Redline 17000!

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    F1 cars could go higher than 18k... but they would blow more engines than they already do.<!-- Signature -->
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    Telemtry from the BMW engines in the Williams has shown the revs to get up to 19,200. Ferrari is probably a few hundred lower with Mercedes slightly behind them. Honda's revs probably top out just over 18,000 since they have horrible reliability. The engine with the lowest numbers is probably the Asiatech since it's based on a design that's about three years old. But anyway...17,000 is probably conservative on the Honda engine numbers
  3. Redline 17000! So What! check out last seasons ferrari!

    So what if the jordan redlines at 17000 last years ferrari redlined at just over 18000.
    its not often that you see a ferrari break down but jordans hardly finished a race last season
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    17000 is nothing. renault says that either last years or this years car (either one) is supposed to rev above 20000k abd redline 21000. but who knows
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    That is very believeable but the other guy saying a car redlined at 20,000k is not believeable because that is like 20,000,000 revs. just correcting your little mistake. <!-- Signature -->
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    Even at just over 17,000, the Honda engine sadly revs a lot lower than the other F1 engines. That's why for Imola they bumped up the rev limiter by about 500 rpm and hoped nothing would go wrong. Thankfully none of the Honda powered cars blew an engine. It's ironic that a car company known for making high-reving engines has one of the lowest rev limits in F1 racing.
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    Well, if you look at the competition: McLaren, Ferrari... so Honda and Toyota prolly sell the cheapest cars in F1. But also look at the budget of the top 3 teams, it just towers over the compeition. Also, Honda has to spilt its support for 2 teams instead of 1 which all the other teams aren't doing. Ah well, we still got CART where Honda whoops the competition, last 6 driver championships are all powered by Honda!

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