Reeves Callaway?

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by 3654ever, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Is this the same Callaway that is involved with the C7 and the C12?
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    Let me tell ya, whoever created this thread is a rocket scientist (hmmm, who could that be?).
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    this is bull shit this car never went 251mph maybe in chevys mind but is there any real recorded evedence or did the "corvette spedometer" say it was 251 i dont belive it plus how could a V8 twin turbo go 251 when a ferrari V12 twin turbo only go 231 see my point

    Corvette sux american cars suck if u wanna real super car then make room for the "ITALLIAN STALLION" Ferrari 4 eva

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    freaking tard, your opinion is to biased, and the car went 254 not 251
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    Do you realize how stupid you've made yourself look, LOL!!!

    Want recorded evidence?
    How about a video, you can order it from Callaway....

    Oh and another thing retard, when you're at this speed you don't look at the speedometer, because it won't give you an accurate reading.

    Why don't you read about it in the Sledgehammer article, oh which by the way also talks about why the car was made.

    Oh I can't wait to have you read it so I'll tell you about that part, see it was for a top speed contest in Europe, it was going against the best top speed car Ferrari and Porsche could make. Want to know something about you're Ferrari, see they were using the F40 after tuning it the car actually went slower then the stock F40!

    Enjoy! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    but ur missing my point how can a V8 twin turbo go faster than a V12 twin turbo ? i never said ny thing bout the f 40 did i #$%# in retard
    plus that vette is so jacked up its probabally jacked up way more than a viper do the same thing to the f40, and it wins. Comprende

    Corvette sux American cars suck if u want a real supercar make lots of room for the "ITALLION STALLION" Ferrari

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    There is more to a car then just cylinders you moron!

    Do you know about the NSX its a V6 look how fast it can go. How about the Porsche its an L6!

    God how stupid are you?
    Is this the first time you're looking at cars?
    If you can’t understand this then please go read a book or go talk to someone in racing, god how old are you 12?

    And I just showed you if you want more proof order the video or write to the technical research center in Ohio! It was officially recorded.

    Oh by the way what happened to Ferrari in Lemans I believe Corvette won yet again unh?
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    hey, asshole, if you're gonna be a dumbass, don't bring my home country down with you. you could at least learn how to spell it right, it's ITALIAN moron.
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    I used to think that more cylinders meant more power when I was seven. It would boggle your mind about how many factors there are to create torque and horsepower. Engine size, cylinders, intake pressure, fuel injection pressure, air condensation, tuned parts specifically built to fit, different metal types, valve timing, exhaust restriction, liquid fuel type, and I'm no mechanical engineer in the field of engine design, but I'm sure there are dozens more.
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    ok but there was only 1 made and also what ur sayinng is that all this car was made for is breaking the top speed thats point less i men what good is it if u cant buy it or drive it because it was nevr a production car the reason why ferraris are so deeply admiired is because they are fast and luxurious (even the enzo) and u can buy them most importantly they are more affordable than any lamborguini, maclaren & some porsches. so this car may be fast but other than that it serves no purpose
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    Well this car beat Ferrari and I think Porsches attempts at top speed by a very long shot.

    And to ad to the mountain of facts stacked against can buy it, you can drive it. $400,000. Just because it didn't go the defined "production" doesn't mean they won't make you one.

    Ferraris affordable, what are you on?!? Maybe for the elitest rich, but for the other 97% of the world they are way out of our price range.
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    You need to do some learning on prices of cars. Most Porsches are "cheaper" than most Ferraris. Most Ferraris are "cheaper" than most Lamborghinis. Then there are the less famous manufacturers that give out the same performance for a very wide range of prices, like up near the million dollar range.

    Did you not read up at the top of the page about this car? It said that he could make more upon orders for $400K each. Sounds like you could've bought one to me. This car wasn't built to break any records. It was built to spank Ferrari and Porsche, which it did, and have a car that could go 250+ mph, yet still drive comfortably on the street. He succeeded in all of his goals with this car.
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    ferrarif50fire: To explain the reason why the Vette goes 254 and your Ferrari only goes 231 I would have to get into parasidic drag, geartrain torque loss, friction, lb/hp ratio, gear ratios and other stuff that you couldn't understand. For now lets just say that little timming light said the Vette is faster. Now to realy blow your mind, Callaway also built a 1,400 hp version of the vette that exceeded 260 but wasn't aerodynamically (look it up in the dictonary) stable enough to attain top speed so they couldn't open it up. On the other hand, Gale Banks has a 3/4 ton Dodge truck that will also blow ANY Ferrari away. But then again its got a Cummins diesel thats estimated at 1,000hp and 1,800 ft/lb of torque. Shall I also mention I've seen a Corvair that will exceede 200 mph with only 420 rwp?
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    I'd like to know more about this supposed 1,400 hp version. Could you give me any information on it that can be found online?

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