1)? Also this car has a faster top speed (288 vs 285 kph) so Porsche clearly isn't better in all aspects is it? And I haven't even begun to mention the superb handling which is also better than Porsche's. So I don't know where you're getting off saying that porsche is better in all aspects when it clearly is not. Lotus Rocks Baby!
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    Cuz you can't compare the Esprit to the Carrera! you've got to compare it to the turbo. Esprit, 3.5 litre turbo V8. 911 turbo, 3.6 litre turbo flat 6. But the 911 produces more than 50 more horsepower than the Esprit. If you're trying to judge quality of manufacturers, you have to compare similarly built cars, not similarly priced cars. That's why Lotus is still great, because it does beat the cars in it's price range. Porsche is better, but it charges $40,000 more for it's better car. That's why I love lotus, and can't wait 'till the day I can afford my own Esprit. (Deep Purple Metallic for anyone who wants to make that dream come true)

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