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  1. wow, 10000rpm redline, that's even higher than the Honda S2000. how can this engine handle all the revs?

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    yeah that is a ton! Smart people are in the forums, come to them.<!-- Signature -->
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    The engine can handle it because it is a completely different style. If rotary Engine has nice fluent motion, none of this up and down shit that internals got. It makes more sense than an internal combustion engine. The problem is that they are hard to engineer and don't produce the low end torque that gives you great off the line acceleration.
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    Rotary's can have unlimited redlines, so long as the parts are strong enough.<!-- Signature -->
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    actually this engine is an internal combustion engine
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    actually this engine is an internal combustion engine
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    also rotary engines are prone to break after like 60,000 or some odd miles, they start having problems, or so i heard, correct me if i am wrong
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    idiot, this is the same guy who didnt know what a slalom was, no its not an internal combustion
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    because its great
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    well, if you run ANY engine into the ground, it will have problems. the thing is that the rotary engines are complained about all the time, more than others. the only real problem with this engine is that the apex seals on the rotors break down frequently, but that is expected with what goes on inside this engine. those seals are extremely strong when you take into account the beating that they take.
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    DId you guys know
    My cousin was a minor guy in the scramble scene and he says
    the movie was originally called Red Line and not The Fast and the Furious. I dunno i think this car looks weird sorda good but front looks bad in my opinion. They coming with fast and the furious 2 where that brian dude drives a skyline, but no vin diesal
    My cousin drove a Honda del Sol. Not the fastest but cool
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    rotary engine = higher redline and more power. although it is only 1.3 litres it has 208 kW and has the fuel consumtion of a v8
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    an internal conbustion engine is anything where things explode inside it (like petrol) and a rotary is just a different type of internal combustion engine. you are right but that is almost like posting "this car is red" because it's so obvious
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    Yeah, i heard bout that, but i think that was jus with turbo that it was doing that, im not sure.
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    It's not an internal combustion engine, toniferrari? So, then, by the process of elimination, it's an external combustion engine?


    ...#$%#ing moron.
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    Also, about the thing of these motors breaking after 60,000 miles...that has to do with the RX-7 rotary motor. The RX-8's motor has a huge list of improvements that I can't list now because I have to get to class.

    And, don't know if this was mentioned, but because the rotary motor doesn't have to convert vertical motion to horizontal motion, it has a better power band (than piston engines). I don't know if that is why they made the redline higher though.
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    Even the old rotary engines could easilly go to 9K rpm, so 10K out of a modern rotary is no big deal.
    Using Full synthetic oil and installing an intercooler improves engine life to last up to even 200K miles.
    Have U ever been in a rotary when it goes 0-60 in under 4 sec.
    Let off the clutch at 9000rpm and try not to squash the seat.
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    Another reason why these engines can redline so high is because they don't have all the friction of moving up and down through a cylinder like a piston motor has.
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    Quote from that Chris Dude

    "It's not an internal combustion engine, toniferrari? So, then, by the process of elimination, it's an external combustion engine?


    ...#$%#ing moron. "

    Yeah, your real cool calling someone a moron, think about what "Internal Combustion" means. It means explosions on the inside, now I don't see that Rotary engine shooting flames out it. A rotary engine IS an Internal Combustion engine.

    just check out

    Look at the first think it says.

    Now aren't you glad I'm mature enough not to call you a moron. Just someone who was misled by the difference of a rotary.
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    Im sorry, but we have some real geniuses here. I don't think nearly anybody posting on this site has near any experience in automotive mechanics! HOLY $h!T. who said it was a internal combustion engine? DAMN. Yeah, and if you own a rotory, you better learn how to take care of it! Synthetic oil and FREQUENT checks of the oil are REQUIRED! It burns oil as part of the combustion! you damn near have to add oil every week! I just think that if you dont know what your talking about, then dont make such stupid statements cause you "think" something.. learn your facts people. Yeah, its more mechanically sound than a reciprocating engine because its a rotory. less rotating mass will help a redline go through the roof! and as for friction, oh, remember thoes Apex seals? yeah, those things are tough, but the friction imposed on them is much greater than on the rings in your recip. my point to this post though is this: Please have a basic knowlege of how this stuff works before you post something thats going to embarass yourself due to the fact that you dont know shit and you just want to sound cool. ok, im done.. now i know somebodys gonna take a stab at me, but seriously, you guys know who you are, go learn something about engines and not make suff up that you think you know how it works, cause reading this fourum, its obvious some of these kids dont know jack.
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    he was saying that because someone else said they're not

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